One of Us - The Lion King II

I love this movie. I regret nothing.


I’m really not as into Lion King lore as a lot of people are, but there’s something about how badly written the Lion Guard is that I can’t help but try filling in the gaps. It’s been established that TLG takes place between the beginning and the end of TLKII, established when Kovu claims he can “see Kiara again” in an episode of TLG.

So I’ve seen some people trying to fill in the gaps as to why the Lion Guard doesn’t exist in the later half of TLKII. One theory is that Kion does eventually go “evil.” But I’m… Actually literally writing a fic about it. I’m 22 years old and I’m writing a Lion King fanfic. What is happening.

ANYWAY. Essentially, I’m taking the fact that (apparently) nobody eats meat in the TLG universe, and using the long-term effects of uncontrolled herbivore populations to lead to the abolishing of the Lion Guard.

Honestly I need to watch more of the TLG series in order to make my writing more accurate, but I remembered that there are two young lionesses, Tiifu and Zuri, that (of course) never appear in TLKII. Then I remembered there was this one Outland lioness with freckles and a messed up eye. She has rounder features than the other Outsider lionesses (the majority looking like genderbent Scars). I’m not saying it is Tiifu, but… Y’know. It could be.