CS (after s4 finale): Looking forward to Hook breaking Emma’s curse with True Love’s Kiss!

OUAT: CS TLKs fail a zillion times

CS (after 5A finale): Looking forward to Emma and Hook sharing a heart!

OUAT: Emma doubles over in pain when trying to share her heart with Hook

CS (after 5B finale): Looking forward to Emma and Hook getting married!

Me: Dudez, I’m looking forward to it more than you.

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Hello Lovely CSers! About Last Night’s need to vent...

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It seems that when I let the antis get to me I wish my inner Hulk could come out and well you get the idea.

Now on to my rant.
Last night I made a quick little post about having the need to vent cause I may have snapped.  The reason was a combo of comments on The Fanatic article against CS, anti posts about the CaptainCobra bonding pics and one about Hook using Belle to blackmail Rumple into giving him his hand back.
The Fanatic article anti comments in the area of CaptainSwan not being TL cause we didn’t get a TLK and that the “actors” are the ones saying it is… blah blah and that of course Emma passed the heart test because she is the Product of True Love and so on.  To be honest I feel like TLK is over rated now cause they give those to everyone.  So all this and the comments about the “American Gothic” photo Jen/Colin posed for because apparently that did not make them happy so they had to do their crap.  
The CaptainCobra wooden sword bonding because according to the antis Hook does not care for Henry because he let Regina get tortured by Greg and Tamara.  Yea cause he was going to help her after she tried feeding him to Mal but I forget that everyone has to take whatever she does and not retaliate.  For a  brief second he at least looked a bit remorseful about it.  
Oh and the new one thanks to the deleted scenes about him killing his father.  Didn’t little Miss Perfect Regina crushed her own father’s heart, you know the one that she loved more than anything to enact the curse to get her revenge on Snow and also cursed the whole kingdom?  Oh and thanks to that curse Emma grew up an orphan herself but somehow they feel like it was Snow/David’s fault cause it was their decision to send her away.  Yet Hook gets attacked for killing his father and leaving his half brother an orphan - that his father named after his older child whom he sold into slavery alongside his youngest son.  Rumple killed his father twice too and no one said crap.   I know Pan/Malcolm was horrible but still…  Pot Kettle.

Oh and poor Rumple getting blackmailed by horrible Hook into giving him back his hand.  I know Killian should have not used Belle to get his hand back because Rumple is such a sweetheart he would have given it to him out of the kindness of his Dark little heart.  The way I see is if Rumple would NOT have lied to Belle he would not have been in that position to begin with.  
I know Hook is far from perfect and I confess I still love him flawed and all cause I know there is no one who’s behavior is above reproach.  

Yea I truly needed to vent.   I want to thank everyone that IM and replied to my post.   Love you all so much.  

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OUAT: Snowing, you get virginal True Love!

OUAT: Ariel, you get interspecies True Love!

OUAT: Cinderella, you get True Love over class!

OUAT: Rumbelle, you get a complex True Love!

OUAT: Ruby Slippers, you get over the rainbow (GAY!) True Love!

OUAT: Zades, you get the evilest True Love!

Henry: Me?

Emma and Regina: You’re too young for romantic TL. 

OUAT: They’re right, that’s why you’ve got parental True Love instead!

Henry: OK I guess…

Regina: Hey. I’m old enough. But you’ve killed both of my boyfriends before we even had TLK. Why? Am I ever finding my romantic True Love?

Emma: Come to think of it, how come none of mine and Killy’s kisses ever break no curse either? Or my heart- I couldn’t share it with him like my parents share theirs. He’s supposed to be my TL, so why haven’t we made any magic- instead I keep breaking curses with Regina?

Regina: Care to explain?

OUAT  - sweats nervously -

Emma and Regina: Why are we the only ones who haven’t shared romantic True Lo- OH!

- Emma and Regina look at each other -


Have this ever been made?

Boruto Uzumaki/Simba

Sarada Uchiha/Nala

[*Note: The only difference in this story is that Simba [Boruto] instead of wanting&becoming king [aka: Hokage] in the process like his father, Mufasa [Naruto]. Nala [Sarada] is the one who wants to become queen [Hokage] and rule the Pride Lands [Konoha].

Naruto Uzumaki/Mufasa

Hinata Uzumaki/Sarabi

Sakura Uchiha/Sarafina

Sasuke Uchiha/Nala’s Father

[*Note: Sarafina’s mate/Nala’s father didn’t appear nor was mentioned in the movie; many people assumed that Nala’s father was actually Scar. However, that theory was proved wrong by The Lion Guard [official continuation] series. Check Here. Nala’s father whereabouts are still unknown, some fans say that he’s a rogue lion, who from time to time visits his family [kind of similar situation that happens with Sasuke]. Asides from that, in case you didn’t know, in the movies’ drafts and in the TLK musical Scar was planning to make Nala his queen, uncomfortable, isn’t it?. Thank God he isn’t Nala’s father.


Karin Uzumaki/Shenzi

[*Note: It’s a fact that Spotted Hyena’s society is matriarchal; females are larger than males, and dominate them. Now you get the idea of why Shenzi was the leader of the trio. I think Karin would fit that role perfectly.

Suigetsu Hōzuki/Banzai



There are plenty more that I didn’t do. Which Naruto characters do you think would fit the roles of Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa and Rafiki? Feel free to reblog and add! 

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you can fill a whole episode with C$ kisses and not one was a single TLK. lmao

Instead they have anti-TLKs yikes!

*takes away Emma’s magic*

*makes her curse worse*

*doesn’t work*

Erm, there’s a 4th failed TLK where Hook forced a kiss on Emma but she kicked him in the groin (but I cbb to gif it right now).

credit to @malefistache for the gifs

OK BUT IMAGINE. the paladins have formed voltron and they’re engaged in a heated battle - to which they eventually win. and you know the power ranger ending where they turn around in their megazord and the bad guy goes up in flames behind them?? well. voltron does the same thing, cool pose and all. BUT THEN pidge is like “DO IT NOW, KEITH” and voltron fucking DABS. lance and hunk lose their SHIT, shiro’s there facepalming like oh god why. and keith’s just ??? i don’t understand what i’m doing lol. and pidge is like shhh it’s ok. it’s been done. & after that incident, lance insists they dab every time they win.