me: *gasps* *cries softly* my favourite and noblest hero turning evil?? and killing those he cares about?? please no!

me to me: holy hot damn still got that bikini bod eh evil-Optimus is my kink (anyone killing bumblebee is my kink) Optimus could kill me with those thighs and i’d thank him did i mention evil-Optimus is my kink
#shame me but ya can’t blame me
# i for one welcome our new handsome beeslaying overlord(TM@jessicatheshark​)


A very Happy Valentines Day!

And for this special day of hearts, I drew these bots with
Who i ship them with! Of course, with their Valentine.

Swagnus and CrossDrift.

I can’t draw Fort Max’s Valentine yet so he’s lonely this year. But he’s still asking.