tlk ii

My response after reading reactions to "the lion guard" in the tag
  • It is not going to mess up the original. It is a show geared towards kids.
  • Read the article before you post. It is about Simba’s cub not a completely new lion.
  • The plot is spelled out: It’s about conservation. I can’t think of a better franchise to get that message across.
  • It isn’t the first sequel since The Lion King?!?
  • Yes, of course they will treat TLK II as canon as Disney made it.
  • Mufasa will be guiding Kion as he guides Simba and Kiara. No it won’t be a live appearance. 
  • I don’t know about Scar. Don’t ask.
  • I also don’t know about the hyenas. Wait and see.
  • The show is not meant for you so don’t bitch. It probably won’t be as deep and dramatic as the original, or the sequel. 
  • Just be happy we got something of substance after all these years. MLP is geared towards children and tumblr ate it up, why not this show? 

“With the people I shouldn’t see, in the places that I should not go.”

● I decided to create something a little different for the animash community. A song that’s a little “out of context.” It brought much feedback and controversy on skype. HAH. 
Ah! Also, me and some extremely amazing editors (in which they’re an honor to with) are working on a project called “ABC’s of Death.” It’s gonna be really cool and you’ll be seeing a lot of morbid stuff. (=<