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So today marks the 22nd anniversary of “The Lion King.” It hit theatres June 15th, 1994: exactly 22 years ago. And as you can clearly tell, TLK is my favourite, ever since I was really young. Probably the first film to instill so many deep morals I still carry today. Such as learning from your past, fighting for your loved ones, the importance of love and friendship, I can keep going on. I grew up with Lion King; it makes a huge part of who I am. Happy 22nd TLK! <3 

Swan Queen Believer

Since I’m expecting my Swan Queen TLK in the end of this arc I decided to take a look at the episodes where Henry got a TLK from either of his mothers to see if I could spot some similarities and apply them to known spoilers for future episodes. 

The themes of both episode 1.22 and 3.19 were: 

Snowing’s True Love.

In 1.22 Rumple sends Charming on a task and after that he can get to Snow. Charming fights to put an egg containing his and Snow’s true love into the belly of a dragon. After that he travels, guided by his true love ring, to find Snow White and he awakes her with a TLK.

In 3.19 A riddle by Rumple “Through the door, step inside. If pure of heart, then she won’t hide” sends them to Glinda where they learn what they must do to save their kid. Light magic. Then they cast the dark curse to get to Emma. They are of one heart. Emma is the product of true love. Emma is their heart. When Snow uses Charming’s heart to cast the dark curse, she splits her own in two and shares it with him so he lives.

Remember and believe.

In 1.22 Emma believes in magic and picks up the storybook and remembers the past and her parentage. As she now believes in magic and rushes of to takes the elevator in the library down to fight a beast to save the egg that contains her DNA, to save her own true love Henry.

In 3.19 Henry believes in magic and takes the storybook and remembers the past and his parentage. He rushes to Emma so she can break the curse with a TLK but Zelena gets in the way and knocks out Regina. Emma saves Henry and Henry rushes to his mom.

Henry gets a TLK from a mother.

In 1.22 Emma runs to the hospital as Henry is unhooked from machines. She goes to tell him she loves him and gives him a kiss. Boom TLK Rainbow Magic

In 3.19 Regina and Emma fight Zelena and Regina is knocked out. Henry pleads for Regina to wake up and when she does she tells him she loves him and gives him a kiss. Boom TLK Rainbow Magic.


It wouldn’t be an Alabama original if I didn’t throw in some canon based dumb positivity speculations for the future so. Taking into account the previous Swan Mills true love’s kisses and what we know of 5B:

There is a set picture floating around that shows a set which was reportedly used to shoot a scene between two people. That set contained a door and table of sort where it was written in Greek “only a heart filled with true love can pass” source source

Combining that set picture with Merlin’s words to Emma in the Swan Mills family episode 5.05 “Is your heart truly ready to be free” and adding the 3.19 “Through the door, step inside, if pure of heart, then she won’t hide” where Regina couldn’t enter because her heart was filled with vengeance. I am going to guess that the only one who can go through that door is Emma (possibly Regina too) and only once they’ve truly opened their hearts.

In 1.22 Henry is knocked out. In 3.19 Regina is knocked out. So the only one left to be knocked out is Emma.

In 1.22 Emma has to believe. In 3.19 Henry has to believe. So the one who has to believe is Regina.

Regina is the one who has to believe, what she has to believe in isn’t magic, but the strongest magic of all, True Love.

Regina will tell Emma she loves her and she gives Emma a kiss. Boom. TLK Rainbow Magic.

The only other TLK in Storybrooke was in 2.09 between Mary Margaret and David when Mary Margaret rushed back from another realm and woke him from a sleeping curse.

Putting an OperationOUT spin on it. Emma’s heart will be ready to truly be free and filled only with true love, and she will go through a portal, and travel realms. In reality it’s last call for Emma. Emma will be unhooked from machines, and Regina will hold the storybook, take a deep breath, and then give Emma a kiss that wakes Emma from her real life sleeping curse, her coma.

And suddenly magic was real and not just science fiction.

k…so i’m gonna say something and i don’t care if you unfollow me or how dramatic i sound!! but i (and others) have a VALID fucking reason to be angry. to be furious right now.

  • a couple that had exactly 1 episode of build up got a TLK 
  • while CS had 3+ years of build up but only get TLK attempts
  • i KNOW the season isn’t over but emma and killian have been though hell figuratively and literally and there is no sight of a TLK. 
  • it has been foreshadowed over and over and over again. 
  • but nope we don’t get one
  • the main character of the show deserves one with her romantic TL after everything. 
  • season 5 is the season because after it, it will feel so void and blah. 
  • and i’m not saying this cause a LGBT couple got a TLK. so don’t you dare say it’s homophobic. that’s fucking great that they wanted to pursue a f/f relationship on the show!  but they did NOT earn or deserve it while another couple truly has.
  • i’m just sooooo annoyed and disappointed with these writers. they just failed on a million levels
  • so no it’s not me being petty, or dramatic, or bitter. i have every damn right to be upset. peace.

We have a lot to look forward to this season regarding captain swan!!
1) Emma gets her own place
2) CS has the potential for a TLK
3) CS has the potential some coffee time ;)
4) JMo finally gets to ride a horse (with Colin)
5) The parallels with CS and princess bride!!




I must say, the illustrations are pretty good and nice colored! And it seems the artist respected the characters’ proportions more than ROR did (aka Simba is a lot bigger than Kion and he doesn’t look so “chibi-fied”). It’s a bit sad that there wasn’t a page portraying the “Tonight we Strike” song, with the saturated colour palette tho xD

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a BIG dork when it comes to TLK/TLG <3