So it’s the end of 2011 and boy has it been a crap year. But I have had so many friends who I have made on here to get me through it and they are brilliant. I’m so sorry if I missed you out of this list, but remember, I love all of you so much. I hope you had a great 2011 and have a wonderful 2012.

In no particular order:

ROSSYBOWTIES - Ayeshie, you are most definitely my best cyber friend in the whole universe. I love you darling, and I tell you everything because I know you always make it better. We’ve been talking now for 4 or so years and I cannot wait until I’m 17 and can drive down to London myself and meet you. It makes me laugh how I first started to your sister and when I started to talking to you we had an argument about who loved Lis more.

CRAWLEYSMITH - Diogo you are wonderful and lovely, even if the stars of ITV think you’re a girl. We both love Elisabeth Sladen with all our hearts. We’ve been through the worst part of our year together, and I hope that one day you travel to England so I can give you the biggest of hugs.

113YEARS - Cee, you’re a beautiful, albeit weird and sarcastic, girl who’s lovely, yet evil, and true friend. Oh and you’re also a chav but we’ll put that behind us, eh? I hope I meet you one day so we can eat loads and swap SJS accessories.

TLISBON - Holly, you’re amazing, and we share our love for Robin Tunney, who is gorgeous just like you! Both your blogs are beautiful and what can I say, you are most definitely the blueberry to my muffin.

THE-ELEVENTH-BLOG - Jade, you’re beautiful and funny and it really made my heart miss a beat when you said my blog was better than yours, because lets face it, about 7,000 other people on Tumblr disagree. I love talking to you and you always brighten my day!

NEVER-BE-UNHAPPY-IN-A-PONCHO - Becky you are so beautiful and I love having our little Tumblr fangirling moments at the start of English on a Monday morning. You promote me about 23456235 every day and track my ‘stimf’ tag which to be frank is kind of scary, but appreciated. Your blog is lovely and we have grown a lot closer this year.

AMERICAN-IDIOTSS - Chris, I’d have to write a whole freaking essay to capture how much I love you. You’re my best friend in the whole wide world. I do everything with you you are so good to me. You do so much for me and are the one who knows me best. After all, my home is your home.

TEAWITHMISSSMITH - Kirsty, your blog is awesome and you were one of the first people I ever followed. We both love Elisabeth Sladen and we are one of the few fans on here who managed to meet her. I love stalking your blog and reblogging everything. You’re so beautiful and you’re an amazing artist!

SKAROSOUL - Beth, I’ve talked to your brothers and added you on every social networking site possible. You’re awesome and beautiful and have are an amazing musician!

XSADIAX - Sarah, we’ve only just started talking really, but you’ve always been one of my favourite blogs, supplying me with endless amounts of Sherlock when my dash lacks it.

ITHOUGHTITWASSMOKINGHOT - Sophie, we’ve only just started talking too, but I’d like to point out that we’ve grown quite close in the past week. I’m always here for you if some other person comes along and slates your blog.

POSTERSOLITUDE - Well, Ann, what can I say? I love talking to you, you’re beautiful and funny and you know some really important stuff about me. You make Iza graphics when I hint at them, and they’re freaking amazing too. When you changed your url and didn’t link it with your old one, I nearly cried because I thought you’d left with no trace.

ANTEMORTTEM - Even if our conversations may have gaps of 4 months in between them, I’m always here for you if you need to talk. Your blog is beautiful just like you! 

ZEBRAMA - Julia I think I may just go on your blog to make myself feel angry that I’m not as pretty as you. We both know a lot of secrets about each other, even if you didn’t tell me yours. I always feel as if you’re there for me to confide in, you’ve helped me a lot. You’re so polite and tolerant towards me too. You’re lovely basically, and you must get annoyed at me following you on every single social networking site known to man. You inspired me to become a photographer.

EASTERNILLUSTRATOR - Britt you are beautiful and I love how we can openly fangirl about new photos of Iza together even though you don’t really know anything about her. I love talking to you, and you really should stop going on Tumblr half way through your Art-History classes.

CALLMENEVILLE - You’re my wife, Maja, and I love you loads. I really want to just fly over to Sweden and just give you a big hug that lasts hours. You’ve helped me a lot with my problems and I cannot thank you enough. One day we will meet and eat wildbrote like there’s no one watching.

ISSIS - Isa I love you, and boy as hell does it confuse my friends when I talk about you and Iza in the same conversation. Even though I am yet to see your face, I know you’re beautiful, I can tell because that is a mighty fine leg you have. You have helped me so many times, and the amount of cyber hugs we’ve had is astonishing.

DARNSTOCKHOLM - Ace, you’re positively amazing. We both have the dream of moving to Sweden when we’re older, which makes me feel so loved and not alone. We love all the same things and your blog is beautiful!

LETMEBEALICE - Catarina, you’re amazing and beautiful and I’m so jealous of how you get to live in sunny Portugal where as I live in dreary England. You’re my mommy, and I’m your baby. I love you so much, and if I ever go to Portugal on holiday, I’ll give you a heads up!

CHEEZEPIZZA - We’ve never really talked, Kristel, but you are a beautiful young woman who I know is special enough to make a difference. We’ve both been through some very hard times and you’ve given me some great advice. Thank you.

ATARDISLOVESTORY - And last but not least, Becca. Becca you are a beautiful girl who I love so so so much. I love you so much in fact that there’s a space in my bed that has your name all over it. I know we will meet someday, whether at a convention or when I’m old enough to meet you elsewhere. You’re so special to me, never change.


i love my baby girl, she means the whole wide world. i’d die for you. you complete me, understands me and loves me. i honestly don’t know what i’d do without you! meeting keeley together was the best moment of my life <3