- - [ the games were always a part of your life, but as a capitol citizen — and the child of a gamemaker — you always thought you’d be safe from them. you sat there and looked pretty while the districts slowly died, their life leeched out of them by a game that mocked their existence, their very thoughts. but then the rebellion happened, and suddenly— suddenly, your safety is gone, lost, and the games seem so much more sinister.

        - - [ you never thought you’d have to fight against your friends. you were wrong.

  • set after the rebellion, this is what would happen if coin had never died, and the last ‘symbolic’ hunger games, using the children of gamemakers and other essential capitol officials, had taken place.
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"While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die".

▽ family comes first;;

                   He didn’t ask for a life of this caliber, he just happened to fall in it. He had always been a part of the Capitol, learning about the resentment of the districts towards his family and the other game makers. But he was always taught to turn the other cheek, ignore what his parents worked on, even if he loved his parents despite what they were up to when The Hunger Games struck and terrorized the districts, taking the lives of people who most definitely didn’t deserve to die in the hands of something the Capitol liked to call ‘games’. They weren’t games; it was a death match, a way to inflict fear and control a possible rebellion. 

                  Derek took the life at the Capitol like all the others; partying, drinking, enjoying the glitz and glamour of having the privilege never to participate in the games. He tried to shy away from watching the progress of the games, begged Cora and Laura to tune into something different. He hated it, but never showed it. Only his sisters knew how much distaste he had for The Hunger Games. Leading a life in the Capitol however, taught him to be overprotective of his family, particularly his sisters. 

                   And then the rebellion struck; he couldn’t say he was surprised. He’d seen it coming, the districts uprising, the way things changed around him, how everyone seemed on edge. Before the rebellion ended, his parents were taken, murdered, and blamed for the atrocities of President Snow and things he knew his mother Talia and his dad had nothing to do with. 

                   It was the three of them; Derek, Cora, and Laura against the games now, against something they thought they would always be safe from, something that would never inflict fear in their psyche. For the first time in a very long time, Derek Hale was afraid, afraid of losing the last bits of family he had left — if he lost them, he would have nothing to lose.

                                                  — He is terrified of what that means for him.

▽ it takes skill;;
  • good at hand-to-hand combat and martial arts.
  • took swordsmanship as a hobby from an early age.
  • profusely intelligent.
  • exceptional stamina. 
▽ we all have weaknesses;; 
  • his sisters. he’d go to the last ends to protect them, in fact, would die for them. 
  • faces danger head on, sometimes makes rapid decisions that could jeopardize his life. 
  • any memory of his parents. 

"Run, boy, run, this world is not meant for you"

► In the murder city;

     Stiles’ life was pretty simple, his father was head of the peacekeepers so he was always involved in everything, he had chances to go to the biggest and best parties, so he did. He took every advantage of his status, partying excessively because that was the done thing and he enjoyed it. Why not enjoy the privileges you have? 

     He grew up with everything he could have wanted, just like all the other Capitol children, he watched the Games and didn’t spare a thought for the families who were losing people. What did it matter to him if a couple of families in the districts were upset? He had his family and that was what really mattered. At least until his mother died. Suddenly he became all too aware of the losses felt by everyone. Even blamed himself, for not caring enough about the families in the districts, he felt like he was being punished. 

    He didn’t enjoy watching the games after that, not when the tributes were people, with personalities and families. Someone, somewhere was mourning their losses every second of every day. He never told anyone (why would he?) and continued to associate with the high society party goers, talking about the games and the fashions and anything else meaningless that their minds could come up with. 

     Then the rebellion happened. It happened at once too fast and too slowly. It felt like one day his dad just came bursting into their home, pulling him up from where he was sitting and telling him to throw together a bag of things, enough to keep him going for a couple of days and Stiles had done what he was told and he’d been escorted off by a couple of peacekeepers under his dad’s control to a safehouse on the outskirts of the city, where no-one knew what was happening and everyone was terrified, Stiles included. All he could think about was whether or not he’d see his dad again. They were there for days, then the rebellion was over and the rebels had won. Stiles found his father and all was good. Until they announced the final games and his world was thrown into chaos again. 

    He doesn’t expect to survive, he knows he has no chance. 

► But not hopeless;

     → Stiles has intelligence on his side.
     → Quick wit
     → Fast learner

► I feel so useless;

     ← Doesn’t know how to handle weapons
     ← No hand-eye coordination (or any kind of coordination really) 
     ← Considers himself a lost cause

      Fifty, fourty-nine, forty-eight…

              Cora knows how this goes. She’s watched enough games by now to be fully aware of what this is, that this is the bloodbath, but looking at her fellow tributes now, she wonders if any of them even know how to use a weapon. They’re Capitol kids, through and through, after all; they don’t do anything. They don’t have any weapons training, or—

             Or anything.

             But looking at them now, the way some of their eyes glitter as they stare at the swords and the bows and the daggers— well, you can understand if she’s a little scared.

             The arena’s something that looks vaguely familiar. She thinks it’s one of the old ones, that they’re reusing it, and she’s pretty sure her dad’s taken her on the tour here. It’s the abandoned city arena, the one that was always a favourite in the Capitol. It was always Cora’s favourite, back when she was a kid, before she’d grasped that the people in it were dying. It’s cruel that it’s being used against her — them — like this now.

     Eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, fifteen…

            She tries to find Derek or Laura around the Cornucopia, but she can’t. The youngest Hale doesn’t recognise anyone around her, and that scares her. They’re all just… strangers. People her dad’s probably introduced her to before, or she’s maybe had a conversation or two with. No one she cares about. No one she knows.

    Three, two, one…

            Cora hesitates. What does she do? Does she stay, get a weapon? Or does she run?

"when i was younger, i told my mother, i said 'one day, i'm gonna make you proud'."

                                       { CAPITOL LIFE }

before the rebellion, cora had an easy life. she lived to party, as most capitol citizens did, and she did it in style. the youngest daughter of gamemaker hale, she — as well as her siblings — was generally well-respected around the capitol, and invited to some of the best parties. she wasn’t much of a socialite, with her gruff manner and view that lying didn’t make anything better, but she was most definitely a capitol girl. she didn’t much care for the games; they didn’t entertain her, but she didn’t feel guilty about them, either. in her mind, the world would always work with the alphas — she and the rest of the capitol — on top, and the omegas — the districts — on the bottom. it was nature’s way.

                                  { THE REBELLION & GAMES }

the rebellion changed everything. her father, being a gamemaker, was targeted, and died only a few days before president snow himself. Her mom was caught in the crossfire, and suddenly, it was only Laura, Cora and Derek left. And they weren’t safe, not anymore.

forced to compete in the games they’d once watched, they’ve gotta find a way to survive — to live without killing each other, and fast.

                                       { SKILLS }

  • she’s decent with daggers, sorta.
  • hand-to-hand combat’s always been her forte.
  • she’s agile, and she’s strong enough to have a chance in a fight.