Unpopular opinion maybe not sure, but does anyone feel like that a lot of the relationships between the seven in hoo, romantic or otherwise, were just.. either  not-well-developed, built-up by the fandom, or just overall hard to believe.

Like I don’t understand why Rick would have Piper and Annabeth become ‘best friends 5ever’ during the unwritten pause between tlh and moa. For one thing, we know Annabeth is an extremely closed off person - she doesn’t open herself up to new people easily. So for her and Piper to be like sisters in Moa with private secret jokes and what not.. it was really really strange to see because that entire development happened off screen. It made it hard for me to believe and over the course of the next books, I really could never get into their friendship because I never saw how it all started which sucks because so many of their interactions were amazing, but just lacked the build-up I personally needed to get into it.

Jason and Piper on the other hand, I could much much more easily get into because I was introduced to their characters in tlh and saw how they interacted with each other - but once again, why have the beginning of their relationship happen offscreen? Why not write that development? That would have been so interesting to read and I don’t know about you guys, but I would ship their relationship so much more if I got to see more of the build up and the actual start to it.

Now but what really gets me is the Jason and Percy bro bro friendship. Not only did most of their friendship get crammed into the last book, I just felt like it was.. not how Percy and Jason would act?? Once again, that’s just my opinion, but it just felt really, I don’t know, forced?

Like I love the platonic relationships between Frank, Hazel, and Percy, and the one between Jason, Leo, and Piper. I cannot tell you how much I love Percy and Annabeth’s relationship. But all of those relationships go back to the fact is I read everything that happened - beginning, middle, and end. I got to see how Frank and Hazel acted as a team and how close Piper and Leo were. I had an entirely different series for Percy and Annabeth. It was just when Rick tried to connect all of the seven into this one big friend group - it just didn’t feel right. 

And that makes me so sad, because as the fandom has brought up - there are so many relationships that could have happened that would have been so natural and seamless and amazing to see. I would have loved to seen Piper and Percy become best friends because hey - they use sarcasm like a second language and Piper could have easily brought out the playful ‘troublemaker’ side to Percy. I would have loved to see Jason and Hazel and Frank become friends because not only did Jason mention Hazel in the first book as someone important in his life, all of them could have bonded so much over easily anything in Camp Jupiter. Annabeth and Leo could have easily become friends over being smarty pants and building and designing the Argo 2 together.