Third Star - James Kimberly Griffith

     There is no way for me to reckon the effect this has upon my heart;

     I would wrap myself inside your bittersweet, if it were possible.

     Sweeter than any chocolate that I could ever crave,

     The sad honey taste of you, to augment with my tears.

(by sobeautifullyobsessed )


Velvet Dreams

 All my thoughts are velvet right now

The velvet of a well-cut coat on a man of velvet means

The velvet of his rich voice speaking in the dark

The velvet landing of a swoon—

If only his velvet arms were there to catch me

But in the end I’m only left with velvet dreams



Onebuttscratcher's 8,888 Follower Give Away

As of 14/8/2014, I have 8,888 incredible people following onebuttscratcher! To celebrate this life achievement, I’m doing a giveaway.

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"The Ladies and Gentlemen Network"

The day Sherlock Holmes was due to depart for exile, the world’s only consulting detective was called back after a message from Moriarty was broadcasted all over London.

“Did you miss me?”

A animated Moriarty repeated.

Soon after a unknown group of criminals nearly destroyed MI6 headquarters and now was the time for Sherlock Holmes to get back to work once again as England needed him.

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► What is The Ladies & Gentlemen Network?

The Ladies & Gentlemen Network (TLGN) will consist of blogs about all things Marvel and Sherlock. Other than that, we post/reblog our followers’ fan arts and fan fictions. Every month we will feature top 5 best bloggers from our followers list.

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  • We are going to need your e-mail. If you are chosen we will ask you for your e-mail.
  • We love you.

Amba and I are totally getting married and you’re all invited! 

In honor of this event, we’ve decided to pioneer something: Headcanon Awards

So, some ground rules:
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To enter:
  • Send Amba a headcanon
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  • However you can only win in one category
  • SFW is basically fluff, in case you were wondering

Best NSFW Johnlock

Best NSFW Johnbastian

Best NSFW Sheriarty

Best SFW Johnlock

Best SFW Johnbastian

Best SFW Sheriarty

What you can win:
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Runner ups get:
  • A follow from both of us if not already
  • An indirect link on our blogs
  • One (1) promo until the end of October
  • Our eternal love and friendship

I little Sherlock love for my followers and a nice reminder to please stop by our new network The Ladies and Gentlemen Network to have a look around! All things Sherlock and Marvel, including the actors withing each.

I’ll even open my prompts back up if you give the network a follow. 

Genius, Billionaire, Playboy.

AC/DC roared in the glass walls of the downstairs basement. Crumpled pieces of paper lay scattered across the pristine floor. A pair of bare feet were propped on an overly-cluttered desk as the billionaire admired his masterpiece on paper with a sleepless smile. A figure shot down the stairs to the office and a gunshot split into the room, ripping through the glass door and landing it’s mark on the ruddy speakers. AC/DC was silenced.
“There’s a politer way to ask to turn the music down, Curly.” Shouted Tony Stark over his shoulder. The door to the office was shoved open.
“Don’t call me that.” Hissed a detective as he stumbled into the room and glared. Tony swiveled around in his chair and presented a his work: a crayon drawing of an alien labeled “Curly” being blasted by the Iron Suit.
“Mature.” Sherlock glared.
Tony set down his picture. He folded his hands together in a mock-plea. “I expect a heartfelt apology.”
“For what?”
“I told you before, sweetheart, rule one on this playground is the golden rule and that’s don’t touch my stuff.” Tony waved an interrogating blue crayon at Sherlock Holmes, who was browsing the glimmering holograph screens of the workplace.
“I didn’t touch it, now, did I?” Sherlock preened. He clasped his hands behind his back as he toured around the office. Butterfingers began to tiredly pick up the papers on the floor and dispose of them.
“You know we aren’t supposed to be within spitting distance of each other without adult supervision.” Said Tony, who crossed the room to his fridge and plucked two bottles of Heineken from the shelf and popped the lids. He handed one to Sherlock, who hesitantly accepted the peace offering. The eye contact between the two proper geniuses was, to say the least, awkward. Or they both thought as much until Stark spoke up again.
“I’d imagine a man like you must’ve had half the population in London in your bed, with a face like that.”
“Excuse me?” Choked Sherlock over a gulp of beer.
“Curious.” Shrugged the shorter of the two. Butterfingers peered over a desk at the two, then continued on with the cleaning. Silence hung for a moment. “So you don’t get laid that often?”
“There are better ways of phrasing things.” Sherlock narrowed his eyes.
Tony shrugged, still expecting his answer. His stare was weighted.
“Only when necessary.” Sherlock said. At least he was being honest. Tony readjusted his lean against the desk.
“You do know, that, well,” Tony took a sip of beer. He batted his eyelashes. Sherlock popped an eyebrow. “all you’d ever have to do is ask someone. I’d be surprised if there would be anyone out there who would turn you down. Man or woman.”
Sherlock felt uncomfortable with where Stark’s conversation was heading.
“I am seeing someone.” He sputtered before he had time to think about what he was saying.
Before Stark could pry again, Jarvis thankfully interjected.
“Sir, John Watson has arrived and is waiting for Sherlock in the lobby.”
Tony smirked at the detective. Sherlock’s cheeks warmed under the stress and he headed for the door.
“I did enjoy our play date, Curly.” Stark called after him.

Due to be exiled for his crime of murder, Sherlock Holmes was called back to solve one of the largest attacks on London to date, one that was so large that the world famous Avengers had to be called in. Loki and Moriarty, two of the most feared criminals, teaming up together to take over one country at a time. It’s up to the genius detective and this team of superhero’s to stop them. Can they work as one big unit though or will Sherlock’s snide remarks and rude comments hinder the investigation and capture of Loki and Moriarty. |MOVIE POSTER | READ MORE| TONY & SHERLOCK SUBPLOT|

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Vadia: Seu namorado é tão lindo *-* Eu: Aham, eu sei! Vadia: Ele me abraça tão forte. Eu: Hum… Vadia: Acho que ele gosta de mim Eu: Vadia: Eu: Vadia: Eu: Vadia: ….. Policial: Então quer dizer que ela bebeu gasolina… Eu: Sim Policial: Jogou fogo em si mesma… Eu: Aham Policial: Se jogou de um prédio… Eu: Isso ai Policial: E no chão, ainda deu 16 facadas em si mesma? Eu: Exatamente.