Sherlock POV:

“Oh brother dear you’re over exaggerating who can possibly cause that much trouble?” He placed himself into his chair looking up to his big brother.


At this word Sherlock froze. Horror appeared in his eyes. That name had struck a nerve clearly. READ MORE


The Ice Bucket Challenge Smut Collections Cover. Fan Fictions are written by the talented writers of the-ladiesandgentlemen-network




“So. A few broad brushstrokes. Honest to a degree. Good company. A good motorbike rider. Someone who’s comfortable in his own skin. And someone who’s enjoying their life at the moment, because I am. I really am.’”- Benedict Cumberbatch describes himself (Elle UK)

"The Ladies and Gentlemen Network"

The day Sherlock Holmes was due to depart for exile, the world’s only consulting detective was called back after a message from Moriarty was broadcasted all over London.

“Did you miss me?”

A animated Moriarty repeated.

Soon after a unknown group of criminals nearly destroyed MI6 headquarters and now was the time for Sherlock Holmes to get back to work once again as England needed him.

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Onebuttscratcher's 8,888 Follower Give Away

As of 14/8/2014, I have 8,888 incredible people following onebuttscratcher! To celebrate this life achievement, I’m doing a giveaway.

Here are the Rules:

  • For Followers of both Me AND The Ladies & Gentlemen Network.
  • Reblog this post once to enter.
  • I’ll be choosing one winner with a random number generator
  • Closing Date: 31 August 2014 
  • If the winner hasn’t responded to my message within 72 hours, I’ll pick another winner, and so on until somebody claims the prize.

Winner Can Choose either one:

Damn you Onebuttscratcher, I aint joining any of your shitty competition:

  • Ohkay.. so just enjoy this, then.

► What is The Ladies & Gentlemen Network?

The Ladies & Gentlemen Network (TLGN) will consist of blogs about all things Marvel and Sherlock. Other than that, we post/reblog our followers’ fan arts and fan fictions. Every month we will feature top 5 best bloggers from our followers list.

► So, how to be considered?

  • a nice theme and decent posts, huge bonus points if you have a tagging system
  • even more bonus points if you make your own content (gifs, graphics, fanfiction, html etc) but it’s not important
  • most importantly we want people who are hopelessly in love with Sherlock and Marvel (or the casts).

► Ok, got it! Exactly how to apply?

  • Must be following TLGN (you can follow me too, but you don’t have to)
  • Reblog this post
  • Likes only count as bookmarks (we want this to go around as much as possible)
  • Keep your ask box open
  • You will receive a message if you are chosen.
  • Track #tlgn

► Pros of joining our network

  • You gain new followers and friends
  • Promotions, Tumblr Awards, asks
  • We reblog your edits, fanfics, text posts and selfies
  • We also help with life and Tumblr stuff

► Once you have entered

  • submit an icon 500x500 for our network page
  • put a link on your blog
  • be nice, helpful, respectful and always be yourself
  • Tag #tlgnarts in your orginal visual arts posts and #tlgnfanfic in your original fanfic.


  • We are going to need your e-mail. If you are chosen we will ask you for your e-mail.
  • We love you.

Amba and I are totally getting married and you’re all invited! 

In honor of this event, we’ve decided to pioneer something: Headcanon Awards

So, some ground rules:
  • MUST be following the whip and the gay baby
  • Reblog this post to spread the love
  • Likes don’t count but you can like to bookmark
  • Must reach at least 20 notes or this magically never happened
  • Ends at 10 a.m. CST on Monday, Sept. 22
To enter:
  • Send Amba a headcanon
  • Send Sam the exact same headcanon
  • (just copy/paste it)
  • You may send two headcanons (one nsfw and one sfw)
  • However you can only win in one category
  • SFW is basically fluff, in case you were wondering

Best NSFW Johnlock

Best NSFW Johnbastian

Best NSFW Sheriarty

Best SFW Johnlock

Best SFW Johnbastian

Best SFW Sheriarty

What you can win:
  • A follow back from both of us if not already
  • A direct link on our blogs until the end of September
  • Five (5) promos until October 31
  • Our eternal love and friendship
Best overall (one nsfw & one sfw):
  • All of the above plus
  • A graphic from Amba of the pairing you wrote about
  • A short wedding-related fanfic from Sam featuring your headcanon
Runner ups get:
  • A follow from both of us if not already
  • An indirect link on our blogs
  • One (1) promo until the end of October
  • Our eternal love and friendship