tlg meme • {1} twin
↪ Sutton Mercer

“Today I wanna talk about another truth. Something you don’t know about Ted Mercer. And that.. And that is.. That his greatest accomplishment and the smartest thing he’s ever done was to marry my mum, Kristin Mercer. Because she is the one who makes this family work and together, she and my dad have built a life any child would be so lucky to be a part of. Even an ungrateful daughter who hasn’t always paid attention enough to notice”


tlg meme • {2/2} relationships
↪ Sutton Mercer & Ann Rebecca Sewell
 "I missed so much of your growing up. Doing my little girls’ hair and playing dress up. I hope you weren’t disappointed when you found out I was your mother.“ "No. This.. this has been amazing Rebecca.” “It’ll be even more amazing when you go back to calling me mum.” “Ok. Mum.”