Ermanda’s Inner Sanctum: Into the Badlands 2.06 “Chapter XII: Leopard Stalks in Snow”

Protecting Veil & Henry: The Widow’s Choice

I wondered the entire episode if The Widow discovered that Veil provided the poisons with the cure for Tilda.  When she reveals that she was aware of the treachery and uses this as an excuse to surrender Veil and Henry to Quinn, it shows where her priorities lie in order to achieve the greater good.  I love that everyone is complicated in this show.  There is no black and white, only gray.  The Widow is even more disadvantaged in her plight against the other barons with Quinn’s return.  The barons want her dead, but they are mobilizing to kill Quinn also.  Her alliance with Quinn gives her an advantage and an element of surprise.  I think she will use this alliance to learn more about Quinn’s motives as best she can so she can take capitalize on a moment of weakness from Quinn.  In my opinion, Quinn’s headaches and weakness for women (in all manner of control) will make him vulnerable at some point for The Widow’s benefit.  For now, Veil and Henry are unfortunate collateral damage because Veil couldn’t translate the book about Azra, which ties into the other tool The Widow plans to use in her ultimate quest.  I think the book is used to test Veil.  If Veil was able to translate anything from that book, I firmly believe The Widow would have held onto her for access to that knowledge at the risk of losing her alliance with Quinn.  If you remember from season 1, she tells Tilda that she is looking for a boy (which we know is M.K.) because she was like him once and that the contents of the book is her key to win the war.  

Azra: The “Promised” Land

I am so glad that we have returned to the Azra plot.  I think it comes back at the right time in this chapter.  Azra always seems like this eden that would be a refuge out of the Badlands where Sunny would be able to live a life away from clipping and M.K. would find his mother.  However, M.K.’s sessions with The Master have answered one question for him already: he killed his mother while trapped in darkness.  Though overall, we never learned much of anything about Azra - we only saw it from M.K.’s perspective.  But the magazine M.K. shows to Ava gives us a couple of clues.  According to those images, Azra seems like this advanced, technological and spiritual hub that serves a very distinct purpose for those who were born there or have the gift that originates from this city.  It also seems as if the purpose is to keep all those who have the gift contained in order to harness that power for a greater (and likely darker) purpose.  Could it be that something in Azra’s history led to this post-apocalyptic period?  Omgness!  We need to know more about this place! 

Wait a minute… Bajie Is a Brother Abbot?!

This is an interesting and welcomed surprise.  His development indicates more and more that he and Sunny’s fateful introduction is a way to show that they are traveling similar paths in the sense of running from something in order to live differently.  I can’t wait for the next episode to see why they have to make visit to The Master! 


What happened to M.K.?  Maybe those sessions with The Master and the smoke used to visualize his demons have negatively affected him.  I think The Master realized the scope of M.K.’s uncontrolled power and its value if he ever learned to control it.  Thus, she devises a plan that runs in line with the purification that M.K. saw the other night.  I also think some version of power transfer to Sunny is going to expose him to his fears just like M.K. and the smoke.  His catatonic state also serves as a means for M.K. and Bajie to return to The Master for a greater purpose. 

Poor Ava!  Why did she have to die?!! 😭😭😭😭

Tilda and Odessa… If Waldo hadn’t interrupted, how far do you think that would have gone?!  Cuz they were all caught up in that moment!  I love bisexual Tilda! 😍😍😍😍


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I see how my wording insinuates that I am blaming Veil for the power of choice she gave to Tilda, but I promise there is no blame.  I wrote about The Widow’s choice in this manner in order to highlight what factors made her go against her beliefs (in terms of being a person creating a refuge for people seeking a free society, as she sells it) in order to establish her alliance with Quinn.  The Widow used the poison as an excuse to justify her choice even though her past actions towards Veil (and Sunny, as you stated) were suspect.  No one can blame Veil.  Tilda’s separation from The Widow started and grew because of M.K.  The poisons provided by Veil gave that separation a climax!  Furthermore, The Widow was already an outsider, but Quinn’s return made that even worse.  Since the original text doesn’t insinuate this, I will adjust the wording because Lord knows Veil is trying to escape and survive by any means possible!

Thanks for coloring me Badlands! 😉