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4:What's your favorite line of dialogue? (TLG / BFAE)

*stares at you*

I finished TLG almost 2 years ago, so there’s no way I can remember (although Belle screaming at Gary about the six orgasms Gold gave her was pretty memorable).  I need my BFAE muse back though, so I’m gonna re-read that, and I’ll let you know :)

Okayyyyyyy so fired up after watching season 1 finale of Haikyuu~! And Mob Pyscho 100. Sorry for flooding gifs but omg the feelsssss. Ang qt tlg ni Reigan and sometimes hindi naman talaga kailangan ifull blast ang finale episodes para maging sobrang ganda. Bastaaa ughh, ang happy sobra tapos kachat ko si A habang nanunuod ako magisa. Dapat sabay kame manunuod pero alam naman daw nya na sobrang excited ako kaya hinayaan nya na ako. Ikwento ko nalang daw sakanya. Hihi. Basta ang happyyyyyyyy. 💛💛💛

Could really go for a make out session right about now. 

You know the kind where it starts in the kitchen. I come up behind you and rub your shoulders. Kiss you on the back of the head. My left hand moves down your back and finds its place on your hip as my right hand brushes your hair away from your neck. My right hand trails down your back finding its way to your hip as I kiss your neck. I wrap my arms around you as you moan in my ear. I turn you around and lift you up onto the counter. You look down at me smiling and run your hands through my hair. Then cup them around my face.
I smile back at you and you pull me in for a kiss. Your lips are soft as they press against mine.Our tongues sliding over each other. Then you tease me biting my bottom of my lip. It drives me wild. I pull you in closer as your fingers wrap around the collar of my shirt. We couldn’t get closer if we tried. I pull you off the counter. You wrap your legs around my waist as my hands move to your butt holding you up against me. I head towards the bedroom as you pull back and then nibble on my ear. God you make me so hot I can’t wait to get you out of those clothes. We get to the bedroom and you put your feet back on the floor. I push you up against the wall. I take your hands and pin them up above your head as I start kissing your neck. As I let your hands go, your fingers find themselves wrapped up in my hair. You’re starting to moan again and then…

…then I realize I’m in the beginning stages of writing terrible erotica again.

Sorry peeps. 

~ Va-J-J


FULI Character Redesign
I’ve been thinking a lot about “The Lion Guard” lately and how its character Fuli resembles more a Leopard or Jaguar rather than a Cheetah. So I tried my hands on an own Lion King Cheetah design. Since it would be crazy to go for all the spots a cheetah actually has (see “regular cheetah” on the second picture), I simplified it to a few spots here and there. I also added an alternate version since Fuli is supposed to be a King Cheetah (but still doesnt look like one).

I find it to be very confusing that an educational show for kids did such a poor job on researching how a cheetah actually looks like. ESPECIALLY since they put so much effort into getting the background animals right, but not one of their MAIN Characters. Fuli even misses the most important recognition feature of a cheetah: the black “tear mark” that runs from the corner of the eye down the side of the nose.

Actually I have a lot more to say about this show and what I think would’ve worked a lot better. It doesnt bother me that the Lion Guard ended up being a Disney Junior show, but they could’ve avoided a lot of continuity errors and would have had a lot more freedom if they had decided to put the show AFTER the events of The Lion King 2. I will talk about this in more detail on another occasion. So for now, have my redesign of Fuli!

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i made this because the family trees i’ve seen either only include one universe or include a lot of ocs/headcanons. all of the information has come directly from the movies/books, and is canonically accurate.

as soon as more information about the other lions in the pride (the parents, pictures of uru, other pride members’ family info, etc.) as soon as it arrives!