Okay but remember the scene in TLG where Khadgar fights some orcs and Medivh swoops in like bird Batman to save the day. His freaking happy, smug expression completely crumbles when he sees how pale Khadgar is and that he’s pretty much about to collapse? Medivh is “at his side instantly” and he legit feels Khadgar’s forehead like he’s sick (?? He got attacked by orcs he doesn’t have a fever you dork) and starts hushing him and telling him to rest when he tries to talk and move..this scene is so good and pure. Why didn’t the movie give us this.


Finally finished this bad boy. Took me 2 days, and man I stayed up until 5am. I love the character, the mechanics, gameplay, background, basically everything about this game is stunning in every way. Now, if I only I have a PS4 to play this masterpiece😓