TLFS: After School Special - 24 / May / 2012

Lazy day dressing up is the only way to go when I dress up for school, but I always make up for it by either wearing nice shoes, or a nice top, etc etc. I was originally wearing my brown oxford heels from Forever21, but eventually my feet gave up (Like most normal girls do, I seriously don’t know how some girls can wear 6 inch heels and not feel any pain whatsoever. Freaks.) so I switched to flats when Gab and I got to The Fort.

Thank you, Gab, once again for being my personal photographer for everything! Love you lots and lots like strawberry tater tots!


The golden haired fox is now resting in the garden, laying in the sun while a few shaymin have settled around him. Maybe they like his body heat, maybe it’s affectionate but either way they smell nice so he’ll let them be. 

He’s breathing deeply, trying to keep calm despite the weird new feelings. At first glance he almost seems to be sleeping.

  • TLF Bomb
  • Team Leader F
  • Project 87

Remember this audio from a while back? Here’s another teaser for that same audio drama. TLF’s voice actor, Nolan, wasn’t quite sure how to deliver this one line, and, well…

The results were too good to keep to ourselves ;)

No transcripts. After the intro it’s all exactly what you think it is. Wear headphones.

Cold Day

So, I woke up to the chill from our so called Floridian winter! It’s cold now and later , it a go hot nuh bish! (Yaddie)!
For the love of me,I intend to stay put in the bed this morning until noon time.😊🏡 yes, being indoors is nice and warm and that’s where I want to be.

I am a homebody and a very social yet stand-of-ish anti social person. I take time getting to know people and I can always tell if and when someone will remain a loyal friend. I am very passionate and caring about those whom I love. Loyalty I believe in it! I have friends that I allow as far as I know they can handle, because my life is unique and I love my privacy even though I have social media sites. You see, I allow you to know what I want you to know.

Friends and family that knows me well, knows how to handle or deal with my forward and direct self! I used to try and sugar coat things for people and tend to allow them to sway me when I know that is not what I want. I’ve learned that instead of settling and being swayed, don’t be wishy washy! So, now I just say what I mean and mean what I say💯 nothing will be tied up in a bow. You’ll will just know when I’ve had enough of your ish!

You can’t sugarcoat bullshit! TLF ‼️✌🏽️#TheLadyFyne


TLFS: Skull, Crosses and Spikes - 10 / Oct / 12

  • Shirt - Topman, DIY 
  • Shorts - Bazaar bought
  • Shoes - Classic white high-cut Converse
  • Gold cross earrings- Young Wild Free 
  • Silver spikes ear cuff - Young Wild Free  

I hardly really wear any accessories, but I always tell Gab that I want to start wearing some. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m pretty laid back with my looks. I hate having so much things going on with an outfit and I honestly choose comfort over pretentious fashion. I probably shouldn’t say that, being a fashion student and all… But I do believe you can still be fashionable without layering so much clothes and accessories to the point of looking like a walking Christmas tree. 

So when I received an e-mail from Young Wild Free telling me that they’ve chosen me as their first sponsored blogger, I was beyond excited! I checked out their stuff and had a few favorites and just a few days ago, I received them in the mail. I mostly chose earrings that fit my style perfectly. I’m quite picky with earrings because majority of them don’t really fit me. Pearls? Nope. Cute little objects as earrings? Nope. Studs? Nope. Hoops? Nope. But when it comes to crosses, skulls and spikes? Yes, yes, yes. The accessories were the perfect accent to my already edgy yet laid back look. And if you’re wondering how I got the skull shirt, it’s just an old Topman top I had that I DIY-ed and cut myself ;)

Curso ‘Historia del Baile Flamenco’ en el XX Festival de Jerez

Curso durante el XX Festival de Jerez. Un recorrido por los hitos del baile jondo a través de la pintura, la fotografía y el cine: Carmen Dauset, Pastora Imperio, Vicente Escudero, La Argentina, Carmen Amaya, Antonio Gades, Mario Maya, Antonio Canales, Eva Yerbabuena, Israel Galván, Rocío Molina, etc.. Descubre las claves del origen y de los grandes bailaores y etapas de la historia de este arte: bailes boleros, cafés cantantes, ópera flamenca, neoclasicismo y festivales globales. Impartido por Juan Vergillos, Premio Nacional de Flamencología. Del 28 de febrero al 5 de marzo. De 13 a 15 horas. En el Centro Andaluz de Documentación del Flamenco. Plaza de San Juan, 1, Jerez de la Frontera. Con certificado (14 horas).

Información e inscripciones en el tlf. y whatsapp +34 638 026 124;

anonymous asked:

12, 22

12: who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?
Min trommelærer HAHA!! Egentlig fordi jeg har haft hans nummer længe men ikke havde fået kodet det ind på min tlf og da jeg så lige skulle sende ham en besked søgte jeg på hans navn men kunne ikke finde det, så jeg tænkte at jeg hellere måtte tilføje det og spare mig selv besværet næste gang!

22: would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
Altså ja ;D

Taj Literature Festival returns to celebrate literary art for 3rd time

By Mehak Sabharwal
New Delhi, Feb. 10(ANI): After tasting success for two years, Taj Literature Festival is back with its third edition in Agra, claiming to be bigger, better and more literary this time.
During the official announcement of the festival, Harvijay Singh Bahia, TLF Founder, told ANI, “Agra is a city which is difficult to define, understand and imagine unless you go there and experience it. With TLF we are trying to celebrate words in the finest way and are trying to unveil the historical value Agra has.”
Talking about how TLF started, Bahia said that once he saw a literature festival in London and somewhere in mid 2010, he saw Jaipur Literature Festival, which became his inspiration.
He added, “I thought that if Rajasthan can sell its sand, then why Agra can’t sell its history, which is a phenomenal as it is the only city in the world which has got three heritage monuments. Not only this, it is a city that has given the world Galib Sahab, Nazeer Akbarabadi and Meer. There is no reason why Agra should be overlooked.”
Like previous years, the finale of the festival will have Taj Mahal as its backdrop and many prominent celebrities and authors such as David Frolly, Kabir Bedi, Vidya Balan, Sudhir Mishra and Ketan Mehta will become a part of this three day-literature celebration.
It is slated to be held on February 26-28. (ANI)

TLFS: Good Luck Friday - 13 / July / 2012

  • Gray Milwaukee shirt - OASAP.COM
  • Black bandage - bazaar
  • Cream Harry Potter themed canvas bag - DLM
  • White Plimsolls - City Sneaks, Payless

I FINALLY received my first purchase from OASAP.COM, it took forever to get to me because I think it somehow got lost in the mail or whatever. But it’s here! I chose a simple gray over sized crop top, because for some reason I really love when over sized shirts that fall off my shoulder. It’s so comfy and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of owning a ton of them in my closet.

(Photos by: Gab de Leon, using my iPhone 4)

Part of our bar….cloud 9 - bali

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Cloud 9 - bali (warung surf shack)
Jl Subak canggu (short cut Echo-Berawa) - Batubolong - Canggu - Bali - Indonesia
tlf: 0812 38236185
Open: 07:00 - 22:30
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