TLFS: After School Special - 24 / May / 2012

Lazy day dressing up is the only way to go when I dress up for school, but I always make up for it by either wearing nice shoes, or a nice top, etc etc. I was originally wearing my brown oxford heels from Forever21, but eventually my feet gave up (Like most normal girls do, I seriously don’t know how some girls can wear 6 inch heels and not feel any pain whatsoever. Freaks.) so I switched to flats when Gab and I got to The Fort.

Thank you, Gab, once again for being my personal photographer for everything! Love you lots and lots like strawberry tater tots!

TLFS: Sunday Lunch Outfit - 17 // June // 2012

- Seafoam green knit sweater (Forever 21) over a floral dress (bazaar bought).
- Seafoam colored nails (Sansan brand, really cheap nailpolish from HBC!)
- Floral print sunglasses (H&M).

(Taken with Instagram)


TLFS: Skull, Crosses and Spikes - 10 / Oct / 12

  • Shirt - Topman, DIY 
  • Shorts - Bazaar bought
  • Shoes - Classic white high-cut Converse
  • Gold cross earrings- Young Wild Free 
  • Silver spikes ear cuff - Young Wild Free  

I hardly really wear any accessories, but I always tell Gab that I want to start wearing some. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m pretty laid back with my looks. I hate having so much things going on with an outfit and I honestly choose comfort over pretentious fashion. I probably shouldn’t say that, being a fashion student and all… But I do believe you can still be fashionable without layering so much clothes and accessories to the point of looking like a walking Christmas tree. 

So when I received an e-mail from Young Wild Free telling me that they’ve chosen me as their first sponsored blogger, I was beyond excited! I checked out their stuff and had a few favorites and just a few days ago, I received them in the mail. I mostly chose earrings that fit my style perfectly. I’m quite picky with earrings because majority of them don’t really fit me. Pearls? Nope. Cute little objects as earrings? Nope. Studs? Nope. Hoops? Nope. But when it comes to crosses, skulls and spikes? Yes, yes, yes. The accessories were the perfect accent to my already edgy yet laid back look. And if you’re wondering how I got the skull shirt, it’s just an old Topman top I had that I DIY-ed and cut myself ;)

TLFS: Good Luck Friday - 13 / July / 2012

  • Gray Milwaukee shirt - OASAP.COM
  • Black bandage - bazaar
  • Cream Harry Potter themed canvas bag - DLM
  • White Plimsolls - City Sneaks, Payless

I FINALLY received my first purchase from OASAP.COM, it took forever to get to me because I think it somehow got lost in the mail or whatever. But it’s here! I chose a simple gray over sized crop top, because for some reason I really love when over sized shirts that fall off my shoulder. It’s so comfy and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of owning a ton of them in my closet.

(Photos by: Gab de Leon, using my iPhone 4)