Dear Lee Sunkyu,

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As you turn a year older on 05.15.12; I hope that you will be showered with more blessings, more happiness, more success, and a healthier life. You will always be my Aegyo Queen, and you will always be the bright and cheerful SNSD member you are to me. I love you darling! <3


“I am a very comfortable woman. I try to make the other person just as comfortable as they make me feel. I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. I want to be a woman that people want to lean on. I’m actually feminine. I make cupcakes and bake cookies. When I get married, I want to cut fruits and take them to my husband at work. I want to show off and be a comfortable girlfriend.” - Sooyoung

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
Hold on to our hearts
Because we haven’t lost
The feelings to dream,
Stay girls forever,
Like the days we walked forth
We wanna stay girls
We’re gonna stay girls