Danny gets so serious when he discusses band stuff. I love watching him talk out band business on the phone with Rob or Cavi because I can tell how much he cares about this band. He’s got everything planned out and he brainstorms ways to raise money, build up the name The Lion Faced Boy. He’s listened to those rough versions of the songs they recorded like a billion times because he wants them to be absolutely perfect. I love it, and I love him. :3


For all of you long distance lovers, or just longing lovers…  Happy Valentines Day from TLFB.


In honor of real Rock N’ Roll winning a grammy, we have decided to release our brand new music video.  Treat yo’ self…


Sam Is…  Contest!!!

Today, is our 1 year anniversary as a band and we could be more pleased with everything that has happened thus far.  We have the best fans and we love all of your for everything.  This are only going up from here.  We will probably be releasing things throughout the day, so keep an eye on our facebook- (  In the meantime, here is an awesome interview we did with Cardinal Playlists.  Love your butts.  -TLFB

So on top of the great things to come with @im1band , The Lion Faced Boy as it stands, is making another record. I can’t say exactly what it will sound like, but I can say it will be more of a step back to TLFB’s acoustic, pure songwriting roots, mixed with the evolution of who we are now. Pretty stoked to work on this project again with @lionfacedrob and all that is to come with IM1. It’s going to be a good year. #IM1 #TLFB #newmusic #thehustle