yugyeom is so cute cause lik

  • literally can’t sleep by himself
  • he gets shy when people compliment him
  • he pouts when he doesn’t get his way 
  • really happy when he blows bubbles????
  • the way he does that horn noises is so off but it is so cute lik idc
  • okay but like that time he got so happy when jb did aegyo 
  • when he did aegyo in front of got6 and they were like y can’t u do it in front of the fans and he was like because its you guys i can do it like my heart yugy my heart
  • “bam? bam!”
  • im not over that he got back at got6 for pranking him by making them sit on whoopi cushions and like throwing fake bugs 
  • he is so dedicated in everything he does
  • his voice
  • his beauty marks ALL OF THEM 
  • his laugh
  • pretended to be a puppy because he was wearin a choker
  • the way he uses his hands a lot when he speaks english
  • very affectionate and kind-hearted, but sassy
  • loves his fans and gets super pleased n surprised when they show their love for him back
  • humble

Fluff about Dean/Hyuk Kwon

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A/N: I know it’s been awhile, but I’m back with some Low Quality Content™. This started off as just a quick bullet pointed thing and then it became more of an actual story towards the end (the whole point of using bullet points is so I don’t have to use full sentences but ???). I guess I kinda got a bit carried away with it. Anyway, I really hope that you enjoy this. I had a lot of fun writing it. As always, please let me know what you think and feel free to request anything. Thank you, I love you all <3  

  • Where do I start?
  • Chill vibes only
  • Sharing music recommendations with each other 24/7
  • Talking to each other about whatever
  • Like it’s either deep, philosophical convos at 3am or just saying funny words in weird voices
  • Because you’re close like that
  • Sending weird snapchats back and forth
  • Basically just having a competition to see who can pull the weirdest face
  • Which led to you having MANY hilarious screenshots that you can blackmail him with
  • Don’t forget that he also has many screenshots of you though
  • Not getting to see each other a lot because of his busy schedule 
  • Really cherishing those days where you just hang out
  • But even when Hyuk is away, he tries to call you when he can
  • I mean he could text but he likes hearing the sound of your voice
  • And you don’t know that but you like love his voice too
  • (He still misses looking into your eyes though…)
  • You could literally do whatever together and you’d both love it
  • But normally when you hang out you get food (A.K.A sushi) and go bowling
  • Sometimes you just sit at his house crying with laughter as tunes play in the background
  • He knows how to make you laugh a lot, which then makes him laugh
  • And you laugh even harder because his laugh is adorable
  • Being the number one fan of his music always
  • At his concerts you are the biggest hype man
  • He’s also your biggest supporter too
  • Being there to comfort you when you feel down and sh*t
  • Letting you cry it out on his shoulder
  • (But what he really wants to do is wipe the tears from your face and hug you tight)
  • There are so many unspoken feelings between you two - the tension is off the scale
  • But when people joke talk about how good you would look as a couple, you both just brush off the comments and blush
  • “Because they totally don’t feel the same way, right?”
  • You started to notice that Hyuk was acting a bit different after seeing him for the first time in over two months
  • He was a lot more..giggly and shy with you.
  • Things weren’t awkward per se, it just felt like there were words waiting to be spoken
  • And Hyuk kept paying for everything
  • He did that anyway but he even started buying you things when you were simply out and about on a stroll
  • You’d protest but then he’d still buy it and give it to you later


  • It got to your birthday and you were having a small dinner at your house to celebrate
  • Hyuk made you open his present last, giving you a cheeky smirk as he handed it over
  • “Wow someone really tried with this wrapping, is that to make up for getting me a sh*tty pr- HOLY SH*T NO F*CKING WAY HYUK YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!”
  • Staring at him in shock and then back at the present and then back at him
  • He was just smirking and staring at the ceiling
  • He had got you that vintage designer jacket that you LOVED but could in no way afford
  • (It was literally your entire pay check)
  • It amazed you that he’d even remembered because you’d hardly spoken about it
  • It was honestly just a passing comment you had made when you’d seen a jacket that kinda looked like it
  • “Thank you so so much Hyuk, but I can’t accept this are you crazy?”
  • “It was nothing, really(still smirking, that lil-)
  • This went back and forth a bit but he forced you to keep it
  • You gave him a big hug
  • And oh my what a hug
  • *sigh* If only you could have stayed in that hug forever
  • His arms around you - Your head buried in his shoulder - The warmth and love that radiated off of him
  • But then you became aware that everyone was looking at you and so you awkwardly pulled away and sat down again
  • (Still beaming though because omfg Hyuk bought you that jacket! That f*cking jacket! It was yours!)
  • Your friend stage-whispering “Couple Goalsss” in your ear which was met with an elbow to the ribs and your burning cheeks
  • You secretly loved it though
  • And you could have sworn you saw Hyuk smile and look at you for a bit too long when he heard it
  • After everyone had left, Hyuk stayed to help you clear up
  • You went into the kitchen with empty bottles and plates to find him singing as he washed up dishes.
  • Of course you froze, because his voice had you melting
  • Goddamnit Hyuk, why do you have to be so talented?!
  • “There’s no one to show off to, everyone’s gone home now” you teased.
  • “I know, I know, I just thought you would want to listen to me. Do you not like my singing?” He jokingly pouted.
  • “Shut up, you know I do.” You lightly hit his shoulder and he chuckled.
  • Finally all the cleaning was done and Hyuk was getting ready to leave. It was almost 3am after all. Your apartment was gently lit by little, golden fairy lights. The only noise was Hyuk’s soft hums as he sang. You felt at peace.
  • “Once again, Hyuk, thank you so much for everything. Thank you for helping clear up and I can’t thank you enough for the jacket!” Hyuk was putting on his own coat.
  • “Have you tried it on?”
  • “No actually, I didn’t get a chance to.”
  • “Well, here.” He carefully took out the jacket from its box and helped you put it on before guiding you in front of the mirror.
  • Holy sh*t it looked good.
  • No, it looked perfect.
  • But Hyuk looked even better as he stood behind you, glowing in the dim amber lighting.
  • It wasn’t long before your eyes met in the mirror, and they lingered there.
  • That was until you couldn’t take it anymore and turned around to look at him face to face.
  • His gorgeously dark eyes were staring right back at yours making your knees feel weak.
  • You were both unconsciously leaning in.
  • You knew what was going to happen, and you let it.
  • Because it was all you had ever wanted.
  • Lips locked - Hands on your back - The man you love loving you back.
  • A KISS.
  • All your dreams and wishes and desires in one kiss.
  • The best present that money couldn’t buy.

This is Iris! I decided to make her a cougar instead of a cheetah because I wanted each of my characters to be unique. I’m not sure if I should add a hair style to her. I first thought I should do that but when I started making the base (this but with no colour) so that I could try out different styles of hair, I thought she kinda looks good how she is. I don’t know :T

Let me know what you think!

LET ME GIVE YOU KISSES WEST DARLING MMMMuahhh ^q^ (well you all know Gilbert doesn’t wear lipstick but about those on Lud’s face, you get what I mean.)


PS. sorry, Portugal! ; u ;

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Lets talk about chenkai. I miss your puppy and kitty broships ><

Ooohhh yes anonie. My precious puppy and kitty. I miss them a lot too T^T

lets talk about the overdose era where there become too touchy..I mean..

okay maybe clingy will be the right word

it doesnt matter who clingy to whom

their hand will always find their way

doesnt matter who start it first

because we all know jongdae like to take care of jongin

he really adore jongin

if u squeeze your eyes enough, there will be always chenkai moment

but i love this the most, my adorable babies /weeping for another 23438 years

but SM decide to make me go insane with this

Fcuk u SM, you cant do this to me!

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If you live in Avatar world you would be an airbender because you seem to love freedom and because you're so fly~. And in this world you are a part-time model ^^

Interesting. Most people say I’d be a waterbender. Just because I go with the flow, yo’. But your reason is a lot nicer. ha

yes. totally part time model potential…

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You could ask the Save DIsney Shows organization on facebook. They were the people who helped bring KIm POssible back. SInce you're a crew member I'm sure they'll tlet you know :)

I’ll reach out to Schooly and McCorkle, Kim Possibles show runners. See if they have any advice.

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5 Kristanna please! =)

okay here it goes


“Wait a minute are you jealous?”

Rating: T

Let me know what you think :)

Kristoff was very uncomfortable, but when it came to situations that Anna dragged him into he was used to the feeling. This particular situation involved trick or treating with children. Okay they were escorting the children so their parents could do what ever parents do. He had only been dating Anna for a few months. Her and her scary sister had transferred at the beginning of the school year after their parents had died. She was amazing, he lo-liked everything about her, and would  do anything to make her happy. Which was why he was here waiting for her surrounded by kids singing”trick or treat”. If one more runt told him to smell their feet he was going to scream. He pulled at his “costume” uncomfortably. He was wearing a pair of soft faded jeans, a white t-shirt, his dads bright yellow hazard vest and hard hat, and a tool belt slung low on his hips. He was trying really hard not to imagine what Anna would be wearing. Getting a hard on around a bunch of kids would be SO wrong.

“Hey there handsome.” He turned expecting Anna, and was shocked to see one of the mothers giving him a come hither look that made him want to barf. She was about 40 wearing so much make up it looked like a costume mask. He didn’t really know what to say,and was trying to make a not so subtle retreat,but the cougar was quick and got him cornered.

“You know its so nice to see a man whose willing to help out children.” She said in what he was sure she thought was a sexy voice, but just made him feel gross.

“Umm….uh…It was my Girlfiends idea. She’s the one who likes kids…..She should be here any minute actually I should….go look for her.” He tried to reinforce the GIRLFRIEND he had, but the cougar was on the prowl and there was nothing that would stop her.

“I’m sure she’s cute, but a man like you needs a REAL woman to satisfy him.” She purred

He was just about to shove her if necessary when there was a loud “Ehhem!” from behind the woman, and Kristoff saw the angriest Bunny in the world. Anna wasn’t a playboy bunny. She was a Bunny with a fuzzy suit with a cotton tail and a hood with two foot long ears standing proudly on top. She had even drawn a rabbit face on her own to complete the adorable look.”

In the sweetest evilest voice he’d ever heard she said “ Excuse me ma’am,but your grandson was looking for you.”

The cougars face pinched up like she’d swallowed a lemon. “He’s actually my SON.”

Anna’s face took on a shocked sorry expression.”Oh. I’m so sorry its just that…you looked..I mean I’m sorry.” She grabbed Kristoff’s arm “Well anyways we need to go.” She dragged him away giggling and Kristoff had never loved her more.

“Thanks.” He said when Anna had slowed down. “That was pretty akward.”

Anna’s smile faded and a frown graced her freckled face. “Yeah I’ll bet, you better stay close before some one else offers to make you a man. All the women are looking at you….” She looked at the crowd of single mothers then down at her costume and frowned harder.

He put his hand on her face and gently pulled her so that she was looking at him. “Whats wrong?”

“Nothing! Nothing at all I’m just the only girl here whose not showing any skin, having to watch as MY boyfriend gets molested by every one who thinks she’s a better match for you than me!” She said tearing slightly

He was so confused. What did her costume have to do with anything? And what did what anyone else think matter? Was he ever going to understand girls?

“Wait a minute are you jealous?” He asked incredulously “Of Them!?!”

“No…..yes… Its just you’re a SENIOR, and I’m just a sophomore. Everyone thinks I’m just a stupid kid who can’t make you happy.’’ she sniffled. “And they’re RIGHT look at me I’m dressed like I’m six excited about trick or treating!”

  He grabbed her fuzzy hand and pulled her into a storage closet and before she could say a word he kissed her silly,adorable mouth. She protested for only a moment before melting into the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him even closer. How could she think she wasn’t good enough for him? She was perfect, and he needed to show her that. He hated that she was hurting.

They finally parted breathless and panting with kiss swollen lips. He pressed his forehead to hers and said “I don’t want anyone else. Just you.”He whispered still breathless from the kiss. “I love your costume. I LOVE that you don’t dress like the other girls.”

She looked at him with big blue eyes . “Really?”

“Really.” He promised 

Instead of answering she leaned up and kissed him again.

When they broke apart again sometime later Kristoff realized he couldn’t hear any noise coming from outside.

“Umm Anna..I think they left with out us.”

“Damn. I was really looking forward to candy.”

Kristoff shrugged grinning “We can go buy you some candy…later.” He kissed her again soft and warm.


Kristoff resolved to not leave until he made sure Anna would never feel jealous of anyone ever again.

And that’s how Anna came home with a jumbo bag of candy under each arm grinning like a bunny suited fool.