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It all began with this post: [X] (careful scrolling because it contains graphic images of the puppies’ injuries)
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So this Friday, while I was on my second day of Comic Con PT as a seller in Artists’ Alley, I got a call from the animal association that’s been helping me trying to find a family for Luca and Calu and they gave me the most wonderful news:

The puppies were adopted by their temporary foster family!!

I honestly couldn’t even reply because I got all chocked up and started to sob my heart out, but I honestly was so happy that the puppies finally had a place they could call home I couldn’t deal with my emotions. I’m still a bit emotional because these puppies experienced first hand just how awful humans can be and for them to finally be treated, healthy and safe is a huge joy (and a relief) for me.

Their foster family (now adoptive) loved them so much that they decided to keep them as members of their own family. What’s more, the babies will never be alone and apart from each other. This was a fear of mine all along too, in case people decided to adopt just one of them and separate them. Thankfully it wasn’t the case!

That said, any donations I receive will be promptly transferred to the animal association that helped me find these puppies a family. Their specialty is to care for mothers and babies who were left abandoned (although they do not refuse to care for other animals) and they’re always in need for donations. If you’re interested to know more about them, please send me a non-anon ask and I’ll be more than glad to link you to their facebook.

I know I’ve thanked everyone a million times, but I’m so thankful for all the help provided and your generous donations to help ensure these puppies would be taken care of. Any amount of donations given were so helpful and vital for the babies… I’m eternally thankful to everyone who contributed and last Friday we saw the results of our efforts!

The babies finally have a home!!

This is a happy ending for them, but I’ll keep supporting the association that helped me because our job never ends (if you want to help just let me know! We have a lot of mothers and babies in serious need of treatment).

I’ll still post their pictures here, so they can bring your day some joy and hope.

On behalf of Luca and Calu: THANK YOU!


♥ p3r5on4′s Endless List of Favourite Characters (2/?) ♥

Final Fantasy XIII - Hope Estheim

“The world’s full of lies. There’s no way of knowing what’s right. All we can do is believe in ourselves. From here on out, I use my eyes. Think. And act. I might not make all the right choices. But as long as I’m the one who decided what to do, there’s nothing to regret.”


Den: He’s my precious son.

Let’s talk TEA trailer


-everyone has Jaws and Eyebrows and it’s so great

-I am expecting great unintentional things from these costumes

-nobody told me Dan was in this and this makes me so happy

-peep the Much Ado tho

-Emma is the sweetest and has a sunshine face, she is so cute I am ready for her to go on a journey of self discovery

-we know she’s gonna mess up because Jordan tells us this

-have I ever mentioned that my first big gay crush was on a girl named Jordan? She’s the Olivia I keep talking about from my twelfth night

-so this is gonna be fun


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ooo I didn't know you had OC's! Do you have a tag for them and/or could you tell us a little more about them??

I don’t have a tag, unfortunately, because I don’t talk about about them a lot lol. I have a bunch for different verses, most of which I talk about with my sister. I sort of have a tag for Jesse and jude, who I have with @faintlyglow and @beanmoreau, and then I think the ones I’ve written about on here are mckenna, charley, bibi, john, blake, carter and Jacques. I also have amber, uri, mary, lizzie, svetlana, katsumi, ivan, Alexei and Aleksander. They’re all not really ocs but more like gen 2 for different fandoms. If you want to ask me more about one in particular I can tell you, but I don’t have them organized in any particular way.

Tldr: no tag because I’m a mess and my ocs don’t make much sense to anyone but me and my sister.

Ages ago, someone asked me for my thoughts on character ages, and seeing as the localization seems to be following my headcanon with surprising accuracy (“the adult that you technically are”), I figure it was high time to finish this draft up and post it, because I’ve always looked at her like that.

I think Elise considers the following things to be true:

  • Being an adult is scary and dangerous. Adults may have to kill people they love. She’s surprised to hear of the history of fratricide between her siblings when Leon talks about it, but doesn’t reject the idea with the vehemence that someone who truly considered such a thing unbelievable would – she has some innate understanding of brutality (is it a coincidence she’s the only Nohr sibling in a non combat class?). Recall that she’s been exposed to the court of Nohr and the undercity teeming with lowlives; she is less sheltered than Kamui is. 
  • Her family’s happiness is more important than her life. I don’t think this one is arguable; it’s very directly demonstrated, and the fact that she seems to honestly believe Marx would be able to move on from killing her says a lot about how important she thinks she is to him. Her Kamui support is also consistent with this. 
  • Her siblings are at their happiest playing with her. Elise can’t possibly miss that her siblings tend to be very serious people in their daily lives (her Harold support is even directly about getting Marx to smile). Camilla flat out tells her that her optimism and cheer will be what saves Nohr. She’s the only sibling who visits Kamui on such a regular basis. She knows that her brightness has value to them.

And so, with all of those facts, is it so unbelievable that a ~16 year old could prefer to talk of becoming a woman in dreamy, hypothetical terms? That she’d eschew war councils for tag? That she’d keep herself to childish activities over the harsh adulthood of Nohr?

I don’t think that Elise actively lies about anything, but she’s deeply internalized these things and it causes her to shy away from the idea of true adulthood and independence. It’s much safer to play and dream, and it makes her siblings happier, too – why change?


In honor of Haikyuu Day (August 19th), many of the Engeki HQ cast are giving congratulations~  

Kawasumi Bishin (Taketora) will read Haikyuu today to celebrate!
Suga Kenta (Hinata) will eat soft-boiled egg over rice (Hinata’s favorite food~)!
Tomimori Justin (Asahi) didn’t know so he was pleasantly surprised!
Shiota Kouhei (Tanaka) decided to go for… dialect switching because he missed the time he wanted to post his tweet.  

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i'm getting really mad at everyone's attitude towards spoilers and it's really frustrating because i'm not 12 i don't have parents to buy me a damn book and i'm really far up dan and phil's ass and i love them and i just want to know what happens but jfc everyone is being crazy about it

before i start rambling (in proper grammar, oh gee) i’d like to take a moment to note that i’m something of A Proper Adult ™ – the opinions expressed in this little waffley mess comes from that perspective, so while i can’t entirely empathize with your particular situation (and i don’t condone belittling the younger ‘phandom’ members, before i potentially offend someone right off the bat) i think i understand what you’re getting at?

Evidently, I have to pay bills. Quite a lot of them, actually – I’m at that lovely stage of my life where I have to properly support myself, and I’m still incredibly uncomfortable with the idea of dishing out thousands of dollars for something as mundane as a refrigerator. Money is this all-holding power in my life, and for anyone who doesn’t have an immediate support system, I think they can relate to that. I, personally, didn’t pre-order TABINOF. I might buy it when it’s out, and maybe I can beg a coworker to buy me it for Christmas – but, I had a decision to make: do I buy a book, or do buy myself a pretty massive amount of food at Walmart, and not live off instant noodles for a week? And, I know that sounds dramatic – money is hard to appreciate until you’re desperately looking for coupons for tampons, because wow, being an adult is really gross and scary.

And, that being said, I understand why people are desperately looking for spoilers – not everyone can afford 20 dollars, and, as one of those people, I’m probably going to be looking for spoilers on October 8th. I can’t help it – I’ve been following Phil since 2008, and this fandom has a very particular knack for providing an ‘us and them’ culture around having seen (read, in this case) certain content (do I need to be so vague? Truly, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about) – so, there are going to be a variety of inside jokes that will come from the book, and a lot of people will be left out of that. People will defend those posts by stating that they ‘don’t hold any real spoilers’, and it’s a vicious cycle; it’s human nature to want to be a part of something, and I’m not immune to that.

I think, in attempts to wrap this up, I can summarize my sentiment pretty easily: I don’t think that it’s wrong to post spoilers after October 8th. As long as they’re under a readmore, tagged properly, and are being posted after the initial release date. Not only will this help ease that weird fandom quirk of obsessing about ‘forbidden content’, but it’ll only be accessible to people who actively seek these type of posts out. Whether that be people who have bought the book and just want to discuss it with a fellow Tumblr user, or people like me – sad twenty-somethings who have found themselves trapped in this weird stage of adulthood, and don’t want to be left out of a fandom they’ve been (silently) following for years, just because they can’t help their financial situation.

So, yeah? I’m not entirely sure if that was the reassurance you were looking for, but it let me get some things off my chest – so, with the best of my abilities, I’m going to try very hard to not feel guilty about rambling on for a solid 5 paragraphs. Yikes.

so i dont really have the energy to write out an explanation why tagging #pda on these posts is homophobic because i thought it was more self explanatory than it seems but im getting a few asks about it so im just gonna link to two explanations here and here that i just skimmed and agree with.

tldr being asked to tag #pda (on things that arent “public displays of affection” at all btw) is so people can blacklist ~gay content. and its not ~romantic content, which it’s hidden under the guise of. the standards for what counts as “pda” for straight couples is very, very different from what society sees as “pda” for gay couples- and therefore these harmless posts about like, walking on the beach holding your girlfriends hand and thinking shes pretty suddenly becomes “pda”. ??? you are literally asking us to sensor ourselves by not only allowing people to choose not to see us, but enforcing it, by tagging the blacklist for them.

if you really really must tag these posts for aromantic people or w/e tag #romance or something like that but i would prefer it and feel more comfortable if you asked them to just blacklist this blog. its their job if they dont want to see posts like these, because like i said we’ve gone from labeling regular sga (same gender attraction) couple pictures as #pda to tagging harmless sga aesthetic/ suggestion posts as #pda, and its all just so messed up please dont do it