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Okay, Mama June dated a child molester which was wrong and her show was fairly cancelled. However, TLC continue’s to air 19 Kids & Counting despite the fact the eldest son molested like 5 of the daughters!? What kind of bullshit, Mama June at least preached love and acceptance but the Duggar’s are anti-everything that isn’t white, christian and straight. Shame on TLC and shame on Jim & Michelle Duggar for compromising their childrens safety and well being. Fucking disgusted.

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So I’m sure most of you have seen that the oldest Duggar boy (married with almost four children whose wife married him knowing he did all of this) is apparently a child molester. Except people around the internet seem pretty content with saying “well he was just a teenage boy with hormones running amok” or “he was just a child himself” or “god forgave him” and I think that shit is fucked up. It also brings attention to TLC’s business ethic. June Shannon, or “mama june” from here comes honey boo boo had her show cancelled because she associated with a child molester, who was never featured on the show. The SECOND tlc caught wind of this the show was pulled. 19 kids and counting features an actual child molester as one of the main characters, and TLC ran a marathon of it today. It really tells you something about how they run their channel. 

Update: I, who have never used my twitter at all ever, tweeted this to june and she responded o.o 

I’m not saying she deserves to keep her show either, there is no excuse for her to expose her children to a child molester, one that is said to have molested her own daughter, but the duggars have proven time and time again that they’re bigots, homophobic, racists, animal abusers, and now one is a child molester and the family seems to have known about it the whole time. That’s fucked up. 

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Can you do friends with benefits Yoongi?

  • He has no time for a relationship so he just hits you up when he needs his rock off
  • You are so savage to each other when the other guys are around
  • Like you call him assbutt and he calls you nerd
  • But in private he is gentle and helpful
  • You binge watch a lot of things
  • Even Honey Boo Boo or some lame TLC series Yoongi end up liking
  • He threatens to burry you alive when you tell the boys
  • He also likes to fuck you during boring parts of anime/shows
  • Lots of quickies
  • Nobody knows you are fucking!

I’m a Catholic but however I do not use my religion to dismiss horribly inexcusable actions. I believe in forgiveness, but I do not believe in excusing a child molester who fondled his own sisters as a “teenage mistake” and covering the whole thing up from the media then acting like everything’s peachy fucking keen because “they prayed and found forgiveness.” Hell no. Josh Duggar is a pedophile and shame on Jim Bob and Michelle for silencing the poor girls who will forever be scarred by the disgusting things done to them against their will by their older brother. And shame on Anna for marrying Josh and having children with him KNOWING that he did such despicable things to his sisters. If TLC cancelled Honey boo Boo for Mama June ASSOCIATING with a child molester, then 19kac should be pulled and stopped from all production as Josh Duggar IS a child molester.