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Okay, Mama June dated a child molester which was wrong and her show was fairly cancelled. However, TLC continue’s to air 19 Kids & Counting despite the fact the eldest son molested like 5 of the daughters!? What kind of bullshit, Mama June at least preached love and acceptance but the Duggar’s are anti-everything that isn’t white, christian and straight. Shame on TLC and shame on Jim & Michelle Duggar for compromising their childrens safety and well being. Fucking disgusted.

So I'm watching My 600lbs Life, yeah?

It’s Christina’s story…

And all these people go to the same doctor, icr his name… But ive come to just not like him.

Like, apparently in the last month, she only lost 2lbs, to which he made the comment “you’re not sticking to the diet”

She wasn’t… But it wasn’t bc she was backsliding… It’s bc she wasnt eating, it’s because she was in pain… From gallstones. HEH!

Everytime i see this show, he’s so quick to throw that out there, that it’s the persons’ fault– and Ive seen a few episodes where yes he’s right, but it’s not always that way…

It’s irritating to see someone discount people so quickly…