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The Ties that Bind


Shoutout to @lovelunarchron because she is working her butt off writing amazing fics and not getting much attention right now for it. Please go read her wonderful TLC stories and be sure to leave a like and review! She’s on both AO3 and FFN, so whatever floats your boat!

Tlc-a torture story

Yeah, i feel that’s warning enough, mental and physical torture. Gotta tag my beautiful friendo @bobeatspie300 for giving the torture idea. Thank her for keeping Wilford out of water and stopping electrocution. But don’t spam her, she’s just a good friendos

Dark was composed of 3 beings, one man, one woman, and one demon. The man and the woman, Damien and Celine, were the usual ones in control of the stolen body they resided in. Damien was good with the people and Celine was a calming, powerful force. It annoyed Dark to no end, but he knew the egos alliance was only due to the two, so he put up with it. One day though, the two both felt drained, so Dark took control.

He didn’t know how the two dealt with it. Half the egos were creeps, the other half couldn’t be more full of themselves. The Host never shut up and the Jims were just plain stupid. But Wilford had to be the worst. He was loud, obnoxious, repetitive, stupid, hard to look at, and insane. It didn’t help that he was almost always wacing around the stupid gun that killed this body in the first place. Dark could handle the others but the overwhelming presence of the pink man was too much for him. So he decided to take care of that. It was rather late when he put the plan into action, the other 2 both asleep or distracted. He appeared in the man’s room, and as he mumbled something or other to himself, as Dark snuck up and chloroformed him. The man struggled but stood no chance against the demon, and as Wilford’s vision faded the demon smiled, his red and blue echos radiating weakly.

Wil woke up a while later. He didn’t remember what had happened, and tried to look around. He couldn’t. He tried to move his arms and legs, and couldn’t. “Helloooo?” He called out to the darkness. He couldn’t see a thing, just a lightbulb, dangling above his head. He closed his eyes, what was going on? “Can anyone hear me?” He called out, hoping for anything but silence in return. “Shut….up…” the echoing voice of Dark replied. “Dark? What’s happening? Is this for some sort of new show??” Dark was his friend, he should be helping. But his friend seemed annoyed, not worried. He heard the man sigh and his footsteps, clicking on the ground, walk away. Then silence. Then a soft buzzing sound. He yelped when he felt the hundreds of stabs from small little needles surrounding him. They weren’t extremely painful, but he didn’t expect it. The needles pulled out and he felt the blood start to drip down. He struggled against the restraints holding him in place. He felt the needles stab again and the previous wounds grow hot and painful as something was poured into them. “Aaah! Dark stop!!” He cried out, the stinging bringing tears to his eyes. The pain continued, his body slowly becoming covered in pricks. As the pain continued he started to feel water drip onto his forehead. He tried to move his head out off the way but couldn’t. The drips annoying him to no end. He had been calling out, asking, begging for Dark to stop. He closed his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks. “DAMIEN! STOP” he was tensed up, waiting for the next stab of pain, the next prick of blood, the next drip of water, when it all stopped. “….what did you just say?” The voice of the other man rang out against the silence. “…..I said….. stop……. Damien….” the pink mustached man’s voice echoed. The quiet seemed to entrap everything. The slow, methodical clicks of Dark’s shoes echoed in the dim lit room cl-ick cl-ick. Each step felt like it took an eternity. Wilford eventually say the man’s face infront of him. “….You really are stupid” the layers of Dark’s voice mixing into a solid deep tone, “why would i give mercy to my murderer?” Wilford’s eyes widened, “no….I didn’t….I c-couldn’t have.” Dark’s smile grew a bit more, “yes you did William. You got drunk off your ass. Mark brought you down to get a drink and you shot him. You played it off as some joke. You weren’t there when Celine and Damien were killed. You were off doing god knows what. You marched around the house when you could have been looking for us. You shot an innocent man. The detective was only doing his job. And when the district attorney tried to take your gun, keep themselves safe, maybe even help poor Abe, and you shot them. You didn’t try to bandage the wound, you didn’t call the cops. You killed everyone who died in that house and you know it.” Wilford stared in awe and fear of the man, “No…N-no. It was an accident! I didn’t mean to!! It was all a joke!” Tears started to stream down his cheeks, he shook his head in what little way he could. Dark only frowned, “Don’t lie to yourself Colonel. And I’m not Damien. Damien is dead.” Dark walked away. “Dark!! I’m sorry! Please! It was an accident! I swear!

“I swear” Wilford was sitting in his room, his legs hugged up to his chest. Dark had continued to torture him for a long time, till he could no longer cry, til his voice had grown hoarse. Eventually he passed out and woke up in his room, the marks starting to scab over. He wanted to scratch at them, get rid of them, but he knew they would only start bleeding again. So he sat, his long sleeve shirt the perfect length to cover every scab, and cried. His door cracked open and he looked up. “Pink Jim! We have found a Jimstatic ne-….” The Jim in his doorway fell silent. “Pink Jim?” Wilford nodded as a response, not trusting himself to speak. “Are you okay?” The Jim looked concerned. Wil paused, considering whether or not to lie, and shook his head, being truthful to the Jim. The Jim turned out of the room. “Jim! We have a Jimrgency! We must comfort Pink Jim!!” The Jims walked in “Oh, no I-It’s o-okay” he started to say, but the two Jims were already hugging him and trying to comfort him. He smiled and hugged them back, his eyes tearing up slightly at the kindness

Dark watched the scene play out on the camera he had intalled. The Googles sure could be useful when need be. Dark felt almost a sense of disgust at the tears and the kindness of the two twins. He snarled slightly, “Maybe those Jims need to be taught a lesson”

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Crown Princes of YA (Part two)
  • Maxon Schreave (The Selection): I found a new friend to induct into our circle of heirs to fantasy realms *whispers* and hopefully to l;ighten the mood of all our depressing situations.
  • Prince Kai (TLC): What's your story?
  • Cal Calore(Red Queen): I really don't belong here.
  • Dorian Havilliard(TOG): Why? What's wrong? It couldn't possibly be any worse than what we've already faced.
  • Cal Calore: My half brother and my stepmother manipulated me into killing my own father so now I've been exiled and lost my title and my family.
  • Maxon Schreave: Oh, that's... really sad. I'm sorry.
  • Prince Kai: Hey, you know what always helps for me when someone tries to steal my throne?
  • Cal Calore: What?
  • Prince Kai: Getting kidnapped by my girlfriend and her rebel group and then starting a revolution to try and fix this cruel, cruel world.
  • Cal Calore: *bursting into tears* My girlfriend and her rebel group already did that!
  • Maxon Schreave: *facepalms*

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Since Kai and her began trying to have a baby, Cinder stayed alert for any kind of change in her body. Any sign of nausea or being late could mean she was pregnant.

It never occurred to her that the message would come from her cyborg interface.

Hormone chorionic gonadotropin found in organism. Usually produced by placenta or by certain types of tumors. Recommended course of action: blood test.

Cinder stared at the message for a long minute, unable to comprehend it. Then she ran toward the northern side of the palace, ignoring all the reproachful looks people shot her before realizing it was their Empress running like a madwoman.

Finding a med-droid was easy once she got to the research wing, and while it analyzed her blood, she focused on calming down. Which, of course, was impossible when the med-droid informed, in the same emotionless voice as always, “Pregnancy: confirmed. Please, bookmark a visit to–”

But Cinder was already running.

Kai was in the great hall, discussing something with Torin in a low voice. By the time he heard the approaching footsteps and turned, it was already too late.

Cinder threw herself on him in a bear hug, trying, unsuccessfully, to stop the laughter of happiness that was leaving her lips.

“Your Imperial Highness?” Torin questioned, sounding alarmed. Kai hugged Cinder back, and when she looked up, she saw that his face was both pleased and confused.

“We are going to be parents.” She said, and watched as unspeakable joy took over her husband’s face.

“And if it’s a girl?” Kai asked lazily, doing a slow caress up and down Cinder’s back. They were laying down in their bed.

“I was thinking… Well, you obviously don’t have to agree. I know the common thing to do in these cases in honor our past rulers, and the name I was thinking will probably mean nothing to–”



“What name did you have in mind?” Kai, asked, sounding amused, as he always did when she showed signs of her old social awkwardness. There was a pause.

“Peony.” She said in a low voice.

“It’s a beautiful name.” He said immediately, unsurprised. He knew how much Cinder’s baby sister, who he never had a chance to meet, was important for her. “I love it. I bet she’ll love it too, if the baby is a she.” His eyes sparkled at the word baby, and he turned to face Cinder’s flat stomach. “Peony suits you, right, little one? I bet you’ll love it.”

“Kai, there is not a baby in me yet, technically. There is a bunch of stem cells multiplying.” She informed him in a teasing voice. He ignored her.

“Don’t pay attention to mom, little one. Before you know it you’ll be in our arms and everyone in the galaxy will love you.”

The mental image made the soon-to-be parents smile, and Cinder pulled him closer for a kiss.

The morning sickness took away a little of the fun from the whole pregnancy thing.

Cinder thought that if the sickness happened just in the morning it would be more acceptable, but no. Foods she adored made her nauseous, and random smells she had never payed attention to before made her run to the nearest restroom.

Not to mention, Kai was one of those over-protective fathers and husbands. All of sudden, Kinney wasn’t enough for her protection, no (her faithful personal guard had followed her back to Earth, although Cinder suspected it was less about protecting and serving the former Queen of Luna and more about Iko). Two maids followed her around and forced her to drink water at regular intervals, eat foods even more varied than usual and be comfortable at all times. Cinder would probably find it endearing if it wasn’t so annoying.

They only told the world about Cinder’s pregnancy on the fourth month.

The party that followed, both on Earth and on Luna, didn’t surprise anyone in New Beijing Palace but Kai and Cinder. Gifts from everywhere started arriving in an alarming frequency, and the newsfeed would always about talk about it. It made everything feel that much more real.

It was the fifth month when the doctors voiced their worries about her heart working harder and the slight swelling in her legs, but it was unnecessary. Her cyborg parts adjusted themselves easily enough. She was prepared for this.

She wasn’t prepared for feeling the baby move.

It happened during a conference, and her eyes went wild with the sensation. It was quick, so she thought no one else would notice, but the other world leaders were more perceptive  than she’d thought.

The political matters were momentarily ignored while the people who ran the planet awned and smiled for being part of that moment. Cinder started recording that scene, intending to show it to her baby when he or she was older. How an entire galaxy had celebrated them even before they were born.

It turned out the baby was a boy. Little Rikan–or rather, His Royal Highness Rikan Garan of the Eastern Commonwealth. Not that anyone but Cinder, Kai, and Torin knew the name of the future prince yet.

“’…and they all lived happily ever after’.” Kai concluded the second-era story he was reading for little Rikan. “I love these stories. We’ll read more for you once you’re here.” He said, stroking Cinder’s huge belly.

“I hope he’s here soon.” She muttered. “And then maybe I’ll be able to sleep again.”

Very pregnant as she was, it was impossible to stay in a comfortable position for too long–and she was lucky enough to have a computer in her brain suggesting postures that would diminish her backache. Not only that, but the anxiety and stress were killing her. She was going to be a mother. And the whole world would watch as she learned how to be a good one. Thanks the stars the rampion crew had gathered in New Beijing Palace to give her support and comfort in these last weeks.

Kai and her settled down to sleep, and Cinder had almost dozed off when she stood up.

“What is it?” Kai asked, startled.

“Sorry, I gotta pee.” Again. She thought dully. Almost everything made her cranky or emotional these days, even the warnings in her cyborg interface about high levels of estrogen and progesterone, which would probably cause mood swings. She could just hope the baby came soon.

She didn’t have to wait too long.

Rikan Garan was born in a warm afternoon by the end of May. Kai was there the whole time, but, unfortunately for him, he held Cinder’s metal hand.

A doctor had to apply ice in his–now injured–right hand while she delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Everything was a blur until Cinder was holding their son in her arms, her eyes watering and a unshakable smile on her lips. Her friends couldn’t visit just yet, but Cinder knew they were here close by, and that made everything a little more normal. She didn’t have to imagine the celebration going on throughout the galaxy right now–the newsfeed on her cyborg interface made sure she knew.

“Hi.” She whispered to her son, then turned to look at Kai, whose face was a mirror of her elated expression. However, Cinder’s happiness crumbled a little when she took sight of his immobilized hand. “Sorry about that.”

He shrugged, unshaken. “It’s nothing. I’ll make sure to hold your other hand next time.”

“Next time?” Cinder raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah. I bet little Rikan will want a little sister someday.” 

“Yeah. Someday.” She smiled again and turned to look at her son again.

I hope you liked it, anon! Biology and I never were best friends, but I did my research and hope I didn’t get anything wrong. Please, forgive any mistakes and you’re more than welcome to tell me what you think! Hope you all have a great day!

By the way, the idea of Peony as a baby name for Kaider children wasn’t mine, but I can’t find the post/ficlet where I saw it. If it was your idea, please tell me so I can link it here!

‘Well…she crashed your party, kissed you in front of everyone, kidnapped you on your wedding day, threw a revolution and killed your first wife, dad.’

‘When you put it that way…’

‘That’s how uncle Throne put it in his memoir.’

‘Your uncle Throne has a memoir?’

Older Kai telling his daughter the Kaider Origin Story for TLC Shipweeks ‘16 - Stories

Evil Queens of YA, in conversation (part two)
  • Queen Levana (The Lunar Chronicles): This is my tragic backstory....
  • Queen Elara (Red Queen): WHAT are you doing?
  • Queen Levana (TLC): Sharing my story so that the readers sympathize with me.
  • Queen Elara (RQ): NO you can't do that! Then they'll think you have a heart.
  • Queen Levana (TLC): Well I did at one point...
  • Queen Maeve (Throne of Glass): You just have to disguise your weakness under years of practiced insensitivity and brutality.
  • Queen Levana (TLC): Sounds like a plan.
  • Amarantha (A Court of Thorns and Roses): I also suggest brutally torturing the victims of your past for generations to come.
  • Queen Elara (RQ): I like this girl.
Quick question.....

Currently setting up my Survivor Series match card list for Flame and I’m a little stumped on ‘certain’ matches.

So…. if you follow my Extras lists, you guys know that I’ve posted the match cards and results for SummerSlam, No Mercy, and TLC for this story.

Now…. currently I still have Rollins and Ambrose vs. The Uso’s and for brand champs I have Shinsuke as WWE Champ vs. Samoa Joe as Universal Champ.

Should I keep it as is or try and make it as close to the actual card as possible? (but fyi, I am NOT MAKING LESNAR UNIVERSAL CHAMP.)