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  • Those hands.
    • His huge hands would just roam your body because he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you.
    • Your hands would be dwarfed in his and it will make you feel vulnerable and delicate, but the way he touches you and kisses you makes you feel like you’re the one that could break him at any moment.
  • Those eyes. THOSE EYES!
    • Which will always light up when you’re introducing him to new foods and sparkle with every new flavor he tries.
  • Speaking of food, he’s absolutely the kind of guy who always has food for you because food is important to him and it’s one of the ways he shows that you’re important to him, too.
    • He’ll buy you chocolate when you’re on your period.
    • He’ll try his best at making you breakfast in bed on special occasions, or just because.
    • He’ll make you soup and get you ginger ale when you’re sick. 
  • You’d never have to buy a step stool because he’ll always reach for whatever is on the top shelf for you. He’ll also move heavy things which makes it so much easier for you to constantly redecorate your house.
  • He’s constantly warm which means you’d never ever be cold. It will come in handy, especially on those long winter nights because he’ll be your own personal furnace. 
  • You would never have to make multiple trips to the car to bring the groceries in because he would always manage to bring all the grocery bags in at once!
  • When you fall asleep on the couch after a long day, he would pick you up and carry you to bed and tuck you in. He would tuck your hair behind your ear, just to get a better look at your sleeping face and caress your cheek and think about how much he loves you. 
  • When you’re curled up against him and you guys are being playful and joking around, you would be able to feel his deep, growly laughter rumble through his chest.
  • He’s a muscly marshmallow. Just think about it. He would just wrap you up in his huge arms and you’ll feel like the safest girl in the world. 
    • But even though he’s this big huge guy, he’ll be so sweet and tender with you.
    • Cuddles would be the best since he’s so much bigger in comparison.
    • He’ll always be the big spoon.
    • He’s the only one of the guys we trust to carry us while we make out in the rain.
      • Kai would probably accidentally drop you in a mud puddle.
      • Thorne would probably trip and drop you both in the mud puddle.
      • Jacin wouldn’t make out in the rain.

The wonderful @nothingtoseehere-move-along and I are convinced that Wolf would make the perfect husband. We hope you agree with us! 


Last Days of Left Eye

This documentary used to creep me out when I was younger. I didn’t really like watching it. I felt like I was watching my childhood idol deteriorate before my eyes, go crazy and mixed up with occultism and strange behavior

But now that I’m older, I appreciate Left Eye’s philosophy and growth and I am able to understand her need to escape those confines. Her whole life she was running, even down to her last minutes when she described that she felt a spirit was haunting/chasing her. 

It’s remarkable they got all this on tape. It’s amazing how they related the theme back to Lisa’s theories about numerology and energies and connections. Coincidence is for the birds. Shame how we are so quick to label folks “crazy”. She was the Crazy in TLC. But this showed her rationality 

God my mom loves the “intervention” narrative so much.  She so badly wants that TLC-show moment where everyone sits around me on the couch and tells me they love me but they’re so worried, and then I cry and turn my life around and go to rehab that very same night.

Except I’m not actually addicted to anything, so instead of drugs or gambling or whatnot, the intervention has to be for the kind of minor shit normal parents would just mildly nag about.  And nobody else is ever interested in participating, so it’s just my mom alone and some unconvincing claims of “your dad is very worried too, he’s just, uh, too nervous to tell you.”

So in the end it’s just her and me and a couch and a lot of incredibly dramatic speeches about “I can be silent no longer!  This is tearing our family apart!  Please, I’m asking you for you and for me and for love, yes, I do still believe in love, please see that there is a light and a way out of the hellish life you’ve become entrapped in.  And commit to me tonight that you will change your ways!”

This over, like, whether I should go back to school, or go on a diet, or try some random wonder supplement.

It gets sort of tiring.

anonymous asked:

Hi, hi!!! You are seriously THE best!!! Can you imagine the Chocobros reaction if their s/o (fem, if that's okay!) proposed to them, instead of the other way around?? Ooooh my goodness, my heart melts just thinking about it!!! Thank you so so so much!!!! Xo I love your blog!!

*squeels excitedly for all eternity*
I swear, anon, this might just be the most precious fluff request I’ve gotten to date. My face was a blushing MESS when I read this.

When I was younger, I spent every Friday night bingewatching wedding shows on TLC. Suffice to say, I aboslutely adore proposals and all that warm and fuzzy marriage buisness.✨

Thank you endlessly for all of the support and love for the blog - I can’t tell you how much it means to Leigh and I!

Without further delay, let the Valentines week fluff fest begin 💜

Note: the s/o is implied to be fem


Song: “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron and Wine

  • One would think that when proposing to the prince of Lucis, only an extravegant affair of fresh flowers, imported chocolates, and a sky written message would do
  • Nobody would have guessed that the seemingly simple proposal Noct’s s/o planned, one leagues behind a royal engagement, would have meant so much to him
  • Love’s a funny thing… isn’t it?
  • Around 3 am on a starry summer night, Noct and his s/o found themselves tangled up in a bubble bath, surrounded by dimly flickering candles, loosely strung christmas lights, and floating rose petals atop soapy water
  • The skylight window above provided a stream of delicious moonlight that cast a hazily euphoric glow on the couples bare forms
  • Swaddled in warmth and comfort, Noctis held his s/o lovingly in his lap, running water softened hands along her body, tracing her curves thoughfully, as she pressed occasional kisses to his collarbone and neck

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