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  • Thorne: So what's the plan? We just go in there and just- POW, POW, POW and free the prisoners?
  • Kai: What was that?
  • Thorne: Laser guns.
  • Iko: No Thorne, I think you mean PEWH, PEWH, PEWH....PEWH
  • Thorne: That sounds like fireworks.
  • Cress: Technically, they're more like - ba-choo, ba-choo, ba-choo!
  • Cinder: Okay, enough with the bad sound effects.
  • Everyone:
  • Cinder: Besides, it's more like BLAM, BLAM, BLAM

REQUEST: Hi! Can you do one where Harry is upset about his family or anxiety or something and you ask him to let you in? Something fluffy? Thanks!

You’d never seen Harry get angry before.

You’d been dating for about three months now and you’d never heard him raise his voice. Even though he was just about to start promo season for his new single and was about to announce his upcoming album and tour, the man never doubted himself. You could tell that he absolutely loved his work, because he never showed even a flicker of resentment towards any aspect of it—he had the patience of a saint, where you would have lost it by now if you were in his shoes.

But there was a first time for everything.

You were driving over to his flat for an quiet evening together. You’d barely seen one another that entire week prior because of his hectic schedule, and you were looking forward to finally getting him alone. You couldn’t lie, you’d been feeling a tad bit neglected and it had been starting to get to you. You knew that when you agreed to date a rock star boyfriend it wouldn’t come without it’s downsides, but you were starting to feel like you weren’t a priority anymore. Which is why when he called and suggested an evening together, you felt over the moon.

You walked into the apartment without knocking—you’d stopped doing that during the second month—and shrugged off your sweater while you slipped off your shoes.

“Harry!” You called out into his home, walking into the kitchen to set down the bottle of wine that you’d picked up. The two of you had planned to make sangria that night along with dinner—you set your purse down on the counter and exhaled a soft huff at his absence before deciding to go find him.

The first room you checked in was his office, where he spent most of his time lately while he was home. Surely enough, there he was—he was leaning forward onto the desk with his elbows, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. You could see the rise and fall of his shoulders as he breathed, and you were almost afraid to interrupt his silence. Your first instinct was to get annoyed that he was doing work when you were supposed to meet up, but you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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no guarantees

When the knock falls on his door in the middle of the afternoon, Chowder is so grateful for the distraction from his homework he could cry.

He gets up, opens the door, and smiles–it’s Farmer, and she has a cardboard tray with two carry-out cups from Annie’s in her left hand. Kissing her briefly in greeting, he grabs one of the coffee cups. (It doesn’t matter which he takes, since they both drink it the same way anyway-no cream, two sugars.)

“You just saved my life, Cait,” Chowder informs her, sitting back down in his chair as she sits cross-legged on the bed. “I’m pretty sure another two minutes of staring at this screen and I’d, like, snap. Like those people on the news who are just, you know, postal workers or whatever, but then one day out of nowhere they try to stab a nun or something.”

Farmer raises an eyebrow. “That bad, huh?”

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I used to really love ghost adventures but it's like

Since nick has left it’s become so somber. Like zak reminds me of a character that would be on a soap opera. Maybe it was nick leaving that changed him,and messing with Energies can take a toll on you. How ever THE SHOW GHOST BROTHERS IS MY NEW ISHH. It seems so much more genuine. They react like people would normally do in those situations. It’s funny,light hearted,and very informative. It’s also great to see people of color bringing something new to this type of tv show.

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