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On 25 April 2002, we lost the “L” of the #1 R&B girl trio in America, TLC. Lisa “Left Eye” Nicole Lopes. Today is the mark of the 13 year anniversary since her pass. After I watched her documented life, it came to a point that I see her in a different light. She believed that once you “die”, you transform. In particular, into a star and what she called herself, a Supernova. That is what she is. Do not let the loss of her be in vain. Celebrate her life. Keep her spirit alive. Rest In Peace, Lisa. You are dearly loved and missed.

 Girls ♥   // Listen

1. Girls // The 1975 2. Primadonna // Marina and the Diamonds 3. Million Dollar Bills (remix)  // Lorde 4. Cola // Lana Del Rey 5. How to be a heart breaker // Marina and the Diamonds 6. Your Body // Christina Aguilera 7. The Fear // Lily Allen 8. Salute // Little mix  9. if i could change your mind - haim 10. No scrubs // TLC 11. love drunk - little mix 12. Can’t rely on you // Paloma Faith 13. Work // Iggy Azalea 14. Come&Get it // Selena Gomez 15. All the pretty girls // Fun 16. Girls // Marina and the Diamonds 


Jace’s hand was suddenly damp where she was holding it, and he realized she was crying, her tears splashing down crying for him, because she loved him; even after everything that had happened, she still loved him. They both did. He fell asleep like that, with Isabelle on one side of him and Alec on the other, as the sun came up with the dawn.