I watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries...

…and liveblog it at the request of aloemilk, apparently.

SO I’d heard about TLBD a while ago and looked it up, but I wasn’t really sure I’d like it. I’m a book purist. Always (it’s not like I’m proud of it, it just is). And the modern-day-adaptations of classics have become a little too abundant these days, so I wasn’t really sure if an adaptation of Pride & Prejudice in the form of vlogging would be my cup of tea. Then a couple of weeks ago aloemilk mentioned how much she’d liked it, and it piqued my curiosity again. I finally decided to start watching it at the beginning of this week (I think) and I have to admit it is awesome.

I’ve been staying up quite late for the past nights to watch as much as possible (I have way more self-control with TV series. Web series are dangerous) and finished last night. Because aloemilk asked me to, I decided to liveblog some of my thoughts as I watched, but it’s only from half of the series onwards or so. Enjoy?

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OMG YES I LOVE TLBD :) I’m so glad you liked it! they did a great job adapting it to modern reality, I think. And it’s fun, and original, & despite being an adaptation of one of the most adapted novels ever, it feels fresh & FULL OF OTP GOODIES

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also: “I thought you were chinese” always makes me laugh to much hahaha. Did you see the videos they released last year? They’re in-world, but like a year after ep 100

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Oh, yeah, and how about Lizzie not working with Darcy? I loved that, because she’s valuing her independence but still she’s moving to Sn Fran bc obviously, DARCY

Exactly! I just didn’t know if I’d like the idea of a modern adaptation, but turns out in this case I did. It was very clever and fun.

Ooh, I remembered that I’d seen them on the playlist, but last night they didn’t show up when I reached the end and I’d forgotten about it–so now that you mentioned it I went and watched them right away, lol. And yyyyaaaaay shippy feels! Could they be more adorable?

Yes! With her and with Jane, I kept wondering, “Okay, but how will they solve the getting together thing in a modern way, without the women forsaking their independence and their own plans?” So it was a great surprise.

Did you watch “Emma Approved”? What did you think of it?

Watching TLBD made me want to re-read Pride and Prejudice, which I’d only read once. But I found out that, while I really like the story, the writing is quite… dry? And reading it in English doesn’t help. I should stick to reading English classics in Spanish only, honestly. Also, Jane Austen clearly wasn’t aiming for suspense here.

Anyway, today I tried to resume my reading in the car, but as I was (am) still in a Romione Week state of mind, I wandered to my Kindle’s fanfic folder. And there it was, looking back at me.


And I thought, well, if I want to make a proper rec list one day, I ought to re-read the fics I supposedly like, to see if I really do like them enough to put them on my Top of the Top list.

So I’m reading Biscuits and flailing inside. If I’m being honest, I think I like coyotelaughingsoftly’s take of the Hogwarts’ years better, and do not appreciate Hermione using “Ronald”, as you might remember, but it’s still one of the good ones.

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Pinky Brown? I liked Six Foot Of Ginger Idiot the most. First Romione story I ever read and got me onto this ship much more where I had previously only liked it. Also Biscuits not being complete was saddening.

NoOoOoOoOoO I had completely forgotten Biscuits was never finished!!! I just went and checked because I needed to see it for myself and the footnote killed me, right through the heart.

Once more around the greenhouses, for ever…

The silver lining is that SFoGI picks up after that last chapter or so, so it’s kind of as if the story continued there, only without the biscuit premise. I like that one too, The For and Against List, and He’s Leaving Home. I’m not really interested in Faultlines and the companion pieces to it, though.