Thoughts from a content creator

So, I don’t know how many of you are following it, but I’m one of the creators of the webseries Dona Moça. When we started planning it, three years ago, I never seriously thought we would get this far; I mean, who were we to think we could produce a show, right?

But then time passed by, and ideas got bigger, and at some point we just started thinking: why not? So many people with as many resources and experience as we have are doing it. We surely can do it too.

And so it began.

I must say that, having finished season one with 10 episodes, 500 subscribers and over 8k total views is still a little hard to swallow. More than that, we have an audience - brazilian and foreigner, people that we knew and people we’ve never met before and that are now sharing this story with us every week. I’m a writer, and I’ve fought for years to have my work even nearly recognized, but this… this is just crazy. I won’t say we’ve reached full success and oh-my-god-we’re-so-important, but we’ve got somewhere. We have something precious here, and it’s so much more than I thought we would.

Now we’re reaching for season 2 with the help of all of these people, and even though sometimes I think we’re not gonna make it, does it really matter? We’ve come this far with nothing. As awesome as it would be to have all the money we need to make things bigger and better as we dream, I dare say we would risk doing it with whatever we’ve got. We’re pioneers. Nobody in Brazil has attempted a literary adaptation webseries before. We have the opportunity to tell a story that is pretty much unknown to anyone outside of the portuguese-speaking nations, and we have the chance of making our work and our culture visible. I wouldn’t throw it away for lack of money. I’m sure my girls wouldn’t too.

So here we are, hoping for the best. We have a little more than a month left of the crowdfunding campaign and we could really use your help. If, by any chance, you’ve read it this far, you can click here to watch all our episodes with English subtitles, and click here to give us your contribution, as small as it may be (there’s a tutorial on how do contribute from abroad here).

If you’re new, then welcome to Dona Moça. If you’ve been with us so far, thank you. You’ve made it all worth it.


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