tlazojtla  asked:

A, B, C, E, F, G, H, I, J, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W,Y Z

ok um sorry for the late answer this is the first time i’ve been on tumblr on laptop since before and i’m lazy. i can copy and paste now!!! (also i hate the html tags on mobile)

A. Would you take “Amadeus” as your middle name? / yes why not

B. Beethoven or Brahms? / tbh i’m not incredibly familiar with either of them’s music (i’m more familiar w/beet than w/brahms though) so i can’t make an accurate judgment

C. Your favourite concerto? / probably saint-saens piano concerto no.2

E. Your favourite ensemble? / general ensemble - piano quintet or full orchestra, specific ensemble - vienna phil/berlin phil probably

F. Best film soundtrack? / how to train your dragon is pretty good (although i may be biased bc we’re playing it in orch rn)

G. German, French, Italian, English, or Russian opera? / i don’t listen to opera so idk

H. Haydn or Bach? / bach

I. What’s your primary instrument? / the smashsmash aka piano

J. Jazz or “classical”? / classical

L.  What’s the latest you’ve turned up to a rehearsal? / halfway through bc i had a piano thing before

M. Thoughts on marching? / i’m in canada and we don’t have it but it seems pretty cool

N. “New music”. Art or rubbish? / personally it’s not my thing but some people like it and that’s okay

O. What is your favourite orchestra? / see question e

P. Favourite pop/rock artist/band? / i actually have no idea i’m one of those annoying people that only listens to “classical” music

Q. String quartet or string orchestra? / string orchestra

R. What’s your current repertoire?


  • bach: partita no.5, prelude and fugue in e flat from the first book
  • beethoven: sonata op.31 no.3
  • chopin: ballade no.3, etude op.10 no.4
  • schumann: piano sonata in g minor (i’m just starting to learn it)
  • liszt: waldesrauschen
  • saint-saens: piano concerto no.2 in g minor 1st mvt
  • faure: impromptus no.1 and no.2
  • debussy: images (i’m starting to learn it)
  • morawetz: (is canadian composer) scherzo


  • a bunch of etudes
  • accolay violin concerto in a minor (i’m only playing this bc audition lol)
  • other stuff that i don’t remember

and ye for the other instruments i play i just play orch/band stuff and i don’t really have any “serious” rep

S. What’s your favourite Symphony? / i feel like i should have an opinion but i don’t

T. Trumpet, trombone, horn, or tuba? / horn easily

U. Music for university/career or hobby? / i’d like to say career but knowing me i’d probably lose my passion for it and besides it’s not realistic so it would probably end up as more of a hobby (albeit a hobby that’s a rather large part of my life)

V. Violin, Viola, Violincello, or Bass? / it’s a close battle between viola and cello but viola

W. Wagnerite, or anti-Wagnerite? / i like what i’ve heard of his music (emphasis on what i’ve heard) but apparently he’s an asshole who wrote 9 year long operas so idk

Y. Why do you make music? / if you’re expecting some sort of well written, deep response it’s not gonna happen. i do music bc i like it.

Z. What’s your sleep schedule like? / i usually get around 8 hours on school days and 9-10 hours on weekends bc i’m a weird person and need that much sleep to function

thanks for sending the ask!! sorry if i missed some or if i did more than you asked but i’m really tired