Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week

Day 1: Favourite Tyler Moment

I love so many Tyler scenes so choosing just one was almost impossible to do. But this is probably my favourite Tyler moment not just because there was Forwood (swoon), but because you get to see that Tyler is guarded. He has walls and he wants to let Caroline in but he’s scared of getting turned down again so he wants her to make the first move. And I was probably reading into this a little too much but I felt that he wanted her to make the first move because he knew by this point in time that he had completely fallen for her (they had spent all summer together) and getting rejected a second time would hurt a lot more than the first time. So I love how he basically said to her, if you wanna be with me you can but you have to tell me that yourself. And because he put his heart on the line, he was rewarded and was happy when SHE finally kissed HIM!!


Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week

  • Day 5 - Moment that made you cry

If you can watch this episode without crying, I seriously envy you. I just can’t. There’s something about the way he says her name after hearing her voice that makes me realize how alone he was. He was just so surprised she didn’t leave him. 

Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week

  • Day 2 - Favorite quote/song.

It’s not really fair to be with someone and not really let them know who you are. I get it.

This is for the people who say that Tyler Lockwood is just a complete jerk without brain. I mean, this phrase is so true. If in your life you’ll find a person who knows you, who knows your good and your bad sides and accept you anyway, you can consider yourself a lucky person. And you should keep near to you this person and love her back fearlessly, because only love can overcome certain things. And the fact that he says that to Caroline proves that he is really opening himself to her, that he’s risking for the first time, because she’s worth it. And he doesn’t want to pretend or hide himself. He wants to be accepted, like everyone.

Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week

  • Day 3 - Favorite ship/crackship

I can’t even describe my love for these two. I mean, maybe it’s because this is the kind of love I’d want for myself, and I think everyone should have someone like that. Could anyone tell the precise moment when Caroline fell in love with Tyler? Or viceversa? I couldn’t. They’ve known each other their entire life, so how come they didn’t notice each other before they were seventeen? I think their love has grown with time. I think that open himself to someone else has been the biggest fortune of Tyler, because that made Caroline fall in love. She saw him, she learned that he was not what he seemed. That was just a mask. And she took care of him, she put her life at risk for him, without any expectation. She stayed in the dark with him while his bones was breaking, one after another. And in the morning, she was still there, with a blanket in her hands and her usual smile, pretending that everything was alright. It was not alright, but, in some way, that smile made seem the pain more bearable. He knew that he was gonna be better. And that’s what Caroline does to him. She just believes in him and everything he does, supports him in every single way, like no one ever did. She makes him believe that it’s okay to put the mask down and use a little help from someone, sometimes. It’s not a weakness. And this makes her feel better. She doesn’t feel useless anymore, she isn’t a kiddie pool. She’s a deep ocean, in which Tyler will always want to swim.

Sorry, I haven’t been posting anything for the Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week in these days. I didn’t have my computer. Now I’m gonna post all the days I missed. Sorry again.