Studio Update #1

Bonjour from Montreal.

We’ve been here for over two weeks now. It’s been enough time to warm up to the city, although it’s actually very, very cold and countless hours of learning French have only resulted in a few conversational pieces. But hey, I’m trying! Je ne sais pas! Thus far, the weather hasn’t been too dramatic. By that, I mean it is consistently cold and snows every few days. It really adds to the adventure of getting out of parking spaces. One morning we were especially stuck and Matt (below) worked really hard to get us out of a bind.  A woman on her way to work stopped to help. Thank you kind stranger! With a little direction from her (she had insider knowledge) and another body to help push, we made it on our way to the studio. It was a real team effort (and I took this photo).

Working with Marcus Paquin has been largely successful to this point. Our first few days were spent in pre-production (pre-prod) going over songs and working out the main structures of the tunes with Marcus. Articulating our vision for the album mixed with Marcus’s vision as a producer has really generated something special. It reminds me how amazing collaboration is and how something new can be made when everyone comes together using their strengths (everything is awesome!). It turns out that we share a similar fashion sense, as well (look at how tall he is next to Michael!). (below)

Most of our time in Montreal has been spent at Studio Mixart (around 12 hour days). Being crammed in a space for that long can really wear on your sanity and perspective, but the environment here is very laid back and easy to work in. I believe their motto is: “No stress” which makes it very easy to focus on making music and staying sane… well, for the most part. (below with vibe owl) 

I’m almost done, but I have to give one more shout out.  This is Francis. He is our assistant engineer. Everything would be wrong without him. He is also helping me with French which is good because I really need the help. (below)

Thanks for checking in on us. We are stoked to share this new music with you! For more consistent updates we are on Instagram and Snapchat: tlatw


With every new release, I only fall even further for Cleveland’s The Lighthouse And The Whaler. Their latest reveal off upcoming album Mont Royal is a jangling, charming song named In Motion, a florid dazzler of an indie folk rock tune. Despite its clamorous spirit and bright elements, there’s a grungy weightiness to the tune that reminds me of WU LYF with a touch of Foals and an ounce of Crystal Fighters. TLATW’s new album Mont Royal will be out August 28th on Roll Call Records. 

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