Lydia is awake now!  Oh yeah!  And she is a badass.

Malia is not happy with her mom.  And I suppose has every right to be.

Oh right Deaton is there.  And so is the Beast.  Alrighty then.

Isn’t that from the beginning of the season?  They have to save Lydia.

Wait, what happened to them?  Oh right, him.  I forgot about him.

Theo wants to just steal that thing’s power.  Really?  Wouldn’t that make him turn into that thing?

The pack is almost back, now go save Lydia!  Apparently that is the plan.  YES!

It’s a trap.  We all know it’s a trap.  That was incredibly lame.

Theo was working with the Desert Wolf too?  Holy shit, his character is just getting worse and worse.

So Parrish wasn’t always a Hellhound?  Or he has always been.  Oh snap, he has fangs too!

Oh she wants her daughter’s powers.  Okay, I get it now.

LYDIA IS GONNA BREAK THAT GLASS!  That was awesome.  Lydia better be back now, I miss her.

Stiles worrying about Lydia.  He will always love her, won’t he?

Stiles doesn’t believe anything.  I wouldn’t either.  And he is pick-pocket now too.  Is he going to break Lydia out?  That would be awesome.

Wow Liam is the only one who noticed that.  Okay.

Oh snap, Scott knows Gerard is back.  Does this mean we get the flashback next week?

The Hellhound vs. the Beast.  Dun dun dun!

Liam is going to go down to look for the tunnels by himself isn’t he?

Braeden doesn’t like that Theo tried to kill Scott.  I’m with her.

Yep knew it, Liam went by himself.  Oh look it’s Scott.  TOGETHER!

The one thing I don’t get, is why the Desert wolf wants to kill Malia so bad.  I mean she is her daughter, it doesn’t make sense.  Unless they did explain it and I missed it.  No surprise if I did.

Poor Meredith.

Finally watching Teen Wolf from this week.  Oh yeah!

Papa Argent takes out the big guns.

Oh the Dread Doctors have come out to play.

Okay, ew.

Papa Stilinski doing his job.

Oh hey, it’s Lydia!  She is still doing her banshee training with Meredith.

And Theo isn’t dead yet…can he just die now?  And Malia kinda trusting him, really?  Gosh are they going to run off together at the end of the season?