I just had this huge post written and then I accidentally lost it all because when you are on the iPad and you move away from the tumblr screen it thinks whatever you just wrote is irrelevant and it takes it away.

So here’s my Tuesday truth today:
Fuck the tumblr app I hate this piece of shit.


Music Monday

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster:  A Fleeting Dream

When war began to threaten Nukia’s heart
There was a kitsune who stood apart
With eyes unclouded she reached out with her spark
And unlocked a cage around a phoenix’s heart…

Είμαστε κι εμείς που εξομολογηθήκαμε τον έρωτα μας σε λάθος άτομα και τώρα κρατάμε την σιωπή μας σε ανθρώπους που αξίζουν τα πάντα…!