[WIP] [Hiatus] [Read Below Please]

This… image was actually done. This is the last WIP progress shot I took, three days ago. As I was saving the completed image today, my laptop BSOD’ed and corrupted the PSD file. This leaves me with the backup, two weeks old and this progress shot.

Words.. can barely express my disappointment.. and anger. However- 

I’ve come to a decision.

I’m going to leave TLAM be for now.

This wont be the end, but.. I’ve learned a lot from this image, learned a lot about what I can do and that’s something that’ll never get taken away from me.

So for now I’ll move on, and work on something else.

*salutes* Goodbye cover page, I’ll redeem you someday.

Total worktime as of corrupted:

[78 hours]