Okay, so like I may have said, I was in a painting class this last semester. And we had complete free rein. So I decided to just to a giant fan-art painting. As in, this is 3 feet by four feet. Each portrait is about the size of a postcard. Where each character is from is in the captions, or message me is I screwed up something and you can’t find where something is from. 

And yeah, if I had more time on this, it would have been twice as big.

tlaloc4kids said: I’m really behind on the times with this movie and I just barely saw the trailer but…1) is that GLaDOS’ voice and 2) is there more of it?

YESSSSS. Ellen McLain voices the mecha AI and it’s awesommmmmmmmme.  GDT got permission from Valve and everything.

They ended up using a slightly different tonal effect in the film, but you can still tell it’s Ellen McLain. :D

Secret Skeleton Participant List

At last! I’ve sent out everyone’s assignments. Here are our Skeletons:

Darcie Little Badger (twitter)







@sadish-radish / @radish-art

(Plus me, @prawnlegs)

You should all have emails including the wishlists and shipping info of your recipients.
As it says in the email footer, the shipping deadline is OCTOBER 15TH. Please email me as soon as possible if it looks like you may be late. I will give extensions within reason, but if something life-changing comes up and it looks like you’ll have a REALLY hard time getting something in the mail, let me know, and I’ll call in backup.

Have fun kids!

(I think all of the links killed my Beetlejuice gif. Just, imagine them dancing.)