Hina Ika is the Maori goddess of fish and the patron goddess of fishermen. Her brother Maui once used her strong, silvery hair as a fishing net to catch the sun.

Commission for tlaloc4kids! Boy, I sure am drawing a lot of crazy hair lately, hahaha. What a fun character to draw! I hope I did her justice. Check out my commission details here!


Okay, so like I may have said, I was in a painting class this last semester. And we had complete free rein. So I decided to just to a giant fan-art painting. As in, this is 3 feet by four feet. Each portrait is about the size of a postcard. Where each character is from is in the captions, or message me is I screwed up something and you can’t find where something is from. 

And yeah, if I had more time on this, it would have been twice as big.

tlaloc4kids said: I’m really behind on the times with this movie and I just barely saw the trailer but…1) is that GLaDOS’ voice and 2) is there more of it?

YESSSSS. Ellen McLain voices the mecha AI and it’s awesommmmmmmmme.  GDT got permission from Valve and everything.

They ended up using a slightly different tonal effect in the film, but you can still tell it’s Ellen McLain. :D