sm in 2017:

  • spelt boa’s name wrong for her *17th anniversary album (lol whoops also did i mention they just overlapped red velvet’s comeback right around hers tlak about consistency) and has a history of just not bothering to spell their artist’s names correctly in general
  • red velvet promoting their comeback before it was cut off for exo’s comeback
  • screwing over the release of holiday night with their supply always understocked, messing up the dates of the digital and physical release, and cutting off their promotions short after only one week
  • where’s f(x)???? there’s been no updates about them for awhile??? is amber okay??

some of yall: wow xD kokobop was the release of the summer sm really doesn’t disappoint, i can’t wait for nct666 to release their next single, etc!!

Ja’far and Sin’s appearance

The following text is about all the moments Ja’far has expressed an opinion/done something about Sinbad’s appearance.
First of all isn’t it weird that we can talk about something like this? Sinja’s relationship has so much detail something as specific as this can be discussed, so let’s talk about this.

Ja’far does not only seem to care about Sin’s looks as an advisor looking out for his king’s appearance, he also has expressed in a very clear way that he finds Sin attractive. He also is directly and actively involved with the maintenance of his appearance.

It suits you

This is form chapter 84, it’s the first time Ja’far talks about Sin’s looks. Sinbad was seen without his jacket-thing in previous chapters, after he came back alive from slavery. The fact Sin is wearing his jacket again doesn’t only objectically improve his appearace, it’s a symbolism about his recovery, about his survival. Ja’far is talking about the jacket looking good on him like always but he is expressing his happiness about having the old Sin back. I really like this moment, it seems insignificant but it’s powerful.

No, not you

[picture and translation from @sinbad-ai]
This one is crackish (it’s chapter 120′s choitashi) but at the same time it says a lot.
Finding someone attractive depends of the eye of the beholder. Ja’far has never expressed himself about anyone else’s appearance as he does here with Sin’s. The joke is they are looking for more money to make up for the company’s expenses, thus Ja’far asks Sin to strip so they can make money out of that fanservice. Sin doesn’t want to cause it’s cold, so Mystras offers himself instead. However Ja’far bluntly rejects him, saying he’s fine like that.
So, if Sin strips he’s attractive and they can make money, but according to Ja’far Mystras isn’t (even tho for us many fans Mystras is obviously attractive).
The situation is clear: Ja’far finds Sin attractive but not Mystras. It’s so funny but also cute. It’s also the only time Ja’far has expressed himself about finding people attractive. 

Please shave

This one is a small drawing in between Snb’s 7th volume. It’s a moment before Sinbad goes to see Mira to get his metal vessels back. They just made it out the chasm. Ja’far asks Sin to care more about his appearance and wants him to shave his stubble (or something like that, can’t find the post). Sin is saying something like: Really? Doesn’t it look good? Isn’t it cool? 
Ja’far might be just worried about his master not looking clean, I’m sure Rurumu must have taught him a stubble doesn’t look good or maybe it’s his own opinion (?). Anyway, it’s adorable. Ja’far must have shaved him, since they don’t have any mirrors near them (btw I was planning to draw that soon).
And so, Ja’far thinks a stubble is inappropiate/looks bad/ruins Sin’s looks therefore he’s shaving him. And even if Sin doesn’t want his stubble to be gone he still listens to Ja’far.

[scan, typesetting and translation by @naoscifra and @arashidono]

This one is my absolute favorite. They have been working none-stop and they smell, they literally smelled each other, …that intimacy…That “we should take a bath (together)” and then the maids getting their hairs done. Them, together, getting ready for the day, side by side, instead of each one in their own rooms. It really looks like they bathed together.
Sinbad is the king and Ja’far is his advisor but they are both being fixed in the same room sitting next to each other. They look like a couple of kings tbh.
And the stubble again. This time he even gave Sin a percentage of how much it ruins his looks. The “appeal” of the high king of the seven seas. It’s Ja’far’s specific opinion about Sin’s appeal.
Sin is used to it, he’s just affected about how high the percentage is.
The funny part is that after this the two of them shave their own eyebrows out of sleep depriveness. It’s like Ja’far really doesn’t like his stubble, he’s even fine with Sin without eyebrows but not the stubble.

Sewing, washing and organizing

In the CD drama: Listen, Aladdin-kun, some pieces of information about Ja’far are given. One of them is the fact that Ja’far is good at sewing clothes, he’s very skilled and gets the job done really fast. He also reveals he used to sew human insides…lol.  
He is sewing Alibaba’s clothes but is complaining to Aladdin that Sin is a brute and that he has to sew his clothes oftenly when he ruins them and wash them when they get dirty.
I’m sure they have enough servants to do such jobs even when they travel, but Ja’far still do them for him. I’m sure he does because he wants to, but also because he cares too much about it and can’t leave it to anyone else.
Maybe they also don’t want the royalty life to get to their heads ooor maybe they are used to Ja’far doing it since a long time ago and don’t want it to change.
Ja’far is also very attentive about Sin, therefore he might be the only one that notices things like his clothes getting dirty or ripped.
Apparently he also organizes Sin’s clothing, since he put his clothes somewhere and Sin couldn’t find them.
I hope that the manga jokes about stuff like this in the future.
So Ja’far is directly involved with keeping Sin’s good looks even to the point of washing his clothes and sewing them when they are in adventures together. I’m sure it’s annoying for him but he also wants to be in charge of it. He’s such a good wife. 

And this are the ones I could remember. If you remember more, you are free to add them here or send me an ask ♥. 
What to say about this, I’m happy Ja’far is so directly involved with Sin’s appearance as his advisor but also as himself and that he has personal opinions about it. I love that it’s so clear he finds him attractive and wants to keep him that way. The real question is: is he aware he finds him attractive? :3c Has he given that a thought? Knowing him possibly not, he’s too focused on other things.


Issues & Tissues: Part 2 ( Tom Holland X Reader)

Summary: You decide to put the scene from the other day behind you. But Tom has other things in mind.

A/N: I never do this and I’ve never done this but I’d like to dedicate this chapter to @xbobaaa! You were one of my first readers and you’ve supported all my imagines from the very beginning! Thank you for always being so kind and commenting wonderful things- making me want to be a better writer :) Love youuu x 


In all these months of shooting, today must’ve been the first day when you weren’t as excited to go for work. You come up with a random outfit and wear the lightest make-up as you carelessly brush your hair without a care in the world how you looked- it just didn’t feel worth it. It will never be worth it. He has already found his match.

Last night seem to have ended in a blur. You saw a side of Tom which you had never seen before, a side which could’ve easily fooled you into thinking he liked you had you not known better. The way he stood there in the cold air as you stormed off for good.

Seeing Tom and Zendaya at work would not be a pleasant sight but you know that there are other things in this world than just Tom himself. These things happen all the time. Hearts break and get mended with time. You’ll be fine. You know you’ll be fine.

And on that note, you apply your favourite shade of red lipstick, pull yourself together and head for work.


Shooting under the same roof as Tom and Zendaya, surprisingly, wasn’t as bad as you had dreaded. Cole kept you distracted and had you laughing like mental the entire time, with his silly faces and annoying humour. So much so, you didn’t even notice Tom. Other days, you’d be so caught up in trying to make him notice you or search for silly excuses to go talk to him but not today, you’re enjoying yourself a lot more today. There’s no need to do anything related to Tom, no need to tlak to him, look at him, no need to impress him, nothing. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because now you know that he has his heart for someone else; the thought of which is painful and yet peaceful at the same time. Painful, for obvious reasons. And Peaceful, because now you no longer have to wonder or worry about him liking you, you already got your answer the other day.

“(Y/n)!” you hear one of the crew assistants call you out. “Here,” he hands you a short script,” We’re shooting your next scene in 10 minutes. Find Tom, will ya?”

Your stomach suddenly starts to feel funny, and no, it’s not the butterflies. You look down at your script and realize that your next scene is with Tom.

Sigh. You’ve been avoiding him the entire day and now you have to do a scene with him. My bad luck.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Cole remarks as he approaches towards you.

“Not yet, about to,” you sigh,”I have a scene with him,”

“Aww,” he ruffles your hair,”It’s work. You got this. I gotta go, though,”

“Where are you going?”

“Out. I have a romantic scene in the garden, if you’ll excuse me. Don’t miss me too much, I might bring some flowers if you behave well,” Cole jokes as he head towards the graden outside.

You smile as you watch him leave. Thank God for Cole. You’d be a complete lost puppy without this one!


You head towards the Hair&Make-up room on the lookout for Tom. That’s where they said he’d be. There are so many assiatants, why did they have to to put you in charge to find this Tom?

You open the room door to find Tom and Zendaya inside. That same stinging feeling from the other day.

“(Y/N)!” Tom quickly stands up, obviously taken aback by your sudden entrance.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude-“

“No, No. We were just talking,” Zendaya calmly responds.

You look straight into Tom’s eyes, keeping him from seeing any sadness in you as you bluntly instruct him,” We have a scene in 10 minutes at the audit, “

“O-oh o-k-kay, thanks,”

You were just about to leave when Zendaya called you,”We still got time, come chill with us.”

“Y-yeah, join us” Tom kindly smiles.

Any other day you would’ve gone straight in just to be in the pleasure of Tom’s company but not today.

Avoiding eye-contact with Tom, you kindly smile at Zendaya and reply,”Sorry, I’ll leave you guys to it,”


Shooting with Tom ended as abruptly as it began. You avoided having any conversation with him off-camera. It was easier that way, it felt easier not having to look at his dazzling eyes and remember what you once felt and what you thought he felt.

After the scenes were shot, you made a hurried attempt to leave, however Zendaya and Cole showed up at the same timeout of nowhere.

“So Cole and I were thinking,” Zendaya exclaims,”that maybe we could all go out tonight? Just to chill, nothing crazy!”

“That sounds lovely!” Tom happily agrees, eyeing you at the same time.


“Uh, It sounds lovely but I’m sorry, I have a, I have a thing-“

As if shooting under the same roof all day with Z and Tom wasn’t tormenting enough, talk about dinner with these two!

“Oh C’mon!!” Zendaya groans,”It’ll be fun,”

“Ye-yeah, (Y/n).” Tom nervously blurts,”It will be fun,”

Cole places his arms around your shoulder, making Tom widen his eyes.

“C’mon, you won’t get bored I promise” Cole whispers into your ear. “I even brought you a flower from my garden scene,” Cole pulls out a lavender flower, making you chuckle all the more. 

You wanted to say no, you wanted to shake him and ask him how he even came up with such a ridiculous plan, knowing how you felt about Zendaya and Tom.


But he looked so happy.

And he had been working so hard, you knew he’d get bored easily third wheeling Tom and Zendaya.

You couldn’t say no.

“Okay, fine. I will, but I’m leaving early!”



1975 is playing through the speakers.

There are many people in this room, some old, some young, some underaged, some in love, some lonely, some wasted.

Nevertheless, everybody seems to be having a good time.

Everybody but you.

And Tom.

He looks so uncomfortable sitting across you and Cole.

Not that you were any good sitting across him and Zendaya.

Zendaya and Cole seem to be the only ones talking while you and Tom listen to their conversation and pass a smile here and there.

“Tom, let’s dance!!” Zendaya gets up and offers her hand.

You want to barf.

“I don’t thknk I co-“ Tom nervously looks at you.

“C’mon, please! Please! Pleaaaase!” Zendaya pleads.

“Fine,” Tom looks up at you and Cole,” Excuse us, guys”

“By all means!” you look straight at him and smile. You want him to know that you don’t care anymore. You don’t care who he kisses or even who he dances with!

“Whoa, what was that?” Cole asks once Tom and Zendaya leave.

“What was what?” you bluntly question him back.

He scoffs, ”You think you’re so hard to read,”

You roll your eyes,” You know I hate it when you do that!”

You can see Tom and Zendaya dancing at a distance. Torture. You turn away from him once you notice Tom look at your direction.

“No, don’t torture yourself. Don’t look at them, look at me!” Cole jokes.

You let out a small laugh,” Fine, let me stare into your gorgeous bluish-green eyes while the guy I love dances with the girl of his dreams,”

“It’s working,”

“What is?”

“Tom is looking here,”

“Wait, what” you turn to Tom’s direction and notice him jealously eyeing at you and Cole while he tries hard to look like he’s having so much fun.

“No, don’t look! It’s not going to work if you keep looking at him.” Cole fusses.

“Sorry, sorry” you turn to face Cole again,”Is he still looking?”

“Pretty much, watch this,” Cole slowly runs his fingers through your hair.

“What are you doing?”

“Making sure Tom knows how it feels to miss out on the most amazing girl I know,”

“Aww, Cole!” you playfully hit his arm,”You’re a genius,”

“Umm,” Cole’s face suddenly turn blue.

“What? What is he doing now?”

“Um, he’s, um,” Cole stammers.

“What?” To satisfy your own curiousity, you turn towards Tom’s direction- only to see him grinding on Zendaya while having his face buried on her shoulder. He knew you were looking at him. He made sure you saw.

“Ugh, I feel sick,”

“It’sokay, (Y/n), It’s-“

“I don’t think I can do this. This was a bad idea, this-“

“(Y/n),” Cole lays a comforting arm around you, “Do you want to go back to your hotel room? Should I call a cab? You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,”

You let out a small smile at Cole,”I think I’ll just walk,”

“Let me walk with you then!”

“No! Stay! Have fun, I insist, by the way,” you turn towards the hot blonde sitting across the bar section,” that girl has been giving you the eye for quite sometime now”

Cole scoffs,” You’re quite hysterical Mrs. (Y/L/N)”

“I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

“Sure, I’ll just tell them you weren’t feeling well,”

And with that, you take one last glance at Tom and head towards the exit.

Tom was quick to notice. He immediately left the dance floor to come after you.

“Where? Where has she gone?” Tom questions Cole, panting.

“She wasn’t feeling well,”


You knew you were being followed. His high-pitched voice calling out your name only made you walk faster. Why was Tom following you anyways? Shouldn’t he be dancing the night away with Z?

“Go away!” you yell back at him without turning your head.

“C’mon, (Y/n). Why are you being like this? Just stop!” he hastily replies back while trying to keep up with your pace.

“Being like what? I’m just going back to the hotel, not stalking an innocent girl at night,”

You could hear him let out a little chuckle behind you, “(Y/n), please.”

You ignore him and quickly enter the hotel. You thought he’d stop following you by then- he didn’t. He followed you till the elevator.

“Please don’t tell me you’re gonna follow me up to my room,” you sigh as you enter the elevator. He stood there at the end of the elevator, staring at you with the warmest smile.

“(Y/n), I-“

The elevator door caves closed.

“Shit!” you hear him curse outside.

You chuckle at the thought of him taking the stairs now. You don’t know why he has followed you so far. Isn’t he with Zendaya? Wasn’t he just kissing Zendaya the other day? Wasn’t he just dancing with her few minutes back?

One thing was certain, you had no idea what this Holland boy was up to.


“I’m going to stay here till you open the door!” you hear Tom from outside your room door.

Why couldn’t he see that you just want to be left alone?

You look at him through the peephole- there he sat on the floor against the floor.

He’s just so…

You click open the door,” Tom, just go home” you weakly plead. There’s only so much you can take in one night.

He quickly gets up from the floor and walk towards you.

“Not till you look at me,”

“I don’t wan to,” you bluntly reply looking down at the floor.

“(Y/n)..” he tries to come closer to you but you resist.

“I can’t, okay?” you finally let your emotions get the best of you.

“I can’t look at you without the picture of you and Zendaya kissing flashing back at me every single time! I used to look at you with so much love and hope and butterflies in my tummy. But now it’s just ha-“

“Wow you’re even more beautiful upclose,”

“Tom, just go aw-“

Before you could complete your sentence, Tom quickly leaned in and placed his lips on yours. It felt like he had been wanting to do that for a long time. It was soft, yet desperate. Strong, yet passionate. His hands slowly move towards your waist as he pulls your body closer to his.

It felt so right, but oh, so wrong.

“Tom, what the hell?” you break the kiss.

“Wow, I gather all the guts in the world to finally kiss you and all I get is ‘what the hell’?”


“I’M NOT!” he replies back at the same pitch,” That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you all these time. I’m not with Zendaya. The kiss you saw was just bad timing. She kissed me first but I immediately told her that I only thought of her as a friend,”

Wait, what.

“Then what was all the grinding and dancing earlier?”

“That was just something I did to make you jealous, I-”

You scoff.

“I know, I know, It was really stupid and I really shouldn’t have done it but I saw how Cole was running his fingers through your lovely hair and it just made me so-“

You roll your eyes as you walk back towards your room,”You’re an idiot, Tom. A complete nutcase,”

“Who’s in love with an even bigger idiot,” he slowly walks in front of you to face you,”I mean, why did you think I always showed up the red lounge even though I get busted by the directors for it all the time?”

“I thought you got a break every 5:30pm”

“I never get breaks, (Y/n). You know my schedule-”

“Well, why didn’t you just tell me? Why didn’t yo-”

“Everytime we’d sit down at the red lounge, you’d talk about all your favourite things, your favourite book, your favourite poem while I found myself lost in your words, lost in a good way. I was just so scared of ruining what we had. I would’ve never thought that you’d like someone like me! BESIDES,” he continues, “ YOU WERE ALWAYS WITH COLE! Talking to him like a smitten 12yr old, laughing with him, falling asleep on his lap. Have you any idea how enraged I used to feel?”

You scoff,”Now you’re just making things up! You need to go home and,”

“Wow, I just told you I love you and now you’re telling me to go home? (Y/n), stop playing with my heart like that!” Tom dramatically places his hand on his chest.

You chuckle at his remark as you finally look up at him. As silence fills the air, you finally stare back at the dazzling brown eyes you fell in love with without any warning. You stare back at the boy who gave you a thousand feelings over a single cup of tea. You smile as you think about how the love you’ve felt for so long in your heart has finally been returned.

“Wanna come in for a cup of tea?” you shyly invite Tom inside your hotel room,”I think the room service is still-

“Oh love, you are so adorable,”


A/N : Leave a comment for an alternate Cole ending! Would love to write that too <3


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its ya boi

like yeah we can and should tlak abotu the teams who did nothing for hockey is for everyone month but can we also talk about the teams that tried desperately to outgay each other. like the sharks kings and oilers were all like “what can’t we put a rainbow on and we’ll go from there”

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