i cant e en type rgit idk what im typing im

im so confused and all i kn ow is that im cold and hungry and feel like shit but

i cnat move cause every time i stUUUUUUUUUJMBLe and i just want food but i keep falling and nobodys home and i dont want to ask anyone to come home bcus my dad has to work and my moms with her freinds and?????????? im so confsued everything hurts

ok luke castellan did horrible inexcusable things, but he was just a kid. and had an awful childhood. and yes, so did most of the characters in the series and THEY didn’t turn to Kronos. but honestly they were amazing incredible kids. and if given the choice and the same situation, would any of us really make the right choice? i honestly don’t know, which makes me not want to completely demonize him.