Slimey has reached his full potential!

Apparently, Slimey and Tlaelquani were having so much fun celebrating this milestone that a Crimson Emperor decided to join in the fun. Naturally, Tlaelquani started chasing it, with Slimey bouncing along on her head as she bounded after it.

Will you rescue the Crimson Emporer? If you’d like one and don’t have one yet, reblog with your FR name and ID. Later tonight, I’ll choose a winner randomly.

Art by neogeen.


Giveaway is closed.

The winner is KitKatHall! The Crimson Emporer is most happy that you’ve rescued him.

Thanks to both of you for participating. There will be more of these in the future.

What is this? An egg? In the coliseum? Really? You mean all the people talking about finding them weren’t just pulling an elaborate hoax on me? Wow.

Here’s a little something about Havoc and Tlaelquani. They both have Rally and at the start of every battle, pretty much, they work themselves up into a frenzy (each rallies the other) before tearing the monsters to pieces.Then, mostly, they eat the monsters cause they pretty much eat anything.

And after one of those frenzies, Tlaelquani found a plague egg in the woods. I… I don’t even know what to think. I don’t have room for another basic plentiful. I barely have room for the dragons I already have. But I kinda have to cause Tlaelquani found a plague egg in the woods. It’s going to be hideous, isn’t it?


Trying to decide on a name for this girl. Tlaelquani is definitely going to name her after the tasty Sockeye Salmon, but I’m having trouble choosing between the names Sockeye and Kokanee (a name for salmon that spend their whole lives in freshwater).

Kokanee sounds a bit more like a dragon name and is a bit more feminine and possibly more unique, but Sockeye might sound more like food and fit better with her adoptive brothers, Gecko, Newt, and Hellbender.

Which should I go with?


Spiral Female - Maize/Silver/Crimson

This little spiral girl fancies herself to be Princess and Heir Apparent (just look at her gold and silver scales and the beautiful rubies that adorn her!) to King Tlazolteotl’s throne. No one has been able to convince her that Tlazolteotl doesn’t actually have a throne and isn’t king of anything. She insists that her grandfather is obviously a king as evidenced by his physical grandeur, booming voice, and bold fashion sense. She enjoys wrapping herself around the heads of other dragons and declaring that she is “King of the Mountain”. She loves the view and, at very least, she makes a pretty “crown” for whoever she’s wrapped around at the time.

Spiral Male - White/Magenta/Chocolate (Hey look, it’s Neopolitian ice cream!)

This spiral boy is loud, energetic, and  greatly enjoys exploring. He’s even got quite an adventurous palate for a spiral. Burrowing in the mud is not only a great way to find tasty bugs, but apparently it is just about the funnest thing in the world because this guy just can’t stay clean. He’s adorned with beautiful gems but just about nobody knows because they’re always covered in mud. And if he’s ever quiet, watch out - he’s probably waiting in ambush.


These two hatchlings are available for trade! They are both speckle/eye spots/gembond and are the children of Garnet and Tlaelquani. They both have short descriptions in their profiles (the same as above) and are unnamed, though Tlaelquani would be happy to name them for you if you’d like. Just be warned that she tends to name her children after food…

I’m willing to trade for the right dragon (my tastes are broad but kinda picky) or any familiars I don’t already have. I’ve written up a list of the familiars I don’t have yet here. Contact me if you’re interested - I’m mostly just looking to see if anyone would like to make either of these two part of their clan and provide a loving home.

Kassandros #9694

Ázeth ran to catch up with the two mirror dragons who had been up ahead hunting.

“Sweetheart!” Ázeth called out in a concerned voice as Tlaelquani began sniffing at what looked like a giant gummy candy that was resting in an old rotting tree trunk covered by thick vines. “You don’t want to eat that, Tlael. You’d get very sick, and that’s if you were lucky.”

Havoc arrived beside Tlaelquani and they wrapped it up in their scarfs. Tlaelquani carefully picked it up.

“This not food, Azzie!”

Ázeth was relieved to hear that. Those were words that rarely ever seemed to cross the young plague dragon’s mind.

“This me and Havoc’s new baby! We need get back home soon and incabate!. Just like Storm and Amethyst did. We learn real gud.”


Remember Slimey?

It seems that Slimey has undergone Mitosis!

So it’s time for a Radioactive Slime giveaway! You can have your very own exact genetic clone of Slimey! If you do not already have a Radioactive Slime familiar, reblog this with your FR name and number.

Amethyst is going to write your names down on slips of paper and bake up a batch of Yule cookies. She’s going to put one slip of paper in each cookie and then let Tlaelquani and her mirror pack eat the cookies. When there’s only one cookie left, Tlaelquani will break it open and she will share her love of Radioactive Slime with whoever’s name is listed!

You have until rollover (11:59 PM PST) on Boxing Day (December 26th) to enter.

Good luck and Happy Yule from everyone at Thunder Shore.

(Art of Tlaelquani and Slimey by blightrising.)

CLOSED! Congratulations to revolution91.


It seems that Thunder Shore has just welcomed two new hatchlings from other clans today!

After spending another day down in the southern oceans searching for the elusive hippojay and culling invasive fish species that are out-competing the hippojay’s natural diet as part of Atotoztli’s conservation program, and then training in the Boreal woods looking for mythical capes that can protect a dragon from the cold, my clan decided to stop by Iblis’s Fire Clan to warm up. They’re closely allied with Xochiquetzal’s clan, so we had been meaning to visit and it seemed like the perfect time!

Things went pretty smashing! One of Ko and Zugzwang’s psywurm kittens really liked the warmth and decided to stay with Iblis’s clan, as did one of our many leafy moths. And Havoc, Newt, and Gecko had a lot of fun playing with the local mirrors. One of the mirrors had so much fun that he came back them to Thunder Shore and met Tlaelquani, who had been incubating her eggs. Immediately, she squealed and started yelling “Hellbender!”, naming the little guy after the salamander she finds tasty. Cause what higher honor could one give a hatchling than to name him after a favorite food? Welcome to Tlaelquani’s world.

Also when we got back, we found out that Pearl of the neighboring water clan recently had something of a fling with a skydancer and we agreed to discreetly take in one of the resulting hatchlings. Still working on a name for the the pretty girl, but surely she will be named after a pretty white bird. Her tert is sky so don’t be surprised if she someday develops gembond as seems to be all too common at Thunder Shore.

And if it isn’t obvious, Thunder Shore has become something of a massive zoo by now and we decided to send a couple critters back to the Pearls Cove. They breed like rabbits!


Arcane Lasher Trade?

Tlaelquani and Slimey were out on the beach again today, but this time Slimey’s “Slimy Sense” was tingling and he went over to a certain spot where Tlaelquani started digging and digging. And low and behold, they found an iron chest.Tlael managed to open the chest by smashing into it and found what she thought was a tasty morsel inside. Ázeth, however, would call that “tasty morsel” an Arcane Lasher and quickly rescued the poor critter.

Since our clan already has one and we’re afraid this one is going to get chewed to bits, would anyone like to trade for this Sunset Lasher? Perhaps you have a more Mirror-proof familiar Tlael could play with?

Here’s the list of familiars our clan already has.

Send me an offer either here or on FR. Kassandros #9694.


Remember that plague egg that Tlaelquani and Havoc found in the woods? Well, he has grown up into Gecko and it seems that he inherited gembond from whoever his biological parents were. Tlaelquani named him after one of her favorite (and prettiest) things to eat: cave geckos. He certainly seems to have picked up Tlaelquani and Havoc’s fashion sense. Unfortunately, the poor boy has already got himself hurt making an illadvised leap that led to quite a tumble down a rocky hillside.