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fran-sama how you hands?? how do draw??? sgkshsksg i honestly love how you draw hands, could you please do a small ?? sketch?? to show how you draw them? im sorry but pls ilu qvq

TBH I’m not really confident in the way I draw hands just yet, they’re definitely the hardest part of the body to draw for me, but this is more or less how I go about them! As you can see my hands are incredibly semplified what are fingernails even and usually the smaller they get the less I bother with them (oops)

Anyway, as far as learning to draw them goes the easiest way is to draw them a lot, sadly and obviously o<-< I spent a lot of time filling pages with copied hands actually, both from my favorite artists and from real hands pictures, but while that’s a great way to start to grow confident with the shapes the best thing to do is to try and draw them as much as possible attached to actual people - it helps with proportions and expressiveness a lot, in my experience

and don’t be scared to use references, like, really, I use my hands as refs a lot while drawing and often look up specific positions I can’t reproduce on my own, hands are really expressive and can move in a whole damn lot of ways, there’s nothing weird in not being able to get a position right without visual imput 👍

  • Riley: Farkle, you have a lot to offer someone! You're funny, you're smart-
  • Lucas: You're creative, you've got style-
  • Maya:
  • Maya: Oh, did you want me to say something?
  • Maya: You have hair, your name is Farkle.
  • Farkle: Thanks, Maya.
1012. Since Wi-Fi doesn't work at Hogwarts a group of students, with help from professors, have programmed electronics using Wi-Fi to work by using a magic spell they have created instead. The ministry has approved this spell and now most wizards use it.

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we are destined to hold two truths:

i love you and i fight you


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