A Disjointed Post About Odin Arrow and the rest of the Royal Family.

So, big reveal last update. Odin’s a prince! Or perhaps formerly. Now, as I was reading through the Ava’s Demon wiki, I noticed a trivia bit about Odin. 

Now, this could be related to his portrait. But if there’s a portrait of him, there must be portraits of the rest of the Arrow family. And may I also point out, Odin’s dislike of shaking people’s hands may be attributed to having people bow before him. Being linked to the sin of pride and having royal blood makes the sin much more sensible than before. But anyways, I wish to bring your attention to the clock in his portrait.

A queen figure presenting a portrait of an older man to her son. I’m figuring this is the Queen mother of the Arrows and the boy is most likely Odin, or possibly Olai. The man in the portrait is most likely Father dearest, but the way this is presented seems to suggest he passed on. It is also suggested that their mother is dead as well, with Olai taking over her room. Now look outside the window.

It’s shown to be snowy and cold, which might be why winter is Odin’s favorite season. Which brings me to my next point. His fear of water.  

This official art shows Odin floating through water and ice, something he wouldn’t do if he had a fear of water. He most likely had a near-death experience as a child, possibly him falling through the ice on his home planet. This experience also may have led to his being possessed by Pedri, though we still have no idea when Pedri died after Wrathia. Last we saw Pedri, he had two cracks in his skull-mask that he did not have before when Wrathia was still alive. This could mean he stayed for longer and battled with TITAN but once again, we have no evidence of this. We have no idea how long Pedri has possessed Odin. But it must have been after that portrait was painted, or else he would have the colored pupils he has now. He looks to be 8-10 years old. I could be way off, but that’s what he looks like to me. 

I question the reason why Odin is carrying a knife with him in the art. Does it have anything to do with the accident? Was he maybe chased by the person who owned the knife? Did the knife belong to someone close to him? Two theories come to mind. 

1. We have a revolution-type situation on our hands. If there’s a king, there must be peasants and such, correct? Perhaps pride is a trait that runs through the family and the people got tired of them, leading to an uprising that may have led to the king’s death and Odin’s accident. Perhaps someone murdered the king with the knife and then chased Odin across a frozen lake. The ice breaks, Odin falls in and is left for dead. Probably not, but a girl can dream.

2. Odin, Olai and their father were out hunting and come across some animal. Perhaps Odin, being young, angers the creature. This leads to an epic chase across a (surprise, surprise) frozen lake. Odin breaks the ice and falls in, and Father comes back for him, most likely losing his life in the process. Olai then blames Odin for his death, which might explain the tense relationship they have. 

Anyways, this might not make sense at all and this is just a fever dream. 

Extra: I managed to translate the plaque at the bottom of the portrait. Someone probably did this already.

The markings on the bottom right is most likely the date this was painted. 

I feel like I need to say something right now, if only because it’s more productive than lying in bed crying and feeling helpless.

Before I begin, I should mention in advance that, due in part to having ADHD, I have genuine difficulty putting my thoughts together in a concise manner, which can lead to very long posts.  I understand if that puts anyone off from reading further, as I’m not even sure I know how to express what I’m feeling right now.

As a person, I was raised to be open-minded.  I’ve never known any other way to be.  I come from a highly LGBT-positive (bisexuality runs on my mother’s side of the family, and my godfather is gay), Democratic family that allowed me to express myself however I wanted, and consume whatever media I wanted (I’ve been watching horror films since I was a toddler, and I’ve been allowed to have facial piercings since age 16, and wear whatever I chose).  My immediate family is comprised of people that have known abuse, and overcome it (rape, CSA, alcoholism).  We have also been familiar with poverty.  The state we live in–where I’ve spent my entire life–had never gone red until this past election.

Having been born in 1983, I was alive through most of the presidency of one of the absolute worst leaders to ever take office: Ronald Reagan.  I lived through both Bush administrations.  I remember the “Satanism Scare”, the original backlash against violent video games, and 90′s “political correctness”.  The AIDS epidemic had barely begun.  PSAs aimed at children did their damndest to try to reverse the fact that drug use had become “fashionable” in the 80′s, and they practically beat us over the head with them during every commercial break while watching our Saturday morning cartoons.  I have seen a lot of bullshit (meaning that I have a lot to compare our current situation to), and always–always–I thought it was from the “bad” guys.  The “other” people, with the “wrong” values.

In less than five years, I’ve come to see that bullshit doesn’t only come from one “side”.  I’ve become disenchanted with the groups I had placed my faith and trust in for most of my life.  I’ve found myself disappointed and irritated with many actions done in the name of the things I believe in.  I feel as though we’ve reached critical mass, and that the people I thought were on my side–the “good guys”–bear more responsibility for it than any of them will ever admit.

Can I just ask when the FUCK so many of us on the left turned into the equivalent of yesterday’s paranoid WASP soccer moms and religious zealots?  When did we become the racists, sexists, and bigots, pretending those labels don’t apply to us just because they’re aimed at “the other” demographics?  And when I say “us” on the left, I’m really not so sure I even want to be here anymore, because it’s become a shamefully toxic and manipulative environment where people actually try to justify threats of death and violence over inane, pointless things that mean fuck all to the world at large.  I sure as hell don’t want to be a “right-winger” (because, remember–I was taught those were the “bad guys”), so where does that leave people like me?  In the mindset of “You’re either with us, or against us”, being fair and objective isn’t allowed.

When Trump became president, our news media and college campuses became rife with cries of “fascism”.  Where?  An overcooked yam in a suit that’s (rightfully) been the center of derision and mockery since he became involved in the election?  THAT’S what’s threatening you??  I’m sorry, have you never read about the shit Reagan pulled?  If you want to know what legitimate fascism is, go talk to someone that lived through Ferdinand Marcos’ rule in the Philippines.

Let’s establish something here: Those neo-Nazis were always here, BUT they had been shamed into hiding.  Suddenly, people were throwing the terms “Nazi” and “fascism” around, and these people started feeling more comfortable.  Those on the left started advocating for violence to combat mere differences of opinion, and white supremacists felt even more comfortable, because they were being shown that their methods were now socially acceptable.

People on the LEFT created the ideal environment for these people to crawl out of the woodwork, and feel like their belief system is validated and justified.  People on the LEFT spouted needless hatred, and gave these political cretins something to point to and say, “See?  We were right all along!”.  People on the LEFT willingly handed them the kind of antisocial behavior they’ve been dreaming of.  

We’re now all experiencing the consequences.  If the Democratic Party had given Bernie Sanders the nomination, he would have steamrolled the election, and you all know it.  Then where would the “fascism” be?  Still hiding.  Cowering.  Not a single soul would be throwing that word around right now.  And no one’s willing to admit that maybe–just maybe–the Democratic candidate we were given could have been the problem.  We’ve created an environment where criticism is not allowed against certain people, which makes it so much easier for our trust to be abused.

And it is being abused.  We are approaching legitimate fascism, and it’s coming from the complete opposite end of the political spectrum.  This is where the careless throwing around of serious terms comes into play, as even the slightest criticism is enough to have a person labeled “alt-right”, or even “a Nazi”.  All this does is make actual neo-Nazis and white supremacists believe they have more company and support than they actually do.  If you’re not ashamed and embarrassed as hell about all of this, then, well…you’re probably not the type that’s even read this far in the first place.

I don’t know what else I can say that I haven’t said in pieces before.  All I can say is that I’ve lost faith in a lot of people.  Nearly ALL people.  And for someone that used to be very cheerful and social, I feel as though a part of me has been taken away.  Many of us are forced to be distrustful, even when we’ve nothing to hide.  When the bar for what is deemed “socially unacceptable” keeps being lowered, how long before it reaches you?  And when will the limit end on what we consider “hate speech”?  When you turn valid criticism against needless violence into “hate speech”, how long before it reaches those “vent posts” and “critical” blogs?  Because I’ve legit seen someone use the term “hate crime” because someone else didn’t ship the same two fictional video game characters together, and if you think those things are comparable, you are completely proving my point.

no flex zone - jeon wonwoo (ft. a very excited kim mingyu)
aka the best 49 seconds of your life

gabigart  asked:

Hi :) I've been following you for like forever. I think your art is amazing and it really gives me lots of inspiration to paint. I always wanted to create my own comic and now finally after years I have some good ideas but tbh I'm a little lost about how should I bring it to another level from just few ideas. Do you have any tips on how to work on your story? And how long it took you from idea to the point you started drawing Carciphona?

Hi! Thank you for writing : D I’m glad you like my art!

Even though I do try to become better, at the end of the day I do everything I do mostly for fun so I don’t have proper knowledge to back it up. Everything I can answer is based on my experience, right or wrong, but I’ll try my best to theorize what I think is the right answer for you.

I started the comic not because I thought I was ready; I just thought it’d be fun to draw the comic and I already had some material (keyword some). In these 12 years of drawing Carciphona, even in the recent years, long after I’ve started the comic, I’ve made some pretty major changes that made the story and plot almost unrecognizable compared to before.

The gist of my advice is just don’t worry about reaching a goal or next level for your story, that’s a really objective way to think about creativity and it usually makes you worry more than be creative.Even if you can’t come up with anything, you needn’t feel lost, just don’t write anything. It’s not always time to write or create. Think over what your world is for now and wait. When you know your story better, you will have more questions that will lead to more ideas for your story, just like how you won’t know you need to learn anatomy until you’ve actually drawn something and then saw the gaping hole in your knowledge about anatomy.

This to me is immersion and I only like writing when I feel immersed in what I am working with. Immersion takes time, so no matter how hard you work, it’s inevitable that you will have to give your story idea months or years to really feel natural for you to work with, and this is probably why you are feeling “lost” now–because you don’t really know your world and character all that well yet to be curious about its unknowns, and you want to move forward but you cannot. It’s likely that instead of patiently waiting for that understanding and then expanding on what you already have, you’d want to make your world more exciting by adding details like more races of people/creatures, more characters, more locations etc. This is a lot easier to do as you can see tons of characters created with little context on a daily basis, but if you force it to become more complex this way just to satisfy your standard, you are most likely going to come up with a story that is unrelatable, irrelevant and not believable (ie. character’s actions feel arbitrary instead of natural, the world consists of races and groups of characters that have no relation with each other or with the world from which they came).

I enjoy the slower method of waiting to feel immersed with my characters and world over time, and then being able to naturally continue the story by asking myself questions with that unconscious understanding of how the world and the characters are like. I think it’s important to think of your story in an inquisitive manner rather than authoritative manner. Rather than tell your world/your characters what they are, ask your characters/your world, why it is the way it is. What is the reason for certain cities to be so much more guarded or prosperous compared to others? what do they have that others don’t? Why do the characters feel so willing to travel instead of staying home? What does that say about the climate of society and civilian life, and maybe the lack of attachment they feel towards home and loved ones? who are these loved ones and what are their lives like, even if they will never appear in the story? Asking questions in this manner makes you explore the background which grounds the world and makes it the way it is–the “why” and “how”–rather than making up random facts and characters just like filler–the “what”. It makes it so that your world and their events, and your characters and their lives, exist within the context of the people and things that surround them, rather than just existing because you willed it. This makes for a solid foundation by giving you lots of gaps of information to fill and be creative about, all with information relevant and reasonable to your world. By working like this, I’ve never hit a wall with my writing in the sense that I am out of things to do with my world; I might have days or months where I cannot solve one puzzle about my story world, but I know it is not a loss of direction as much as simply another aspect of my world that will eventually make sense to me as I understand my story more in time.

good luck!

SnK 90 Thoughts

Have you ever had this perfect story idea in mind, then realized that in order to get to it, you have to write basically an entirely separate book to set it up?

Have you ever decided that you really don’t feel like doing that?

Usually, that is when the words stop and the project goes into a desk drawer. Mostly a figurative one these days.

But–bear with me here–what if

You just skipped all the boring parts.

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Tbh there are people that think Stingy is gonna grow up to be some evil overlord/dictator, but Im just like, no?

In ‘’Crystal Caper’’, after he had owned up for his mistake, he could wish for literally everything in the world, and what does he wish for? That he’ll never take something that doesn’t belong to him again.

In ‘’The Lazy Genie‘’, he was allowed to make a wish again. He wishes for Robbie to return and after being asked why and being told that he’s just a pain in the neck, he says ‘’He’s OUR pain in the neck!’’. Sweet boy.

And in ‘’Prince Stingy’’, where he actually has all the power at his finger tips, and can, again, wish for anything in the world to be his and additionally, to make new laws. But does he want any of that? No no no, he wishes for toys, candy and electronic devices instead!

Honestly, Stingy is no evil, capilistic overlord as some may claim. He is just a kid who likes to play, but happens to be a bit overly confident. He just has to learn how to be a better person in certain situations, that’s all.

hooooootpockets  asked:

Can you pls simplify the post you just made... I have no idea what it says or what it means for Zoos😊 sorry to bother, and thanks!

I did promise to put tl;drs on posts and forgot on the one about the HSUS keynote at AZA, so yes, of course.

Tl;dr: Brand new AZA president invites long time sportsball buddy animal rights organization CEO to talk at the biggest zoo conference in the United States. Zoo people have questions, zoo trade group says nothing to answer them, tells people to just wait and see.

At conference, animal rights CEO does not actually talk about what he’s supposed to (animal welfare) and instead lists off a bunch of things his organization is attacking and then tells the zoo conference attendees that if they’re actually animal welfare experts they need to cannibalize the rest of the zoo industry (implied: maybe if they don’t they’re not experts and will get attacked too). Totally doesn’t acknowledge that he’s telling people to attack peers, mentors, collaborators, people helping attendees of the conference with hurricane response, and even other attendees of the conference. CEO leaves and writes an even more aggressive blog post about how much the whole room loved him and what the future will be. AZA continues to say nothing and lets him control the narrative even though a non-trivial number of conference attendees were really upset by the speech.

What it means for zoos? Politics and posturing just got very real, and the professionals who actually know what helps animals don’t really seem to have a say in the choices the trade organization that is supposed to advocate for them is making. A lot of people are very upset and there’s a lot of unknowns about if zoos are going to be expected to start attacking each other to avoid being targeted by animal rights groups themselves.

Suggested Guidelines for Reptile Enrichment

AAZK, Enrichment Committee 2002

Note: This document is now 15 years old; I received it from the Herpdigest newsletter, and thought that it would be of interest/relevant to the herpetoculturalists on tumblr, who make up a large fraction of my followers. I present it here unaltered. Note that this is a recommendation for facilities that display reptiles, but I think it an important talking point for the herpetocultural community for ways to better improve the livelihoods of the animals they keep, particularly as tub keeping has become so widespread, especially in the US. Also this post does not necessarily reflect my own feelings on the subject; it is presented here without further comment on my part.

Reptiles in zoological institutions are often housed in areas displaying a variety of herpetological species in simulations of their diverse, natural habitats. Enrichment for reptiles may facilitate good exhibitry and husbandry, help to provide the appropriate environment for species-typical behaviors to occur and provide a level of stimulation and activity conducive to good health. The natural history of each species is important to keep in mind when developing a safe and effective enrichment program. Reptile care is highly specialized; resource materials and knowledgeable individuals should be consulted when possible and veterinary and supervisory approval sought prior to initiating enrichment that may lead to changes in animal care.

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y’all motherfuckers need Beesus

Bumbleby fandom (and neutral parties curious as to the evidence supporting the ship, for that matter), it’s time for us to sit down and have a talk. We’ve had a rough hiatus. Both the long, painful wait after the emotional orbital nuke that was late V3. And then, much more recently, the news that Sun actually will be part of Blake’s journey in V4. It doesn’t actually change much of anything, but I still know how it feels, and why the Bumbleby fandom was worried–some of you loudly, and some of us quietly (myself included in the latter). And even before that, I saw dispirited Bumbleby shippers who can’t see the OTP actually becoming canon, whether because of Bl*cks*n or some other reason, on a daily basis. And on the other end of things I see Bumbleby shippers who make weak-ass arguments as to why Bumbleby is already canon and shit like that. Put that subtext bullshit away; subtext is for 20-year-old network TV shows. No. It’s time for the lot of you to see Beesus.

But before you get ahead of yourselves, first I’ll tell you what this post is not. It’s not an argument that Bumbleby is already canon, as opposed to heavily foreshadowed. I actually plan to avoid a lot of the stuff other analysts focus on, like the general “but they’re so close” or “they complement each other really well,” because those aren’t specifically romantic, and the partner pairs in general were designed to play off of each other (like how Ruby and Weiss were designed as a clashing-opposites buddy comedy duo). Those things aren’t unimportant–they are key to a good relationship–but they’re not what I’m driving at here.

This post is about foreshadowing. (Not subtext, foreshadowing; the distinction is important here.) ‘Cause I dunno if you noticed, but the CRWBY loves their bloody foreshadowing. They also love their parallels and repeating themes. So we’re gonna be talking mostly about writing tricks we know the CRWBY uses, like the aforementioned foreshadowing and parallels and also stuff like foils. And some cinematic tricks. Before I continue, I’d like to thank brilliant minds like Chained-Prometheus and the crew I roll with on Discord, whom I’ve learned a great deal from. Also Anny Gomez and her sharp eye for parallels; y’all should check out her videos. @chained-prometheus @s-assy-girl

I’d also like to thank the CRWBY for making the show. And if anyone involved in the show actually ends up reading this by some miracle, keep reading, because I am actually going to say Good Things about M&K’s writing and directing instead of the flak I see them getting all the time.

Evidence-fest begins under the cut, because this’ll be running a bit long–about 4.6k words, or a mid-length one-shot fic. Also lots of pictures, as a warning for those of you using mobile data.

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I have something to say to you, my dear followers...

Today, I’ve learned about something and it made me ashamed… Truly ashamed. 

I’ve been told someone had repost one of my comic page without credits on their blog. This is something I find very sad, but this is not why I’m ashamed. 

I’m ashamed because, on my behalf/without telling me first or for some reason I can’t even explain, some people have sent death threat to that person for the only reason my art wasn’t credited. And I feel very bad about it. VERY BAD. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s ok to repost art without crediting or asking the artist. I, myself, don’t like when people repost my art for reason I’ll detail later. But I can’t agree with that and let people harassing other because they think they are some kind of justice warriors or I don’t know… We are all humans behind our laptops and computers and words can hurt a lot, you never know what the person you’re harassing is going through at the moment IRL or not and it can make so much damage on them… I just can’t accept that!!!!

There is nothing in this behavior that is related to the way I see modern witchcraft or the way I want to make you feel by drawing this comic… This is against everything I believe in. 

Come on, be human for a second. 

I’m feeling really bad about this… Really… Even if it’s bad to repost art without credits or approbation of the artist, this action doesn’t deserve death threats, like… seriously guys! WTH? I don’t like reposts and art theft AT ALL, but there is no way you can say something like that to someone because they did it! 

I support artists who’s art is being stolen a lot or reposted all the time without credits on a lot of website or social media. It’s happening to a lot of my friends and it’s always sad. 

I post my art directly on Tumblr so it can be reblogged from my blog Modern Witches Daily, with the proper credits and source. I feel uncomfortable with reposts on Tumblr because I created my blog to share my art with everyone not for other people to share it for me. And most of the time, nobody asks me before doing it. Even if the intention is good, it kinda hurts, especially when you see a repost with more notes than your original post and where you’re not credited. You can all understand that, I think. I put a lot of energy into that comic and notes are like… a reward, yes, kind of, it’s like… something telling me that people love my work and, as an artist (who is sometime going through phases of I-don’t-like-my-art-anymore), it’s very important! But how can I know it if other people share it instead of me and without credits? 

But still, it’s doesn’t justify in ANY case that someone receive death threats in their ask box because they didn’t credited me. Ear me well, here and now, I don’t want you to defend me/my art by harassing other people on Tumblr or anywhere else, not on my watch! If you see a repost or anything, send me a PM on Tumblr and I’ll handle this myself! Alright?

I never asked for that kind of “defense”, and it hurts me more than anything to see how rude people can be because they think they are doing this for me or for the art community… But I refuse to be related to this kind of violence! I find this terribly wrong, no matter what the problem is here, death threats are not the way and never will be! 

The day I’ll need your help will be when big companies or t-shirt printing websites will have their hand on my art without my agreement, and sell it. Then, I’ll need you to signal these actions, but I’ll never need you to send death threat to anyone, because this is very serious, terrible and shameful.

Thank you for reading this and I hope it won’t happen again! 

You’re supporting me a lot and I don’t want a group of my followers to hurt other people for this kind of stuff. Please, contact me first before being rude to any other human being if you see uncredited reposts! May this be a positive lesson for all parts of this story! 

Sorry for all those who aren’t concerned, I needed to be clear on that! 

I send you a lot of good and peaceful vibes,


Vicky from Modern Witches Daily ~ 

On the Topic of Zukka and Mai

It’s necessary to me, in my shipping headcanons, that amidst my drive to get the hot boys (or girls!) to fuck eachother, I stop to consider the canon ships that I’m displacing.  Particularly when these characters are women, whose role in fiction is too often marginalized, I find it important that they not be dismissed and vilified, but treated with respect.

Why I ship Zukka, where that leaves Mai, and basic psychological ramblings under the cut!

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henlp  asked:

Since you've been talking about fandoms this past weekend: why is it that everything now has to be a fandom? I know that the Internet gives people the ability to interact with others that have similar tastes, but why does everything need to be collectivized and gatekeeping for entertainment media by fandoms?

Because no matter what it is, some doofus will make fan art for it, create ships from it, and–of course–make porn of it. 

They’ll insist every character is gay/trans–even “characters” that happen to be real people (not suggesting or imagining it as a possibility, as a normal person would, but demanding that a real individual with their own identity–or otherwise their personal interpretation of someone else’s intellectual property–is the canon standard that every other fan must recognize and accept, lest they be accused of bigotry). 

If a character is a cisgender male (and left that way for shipping purposes), they’ll inexplicably be drawn in extremely feminine, pastel clothing by teenage girls that are terrified of anything masculine.  If they are a cisgender female, they’ll be made unmistakably into the kind of butch lesbian stereotypes that would be deemed offensive if portrayed in the media by people getting paid to do so.  Race, sexuality, gender identity, hairstyles, mental illnesses, and rare skin conditions will be applied like accessories until the character is no longer recognizable as to who they’re intended to be, or until the character is exactly like the person portraying them, because people devoid of proper social skills and human interaction don’t know how to relate to anything that isn’t their own mirror image.

All of these things will be justified by the flimsy excuse of “coding”, which allows people desperate to look progressive to use racist, sexist, and homophobic/transphobic stereotypes without having to admit it to themselves.  Otherwise, these changes will be deemed necessary for “representation”, while actual minority and LGBT characters in popular media are forgotten and discarded due to not being “popular” enough to be worth their time.

Everything is a fandom because people don’t know how to be their own person, and live their own lives anymore, so they live vicariously through literally everything else around them.  Having fantasy versions of those things allow them to–in their minds–bend reality to their will (and when reality doesn’t match their unrealistic expectations, they will throw a temper tantrum like a toddler).

Fandoms used to be about enjoying a piece of entertainment with others.  Now they are the political battlegrounds for miserable, bitter, sheltered young social outcasts that can’t handle basic reality, and who believe that as long as you LOOK like a good person in the eyes of others, you don’t actually have to BE one.

A former courier with a gunshot wound to the head, a disillusioned Brotherhood scribe, a ghoul vaquero, a cyberdog, an emo sniper, a nightkin grandmother with two personalities, an eyebot, an alcoholic caraveener with a heart problem, and a gay doctor with ties to a paramilitary fascist organization walk into a bar



Sometimes the anime drawing things out works really, really well.

In the manga, the above exchange is a single panel, framed in such a way that it’s almost a throwaway conclusion to Historia and Hange’s conversation. The focus of the scene is on Ymir’s situation, and besides reading subtext into ellipses, Historia’s own history is reserved for a later day.

In the anime, everything takes just a little more time. Pauses that your eyes flit over become tangible seconds of material.

For the first time in five years, someone calls Historia by her name. And it hasn’t fully bloomed as a storyline, but the seeds of that significance are everywhere in the extra moment it takes Historia to respond to Hange.

It’s nice to meet Historia Reiss.

Historia has yet to have the pleasure.