one of my favorite things is this manuscript I saw in special collections this past spring of a fifteenth century english text called the prick of conscience whose final pages are covered with these sixteenth century child’s drawings, I especially love the well-dressed lady and what looks like the tudor rose on the last page

Oh, hi there. Did you miss me? No? Okay… 

Anyway, here I drop page 16! And oh, god. Men trying to prove their manlyness… I’m sorry, okay? I feed myself with drama.

Enjoy, critters!

anonymous asked:

Could you please show the process you follow from beginning to end of a Caulifla drawing? Really curious to see how you draw. Also, how long do they usually take to complete?

those are all just quick sketches , usually i do one rough drawing to make sure the anatomy is correct 

then i draw another quick sketch over it that is more detailed,

and a third sketch that fixes all the error in the previous one

 and then i color it

they take between 1 to 2 hours..depends on how much details and how many characters 

Last Week in Fanfiction

This week brings us List #16 of Captain Swan fics. These were written or updated last week, that’s 9/17-9/23. If I missed something you’d like added let me know. The writers and artists love to hear from you so if you like something please consider a like, reblog and/or comment. Happy reading! ❤️


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INTP Communication Skills

It is truly amazing at how good us Intps are at saying one thing and someone else getting something entirely different from what we meant by what we said

And if that isn’t bad enough, most of the time they’re totally offended by what we’ve said when we weren’t trying offensive at all

like, I don’t even understand how this happens

Someone enlighten me

anonymous asked:

Suho + 16

send me number + an idol’s name and i’ll write a drabble for you!

“Doing anything good, darling?” Junmyeon asked once he showed up on the screen of your phone. “I was about to fall asleep,” you huffed, rolling onto your stomach so you could rest the phone against the headboard. “I wanted to call you earlier, but we had to do some last minute promotion,” he offered you a small smile. “If I choose you over sleep, you better feel so fucking special,” you grumbled, nuzzling into your pillow. “I feel very special, darling.”