Me and my bf never thought we would be so important to each other. We never expected we’d be together like how we are right now. Me and him is destined to be together. I was fresh off the boat in NJ from Philippines 2 years ago, and my bf just transfer from NY to NJ and we both applied in the same high school, we would’ve never seen each other if destiny disagree with it. I’m Filipina and my bf is a Dominican. We are completely opposite, opposite on everything asides that we both love each other so much. Some people say we dont match but we dont give a damn what people say. We’ve been through a lot, we used to be strangers, then friends, close friends, then we flirt for like 8 months, hella shits happened, we argued we stopped talkin for a while, but out of all those, now we’re together, nothing can completely separate us. He is my best friend, my baby, my everything. He’s different from any other guy who tried and trynna flirt with me. I know my bf is sincere and means everything he says and we doth have same perspective about love. We both have goals in life and i just love how he is and we both dont have any vices like smoking or drinking. He is the best bf ever, he could deal with all my bs and still choose to stay with me, he is all that i need. We’re both open to each other and all and we really are comfortable with each other and we just get along so well. We have like a mean/sweet/cute relationship. We face everything together. We makin 5 months and hopefully more months and years to go. 

“Til 3005 babe”-