The Stereotypical Types as Siblings

ENFJ: The elder sibling who’s sort of popular but like not sports/cheer popular and hates everyone else’s siblings

ENTP: The bossy elder sibling who intimidates the shit out of their younger sibling’s friends but their younger sibling loves them because they’re actually really fun to be with

ESTP: The (probably younger) sibling who never leaves the house unless it’s to play Pokemon Go and their parents are “kinda” disappointed in them

ESFJ: The “cool” sibling who /is/ the popular kid at school and does cheer and is really sweet and nice and does anything they can to get away from the annoying little play dates their younger siblings bring along

ENTJ: The elder sibling whose younger sibling’s friends are constantly intimidated by and always avoid even though they [entj] dont always mean to be that scary

ENFP: The younger sibling who everybody likes because they’re so outgoing and nice but secretly they’re emo shits

ESTJ: They’re like the second mother and annoys the shit outta their younger siblings because c'mon, why have a second mother when you have a real one yknow

ESFP: The younger sibling who’s cooler than the elder sibling (and they know it) and they have a ton of friends and wakes up with new things to talk about during breakfast every day

INTP: The sibling who their parents are the most disappointed in because they’re nothing like what their parents hoped to be like they’re good siblings but they’re just not what was supposed to happen

INTJ: The sibling who never leaves their room and has a shrine of their obsession in a corner and they always cry over their grades even though they have like straight A+’s

INFP: They’re the hippie of the family and they probably have peace signs painted in pig’s blood on their wall but they love their family so much even though they complain about them 24/7

INFJ: The elder sibling who actually hangs out with their younger siblings and watches the same tv shows as them and goes to cons n stuff probably the perfect elder sibling

ISTJ: The sibling who has their fifty friends over all the time one by one but they lowkey hate them all so they shove their friends to their siblings to deal with and their siblings are better friends with them anyway

ISTP: They’re their younger siblings’ model but also not because they’re so uncomfortable to be around at first but otherwise they’re the sibling you want to become but not have yknow

ISFP: The sibling who sorta disappears a lot but always comes back alive with some new story to tell. Most likely to become a vagabond lmao

ISFJ: The really distant sibling who’s always worried about the future and seems like they don’t really care about others but those who are close to them know that they care a whole whole lot and that they just get caught up in their work a lot


He held me hard against him then, without speaking, and I could feel the pulsebeat in his throat, hammering like my own. His hands went to my bare shoulders, and he held me slightly away, so that I was looking upward into his face. His hands were large and very warm, and I felt slightly dizzy.

“I want ye, Claire,” he said, sounding choked. He paused a moment, as though unsure what to say next. “I want ye so much— I can scarcely breathe. Will—” He swallowed, then cleared his throat. “Will ye have me?” 

By now I had found my voice. It squeaked and wobbled, but it worked.

Yes,” I said. “Yes, I’ll have you.”

“I think …” he began, then stopped. He fumbled loose the buckle of his kilt, but then looked up at me, bunching his hands at his sides. He spoke with difficulty, controlling something so powerful that his hands shook with the effort. “I’ll not … I can’t … Claire, I canna be gentle about it.” 

I had time only to nod once, in acknowledgment or permission, before he bore me back before him, his weight pinning me to the bed. 

He did not pause to undress further. I could smell the road dust in his shirt, and taste the sun and sweat of travel on his skin. He held me, arms outstretched, wrists pinioned. One hand brushed the wall, and I felt the tiny scrape of one wedding ring chiming against the stone. One ring for each hand, one silver, one gold. And the thin metal suddenly heavy as the bonds of matrimony, as though the rings were tiny shackles, fastening me spread-eagled to the bed, stretched forever between two poles, held in bondage like Prometheus on his lonely rock, divided love the vulture that tore at my heart.

1.09 The Reckoning

The Reckoning

“I swear on the cross of my Lord Jesus, and by the holy iron which I hold, that I give you my fealty and pledge you my loyalty. If ever my hand is raised in rebellion against you again, then I ask that this holy iron may pierce my heart.”

“You are my home now.”

“I want ye so much I can scarcely breathe. Will you have me?”

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you could list the prominent differences between well-rounded INTJs and intelligent ISTJs, because it's almost impossible to tell them apart. They seem to possess enough qualities of each other to be profoundly similar, don't exactly fit their type's archetype, and have very subtle differences. I'm pretty new to MBTI, so I would like clarification. Thanks.


  • INTJs are likely to be into something “nerdy” such as video games, documentaries on space exploration, theoretical or fantasy-based novels, and art. ISTJs are more likely to be into things that are practical, such as physical activities, engineering, working with computers, and analysis of numbers/systems. May be into shows that show behind the scenes of factories/inventing/political systems.
  • INTJs make it very clear to you early on that they’re intelligent–and will probably make it so they sound a lot more intelligent than you. ISTJs may be “fussy” with their beliefs (like get irritated if you have “stupid” viewpoints) and be critical, but they will probably not match INTJ’s air of superiority.
  • INTJs tend to have more N friends, ISTJs tend to have more S friends
  • INTJs tend to dress somewhat unfashionably, ISTJs tend to have something sophisticated about their clothes (though a good deal of males dress just like all other males lol)
  • INTJs love to argue and defend their reasoning, ISTJs are plain stubborn
  • INTJs are more often attracted to positions of power but may not get the power easily, and ISTJs are not as attracted to power but find it easier to obtain (it IS an SJ world that we live in, after all)
  • INTJs on first impression will be confident and shrewdly intelligent, ISTJs on first impression will be meek but sassy
  • INTJs hate drama, ISTJs low key love it  – just not when it happens to them
  • INTJs dislike social spheres, ISTJs don’t mind them
  • INTJs find it harder to make friends, ISTJs make friends more easily

Again, these are just generalizations!

something that really bothers me is how the american community complain so fucking much about exclusives for regions when u got fucking us australians we cant even own physical things and have to go through ten loopholes and pay out our fucking assholes for a chance only to come to deal with the fact that our square enix store doesn’t even ship to australia and we all sit here in the blistering heat trying to boot up our games with our internet buckling the fuck up thanks to the government.

but ya know. at least we finally got our 7/11 goodies. along with some random anime dvd we didn’t really want.