• me: there is no villain in tl5y. both leads are sympathetic but flawed, and in the end, jamie and cathy were both at fault for their marriage failing and they just weren't suited for each other
  • me to me: ok but he literally cheated on her and then lied about it before dumping her via a letter instead of admitting what he did and ending their FIVE YEAR RELATIONSHIP face to face because apparently he didn't think she was worth the effort of dumping her in person???

A Jeremy Jordan alignment chart, the creation of @tittydemon and I.
Lawful Good: Winn Schott
Neutral Good: Randy Garrity
Chaotic Good: Jack Kelly
Lawful Neutral: J.M. Bairre
True Neutral: Actual Jeremy Jordan
Chaotic Neutral: Tony from West Side Story
Lawful Evil: Jimmy Collins
Neutral Evil: Clyde Barrow
Chaotic Evil: Jamie Wellerstein