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What other Kara hc's you got based on Bruna? 👁👁

  • *cups hands around mouth* DIRECTIONER KARA
  • kara would Die for beyonce
  • supergirl singing those really catchy songs at inappropriate times and especially when she’s about to fight
  • kara danvers loves bananas and no one can convince me otherwise
  • kara danvers: bisexual and confused about life
  • kara blowing out her powers (again) and calling alex saying she’s about to die and she’s almost crying on the phone and alex is all worried and shit but turns out it was only a paper cut
  • kara is a Tall Person™ and she abuses this power by picking her short friends up (that one time lucy came close to murdering her with just a Look because kara made a “you’re so tiny” comment)
  • things kara should do: go to sleep at an appropriate time
  • things kara doesn’t do: go to sleep at an appropriate time
  • kara watches shrek for the first time and after that she starts making obscure shrek references All The Time and alex is Sick of it
  • she loves musicals so much?? and doesn’t matter she knows all of them by heart, knows all the lines, she Always cries and acts surprised when things happen
  • “*whining* i’m tireeed” “then go to sleep” “*whining louder* that’s too much work, i’m lazyyy”

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I find it so funny when people try to make out being called ugly doesn't bother them. I wasn't being rude, love, I was stating a fact. Bellatrix is described as beautiful and Alecto as unattractive, you're unattractive so Alecto would suit you better. And you seem stumpy. Don't take offence, it's only the truth. If you're so concerned with ugly souls why do you wish to play a Death Eater? AND further more, dressing up as characters over the age of 10 is just sad.

If I was bothered by you, a stranger hiding behind the safety of anonymity, calling me ugly, I would be ashamed of the person I became. I’m not that weak, I assure you. I’ve endured worst insults, and been in the presence of shittier people than you and came out stronger and better than that person. 

What put a fire under my ass is the sheer audacity you have. “Stating a fact” is a sorry excuse for unwarranted rude behaviour. No, you were being rude, and you knew this because you wouldn’t be hiding behind that old grey circle and sunglasses. You knew exactly what you were saying, and that’s what I think is funny. You know what you are saying is an insult, you wanted to attack me, you wanted to insult me, to damage my insecurities, to make me feel bad about doing something that I was clearly enjoying. You wanted me to be discouraged from being who I wanted to be, even if that was dressing up as a fictional character (which I’ll get into later based on your last comment). 

The thing is, you’re wrong. I know I’m not unattractive, and I know the person I am. The reason why your petty comments don’t bother me is because I don’t need your validation. You’re a nobody who thinks that their word is the word of God, and you can just bully people into inferiority based on your subjective. The people who are most important to me strongly disagree with you. My family, my friends, the man I’m dating, even my followers, would all strongly disagree with you. And that’s all that matters. You are one person, against literal thousands of people that I can say would disagree with you. 

I’ve met, and dealt with people exactly like you, with your manipulative, destructive language. If I was still that sixteen year old girl with crippling insecurities, your words would have triggered me into a major depressive episode of self loathing. And that’s the problem. Not everyone is like me. You say that to the wrong person, and that can send them down a dangerous road. But your pea-sized brain would not be able to comprehend body dysmorphia, anorexia, or bulimia, and how easily one words could be the last straw on the back of that weak, old, horse that is trying to get rid of of the weight that it’s already carrying. And I pray that no one has done that based on what you’ve said to them because you were, and I quote “just stating facts”. Subjectiveness aren’t facts, they are opinions, they are alternative facts. They are worth nothing, and worse even less coming from a no-faced coward. 

I know exactly who you are. I know exactly who your parents are. I know exactly who your friends are. I know exactly how you were brought up. You are literal trash. Garbage. Garbage on the outside, garbage on the inside, and a coward all over. In a few years, you will grow to regret and mourn everything you’ve done and said. You will cringe in the dark after a bad memory slips back into the forefront of your mind, and it will haunt you the rest of the day. You will bow your head and hide away when you see a person you once bullied walking in your direction. You will ignore all confrontation when someone brings up all the trash you’ve sputtered in the past to them, because you’re ashamed and afraid of the person you once were. You, my friend, are a coward, and will grow up to be afraid of your own shadow. Your past that will tail your heels for a majority of your young-adult life until one day you finally can look yourself in the mirror. I don’t need to curse, or jinx you out of spite, because you’re already doing it yourself. 

You knew you were being insulting. And in the instance that you are that stupid and delusional that you actually believe you weren’t, what did you honestly think my reaction would be? What kind of self-loathing sadistic person do you think I am that I would bow and say “you’re right, I am too ugly”? No, you KNEW that I would react negatively. And the fact that you answered twelve hours later with this drivel means you went back onto my blog to see how I’d react.

Now to acknowledge the “AND further more, dressing up as characters over the age of 10 is just sad.” You DO sound like a 15 year old with an entitlement issues. Are you a single child? Did your mommy and daddy give you an ipad when you were six? Did you start a tumblr when you were 12? Does your name have a Y in the middle of it where an e, a, or i should be? Please, you just insulted a large community of people: Cosplayers, larpers, and role players on tumblr. 

I’m not even going to acknowledge your alternative facts.

But I will challenge you this:

My anonymous is toggled off for the time being. If you want to respond to this, pull up your grown up pants and say it without that bullet proof vest of anonymity. Stop being a coward and show all these lovely 11,000+ people that follow me who you really are. Face the consequences of your words, and grow the fuck up. 

But like I said, I know who you are. And you won’t reply to this without anonymous on, because you know what will happen, and you’re afraid. If anything, you will wait until I turn anon back on, but that means you’re that petty to be stalking my blog long enough to check if I’ve turned it back on.

But, I’ll be keeping it off for a while. I’m patient. 

last night i was sick and lying on the couch going over and over a nightmare about my trauma and starting to spiral badly.

dorian gets himself up off the couch where he was sleeping, walks over to my desk and starts pressing buttons on my kb.

he opened spotify and kyary pamyu pamyu started playing, then he went to my open tumblr page and sent a series of numbers and keyboard mashes to @labradorduck.

then after I sat at the desk and took a photo of him he sat on my lap for cuddles while I explained to my freind what the message was, starting a conversation that helped get me out of the headspace.

tl;dr: dorian decided I was entering dangerous territory, puts on my favourite music, messages my friends for me and stayed for cuddles.

he helps

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Hi, I'm an avid reader of Dark Horse Running and Where the End Begins, and I was wondering if you could share more on your thoughts of Vanitas? Specifically makes you think there's something beyond his apparent lust for bloodshed and cruelty towards Ven? Do you think there's any chance of a redemption for in the series? And also, how would you ever write/how do you picture pre-split Ven's characterization?

Hello! Sure thing! And I apologize in advance for how long this is inevitably going to be. 8D;

Specifically makes you think there’s something beyond his apparent lust for bloodshed and cruelty towards Ven?

This really isn’t something I attribute to him personally as much as

A) one of KH’s big themes is that darkness isn’t inherently bad, it’s what you choose to do with it that makes you who you are. Obviously, Vanitas has chosen to give into it entirely, but I think he has the potential to control it. The first comparison you could make is to Riku and Terra, but the biggest difference between those three, obviously, is that Vanitas doesn’t have a strong light in his heart to balance his darkness (not anymore, anyway) which is what calls into question whether it’s even really possible for him to change. But I think it’s a bit more accurate to compare him to Xehanort – a case of someone who’s given into darkness, but who (and I’m putting all my bias for the Wayfinder trio aside to say this objectively) isn’t actually evil. Xehanort does some terrible, terrible things of course, but even Nomura up and stated that Xehanort isn’t a “monster.” He never does things just for the sake of being cruel; everything he does has a purpose behind it. Granted, that doesn’t excuse anything he’s done and he’s still a terrible person, obviously, but it’s still a step above someone like Vanitas, who clearly enjoys hurting and mocking others, and who legitimately got excited when talking about the impending Keyblade War when he had nothing to gain from it besides participation and/or watching the apocalypse happen.

THAT SAID, I think there’s a grey area between Ultimately Good Guys who use darkness like Terra and Riku, and Utterly Evil Villains Who Are Swamped In Darkness like Vanitas. But I’ll talk more on that in a bit.

B) I think he’s as human as Ven is. Even though Vanitas was created unnaturally, I’ve always figured that he and Ven are really the same when you get down to it, since they each come from the same heart, and the only real difference was that Vanitas was given a new, separate body. And since all humans are potentially redeemable (in my opinion), I think Vanitas could change if he wanted (keywords: “if” and “wanted”).

And while it’s sometimes tough to figure out when Xehanort’s lying, when he’s telling a half-truth, and when he’s being honest, I also personally think that what he told Terra – “He has no control over the darkness in his heart[…] He’s an abomination beyond hope of salvation.” – was probably a lie, considering almost everything else in that conversation was false. Putting Vanitas down as irredeemable (whether or not it’s true in the end) was probably Xehanort’s way of ensuring that Terra would have no doubts about potentially tracking down this kid and killing him as he was told to do.

tl;dr: Xehanort lies a lot and I don’t think you can use what he says about Vanitas as definitive fact.

Do you think there’s any chance of a redemption for in the series?

WELL… if you’ve read those two fics of mine, then it’s probably obvious that I believe it’s possible, yes – but do I think canon will go out of its way to set up the circumstances that Vanitas needs to turn around? I’m really not sure. tbqh my dream scenario for KH3 is that everyone gets redeemed to some degree, that nobody has to die and we get the ultimate happy ending, and I personally find this to be more likely than just one or two villains getting redeemed. So specifically – disclaimer: I have nothing to back this up, this is purely speculation – I would think Vanitas only stands a chance at surviving and turning around if Xehanort does. From a plot/meta standpoint, it would probably make more sense for Vanitas (who is legit darkness incarnate) to be redeemed only if Xehanort (who’s given into darkness without letting it take total control of him, as I mentioned above, and is thus arguably an “easier” case of redemption than Vanitas) is as well.

To go deeper into it, though, I actually think Vanitas would stand a better chance of being redeemed if Xehanort survives. And before anyone jumps on me about how Xehanort mistreated him and is at fault for the way he is and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near him etc etc etc – first, I don’t acknowledge the light novels, and I think Vanitas would have been screwed up with or without Xehanort in his life. He had the natural inclination towards evil because of what his heart was made up of. Second, consider the circumstances of Vanitas’ life. Ever since being born, he’s had a purpose: fight Ventus, create the X-blade, usher in the Keyblade War. He trained for it for four years straight. If my suspicions are right and he’s one of the Thirteen in KH3, then again, he has a clear-cut purpose that defines his unnatural existence.

So even if he survives the War in KH3, his life will be radically different because he doesn’t have a purpose to fight towards anymore. Sure, Eraqus could adopt him with the rest and tell him to fight for the good side now, but what reason does Vanitas have to just suddenly throw away all his bias and beliefs, changing the way he is and suddenly fighting alongside the enemies he’s always looked down on? I don’t think it’d be that easy, which is why I say Xehanort could be the key.

Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on Xehanort personally, there’s no denying that he’s always given Vanitas purpose, that he’s the only authority and mentor Vanitas has ever known. He’s the only person Vanitas has had the potential to respect. So I’d think it’s much more likely that Vanitas would follow a reformed Xehanort long before he followed anyone else, especially anyone good and light-centric like Eraqus or Ven.

And you can probably see where these thoughts of mine tie into Where The End Begins, specifically. XD In particular – and I hope I don’t come off as too full of myself by quoting my own fic for my argument – I basically summed it up in this scene:

“I’m… kind of surprised he’s still here, actually.”

“He has nowhere else to go.” There was no pity or concern in Xehanort’s tone; it was simply matter-of-fact, as though this were an obvious truth. “Like anybody, he needs a purpose, and familiarity is always the best starting point.”

Ven didn’t hide his confusion. “You mean he chose to stay with you?”

“I did not twist his arm, if that’s what you are thinking. He is of my making, so I do not deny responsibility in the matter; I gave him some incentive to remain, but nothing more.”

Incentive…? Ven frowned. As far as he knew, Vanitas was assisting with the Heartless problem to kill time, but that was it–

He straightened up a little as a thought occurred to him.

“Wait a minute. He’s not still training under you, is he?”

Leaning his temple against his fist, Xehanort gave a thin smile. “Like yourself, Vanitas has much power, much untapped potential. More than I initially estimated. It would be a shame to let that go to waste.” When Ven’s face darkened, Xehanort added, “Or perhaps you would prefer to have him explore his abilities on his own – unguided and unrestrained?”

“N-No, but…”

“You can sense it, can’t you? He hides it well – remarkably so, considering his nature – but you of all people should know what he is truly like.”

…Although for the sake of fanfic plot, I’m complicating the matter a bit with how Vanitas has trouble putting his past aside and can’t always control those impulses (e.g. when he overdid it in knocking Ven around later on), but my ultimate point is that he does need guidance and purpose, and Xehanort is (for now) the only one who can give him that.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that, even should Vanitas be redeemed canonly, I don’t think he’ll necessarily join up with Sora and the gang as someone with entirely pure interests. I imagine him as more of the lone wolf who acts on his own the vast majority of the time, only grudgingly teaming up when necessary, and who’s really more of a neutral force than strictly a “good guy.”

AND THEN there’s the possibility that Vanitas might die in KH3, but be taken back into Ven’s heart and accept it, and thus be “redeemed” that way.

And also, how would you ever write/how do you picture pre-split Ven’s characterization?

Let me start by saying that I’m avoiding Union X spoilers like the plague, so I’m not taking that into account (on top of the fact that my thoughts on that are VERY COMPLICATED RN) so this conjecture is based entirely on what little we were shown in BBS.

I actually haven’t written Xehanort-era!Ven before, which admittedly surprises even me?? lol. But I’ve thought about it regardless, and I don’t imagine there was that much of a difference between Xehanort-Ven and Eraqus-Ven. I don’t want to use the “Vanitas’ birth” scene as a sole basis for Ven’s personality at the time; it was an extreme situation and Ven’s reaction – fear – was normal, so I don’t really like when people assume he was timid or “pessimistic.” If you took the scene of Eraqus and Ven from the end of BBS out of context, that could give the same impression. The fact that Ven stood up to Xehanort in his own way by refusing to give into darkness – blatantly disobeying his master’s orders – says he had a good sense of right and wrong back then just as he does under Eraqus. Xehanort even describes Ven when he met him as being “too benign” in his reports.

BUT moving from canon evidence to personal thoughts, I imagine Ven was probably more reserved under Xehanort. He probably didn’t have any real friends other than people he might have talked to in passing (assuming Xehanort traveled with him), meaning the majority of his interactions were with Xehanort, who obviously isn’t the most loving teacher, so I picture Ven being quieter and not quite as excitable since Xehanort wouldn’t have responded very enthusiastically to the kind of social butterfly personality that Ven has later. I also like to think he was happy with Xehanort (that flashback scene notwithstanding), but I also headcanon that Ven was an orphan prior, so for an adult take him in and give him an important role and so much attention (even if it wasn’t affectionate) would be kind of a big deal.

Plus he would have been curious about everything outside of his homeworld, so he would have asked a lot of questions, and since Xehanort holds intelligence in such high esteem, I can picture him taking the time to explain and pass on even some irrelevant knowledge, which again would make Ven feel respected and important. And that could have then led to Ven doing everything he could to respect and please Xehanort in return (again, that one flashback notwithstanding, since his morals/fear were called into question), so I also figure Ven probably tried to be as well-behaved as possible and mimic Xehanort’s behavior to a degree, reinforcing the idea that he wasn’t as talkative or prone to getting excited over everything at the drop of a hat as he is in BBS.

….THAT WAS SUPER LONG, SORRY. And I hope that rambling made some sense?? lol. Thank you for the questions, though, it’s fun to think about. :D

Confession: paint mixing videos stress me the hell out

I realize most of it isn’t actually being applied to anything and is being done purely for the sake of some relaxing instagram fodder, but they almost never mix it enough- there’s always a clump or five of pigment stuck to the palette that didn’t get picked back up and reabsorbed into the vehicle or there are still streaks running through it when the video ends and just

Give me half an hour of oil paint being milled at the actual factory, getting scooped up by trowel and slopped back through those giant rollers until nary a micron of pigment remains uncombined

tl;dr: local asshole applies compulsive instinctual perfectionism to innocuous things, finds joy in nothing, always generally ill at ease

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Miscellaneous stories about my time as a delivery driver.

I delivered for two separate businesses in two separate towns nearly a decade ago. Nothing mind blowingly interesting to report, but I do have a few decent stories.

TL;DR: Smoked some weed, almost died, wrecked and abandoned a shitty car, pissed off a skateboarder, touched a butt, killed a deer.

Story one: Took an order to a house on the outskirts of town. Delivery instructions were to go to the garage. Get to the garage, it’s a man-cave of sorts. Customer is a 30-something dude, clearly stoned. Immediately notice a joint sitting on the table. As he hands me the money he says “Money’s a little tight right now, wish I could tip you more, man.” I point to the joint and reply, “No worries. You could burn that with me.” He goes “Oh shit! I thought I put everything away!” We have a good laugh, we smoke the doob, he ends up pulling a huge bag of pot out of the fridge and sells me an 8th. Good times!

Story Two: Had a driver in the oncoming lane fail to yield and turned left right in front of me. Wish I had a dashcam because I pulled the most epic evasive maneuver of all time, avoiding a serious collision by a matter of inches. Words cannot do this moment justice. It’s one of the proudest moments of my life.

Story Three: Same town, a few weeks later. Wasn’t super familiar with this town, hadn’t lived there long, had been GPSing every address. This particular order was to an apartment complex I had been to a few times, and I knew there was a shortcut through the mall parking lot. It was dark and raining that night. I attempted to take the shortcut. Noticed a few seconds too late that I was barreling into the dead end of a 3 way intersection. Tried to brake and steer out of the way, but hit a curb at a roughly 45 degree angle going around 30mph. Completely obliterated my front passenger side tire and wheel. Had the car towed to a shop. Spent two hours the next day at a pull-and-pay junkyard trying to find a replacement wheel. Took it to the shop. Wrong size. Two more hours at the junkyard. Back to the shop. Wheel fits but the collision bent my control arm. Tire would rub against the inside of the wheel well whenever I turned left. Horrible screeching noise at all times. The wheel literally fell off while I was driving it a few weeks later. Grabbed all my valuable belongings (which included a guitar + small amplifier), called my friends to come get me and started walking. Left the car there, never saw it again.

Story Four: New town, new business. Some teenager seemingly on purpose flung his skateboard into the road as I was driving by. Ran it over, broke the deck in half. Yelled “dumbass!” out the window and kept driving. I get back from my next delivery and the kid and his mom are standing in the lobby yelling at the manager. They’re accusing me of running it over on purpose. Demanding a new skateboard. I was agitated by the lack of honesty and sense of entitlement so I reply, “what if I need new tires? You gonna pay for those?” She didn’t like that very much. Rest of the details are hazy, but the owner ended up buying the kid a new skateboard. The kid came out ahead on that because he only needed a deck but got a whole setup.

Story Five: One of the servers lived in a neighborhood about half a mile away from the store. We had a little fling. If she wasn’t working, I’d routinely stop by her house on my way back from a delivery and fool around for a bit. Good times!

Story Six: Hit a deer on the way to some apartment complex. Two lane highway, busy traffic in both directions. Had somebody tailgating me pretty hard. No idea how the deer even got half way across the road, but he came from the left. Clipped his back legs pretty square as he was jumping across the road, he spun at least 720 degrees through the air and landed on the shoulder. Just kept driving, didn’t even touch my brakes. Had to look hilarious from the guy behind me’s perspective. Pizza guy is on a mission! Get to the delivery, my grill is destroyed. Deer fur stuck in my hood. Pieces of my bumper hanging on by a thread. Got a decent tip. Filed a police report. Insurance ended up doing roughly $3000 worth of body work, I didn’t have to pay a dime.

Thanks for reading!

By: Wolfanini

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I feel like mine is an unpopular opinion, but I couldn't give two fucks if cs is getting married. Honestly this idea that people will consider them "end game" because of this is wrong to me. They are confirmed TL, that should be enough, marriage is just an unnecessary formality, and for once I'd like to see a couple that stays together for the rest of their life and stays madly in love for the rest of their life without the necessity to conform, because marriage =/= happy ending.

i know a /lot/ of people won’t agree w/ this but bOY do i feel you. a LOT. 

((Source, mobile link sadly:

Okay fandom we’re gonna sit down an analyse this reply in a way that is unbiased as possible, using higher analysis (an skill for inference). A quick disclaimer that no, I do not ship Lloyd with anyone. Because Lloyd’s relationships is the main focus here.

TL;DR: Tommy’s response in NO WAY implies that Lloyd will or will not be getting a love interest in future seasons. “Keep watching” literally just means “keep watching to find out if the answer is yes or no”.

Firstly, look at the question being answered.

“Will Lloyd have a girlfriend? Bc Jay and Nya. Zane and Pixal. Kai.. With Skylor”

The person is asking Tommy if Lloyd will have a girlfriend in the future. They use Jay and Nya (a canon couple) and Zane and Pixal (another mostly “canon couple”, although it’s not outright stated in the show and thus can still be interpreted otherwise) as their supporting points.

However, they use Kai and Skylor as one of these points, despite there being little evidence that they did get together after Season 4.

From now on, I’ll be using the term “love interest” instead of girlfriend.

Tommy’s reply is as follows:

“Keep watching.”

Tommy is the co-writer of Ninjago. It would be one of his main objectives to make sure that viewers will continue to watch Ninjago (the TV series) by generating hype (and interacting with the fans by answering some questions from them). Another would be to try and influence people to start watching the show.

Therefore, if anyone asks him a question regarding the series which isn’t stated in canon or isn’t in seasons already in production/translation (like Hands of Time), he would have no choice but to be vague.

He needs to be vague to generate hype, by informing viewers/fans that by continually to support and watch the show, the answers to such questions will potentially have answers. This is ignoring the potential danger to his job in the event that he leaks confidential information.

If he straight up answers with a “yes” or “no”, it would cause people to lose interest as they would already know the answer to such questions and have no further need to watch the show for answers. (For example: imagine if he had already told us when the First Serpentine War had ended prior to Season Seven’s creation. Then there would be no reason for anyone to watch Hands of Time, where the answer is given.)

His message is “keep watching to find out the answer.”

In no way does his message imply a positive response (“yes, he will get a love interest”) or a negative response (“no, he will not get a love interest”). If looking for loaded words, the most you can say is that due to his position as the co-writer of the series, he would have every reason to want people to watch the show.

So please, stop spreading misinformation that Lloyd WILL be getting a love interest. It’s repetitive and annoying.

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Is it normal to take a while to normalize your Real Name? What I mean is, I'm in the closet in some settings, and out in others. When I'm finally able to use my Real Name, it takes maybe an hour before it feels right on me. Do other people experience this, or is your Real Name supposed to feel right always?

Other people definitely experience this. When you’re used to hearing a name for yourself, it can take a bit for the name that you want people to use for you to sound right. It took like six months of everyone around me using my name before it actually got my attention immediately if people mentioned me e and it felt a bit weird for the first few weeks.

tl;dr: other people experience this, it doesn’t mean that your name isn’t your Real True Name


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FWIW, Ornithoscelida only has a bootstrap of 66%.

Yeah, and? Welcome to the amazing world of fossil-based evidence. For that style of cladistic analysis lower numbers are common; of course there need to be further studies and result replication and different styles of analysis (like, Bayes, which my friend @fezraptor is working on right now and adding some new taxa and stuff), but 66% isn’t bad. Also, the paper authors have a real point that we’ve been working with the a-priori assumption that it’s Saurischia-Ornithischia for over a century, with very little challenging that fact. 

It’s kind of like how we’ve been a-priori assuming that dinosaurs are ancestrally scaly. We have new evidence that this might not be true, and while we might revert to the established convention as evidence is collected, for now we have to dismantle those old biases and really tackle the questions without any prior assumptions to get at the real truth. 

tl;dr I’m not saying the new hypothesis is Definitely Correct, I’m saying it’s time we rip apart the roots of dinosaurs at the shreds to actually figure out how they’re connected. 

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At one point one of my rabbits reacted badly to an rhd vaccine (localised fur plucking and bad skin irritation). However the reality was that once that healed she moved onto plucking the fur from around her neck. A lionhead so reasonably normal... And then we discovered that she had a bacteria causing these things and was put onto daily penicillin for about 18 months. Never had a problem after that! TL;Dr rabbit reacted badly to vaccine had an underlying health condition

The RHD vaccine Cylap is supposed to be thrown out 24 hours after opening due to risk of bacterial contamination, and all vaccines can cause local inflammation. They stimulate the immune system, that’s their job. Cylap is known to be able to rarely cause localized hair loss at the injection site.

18 months is a long time for anything to be on antibiotics, especially a rabbit for which oral penicillin can be lethal.

The LRB > The Economist > The TLS > The New Yorker > NLR > The NYRB’s reviews > a dry bag of shit > Jacobin > The NYTBR > The LARB > a moist bag of shit > n+1 > The NYRB’s opinion pieces > Current Affairs (?) > The Baffler

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What you said about Rob being marginalised in this crappy plot is so true and makes me so sad:(, look I get Robron is no fairytale and they're messed up always have been but did they really have to make it quite so bad? When I first saw this I was like ok Aaron's messed and so has Robert this can be worked out but really they way they made Robert look and choices like the mill just made him look 10x worse? did they really have to make it so nasty.

Oh, nonnie, this ask just went epic. 

Alright this answer got away from me so you know if you have stuff to do tl;dr

Looking at it from their point (the writers), they don’t think they did anything wrong because I get the sense that their INTENTION was that they equally messed up. That Robert’s horrible choice was equally as bad as Aaron. I think their intention was to bring to light those issues that they never resolved after the Kasim incident: Robert’s fear of never being good enough and never being able to make Aaron happy; Aaron’s fear that Robert would be unfaithful. He was sure of it even when Robert insisted he wouldn’t (and he meant that). Robert was sure that he couldn’t make Aaron happy even when it was obvious that Robert leaving would break Aaron.

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Father, I beg of you: lend me your ear. I, along with three other plushies are on a quest... A holy one at that. And although it is tragic that Narancia's orang trees had to be burned down in the process, I do not regret what was done. Father, we are the holy quest to discover WHOMST'VE has given Diego Brando, the SUCC... Tl;dr, can a blessing?

what does this say i cant fucking read

    Karina’s Really In Depth (Slightly Salty) Look at the New Lore.

alright i’ve got quite a few words to have about the lore. let’s get started.

tl;dr, i try to integrate the new lore into the old lore and make my version of shyvana make some sense.

put under read more because it’s really long and i ramble a lot.

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