Full disclaimer: I don’t play Pokémon

Alright so I was told that Cosmoem weighs 2,204.4 pounds and that pokéballs convert the Pokémon into energy, so I decided to do some calculations.

E=4.4x10^20 joules or 44000000000000000000 joules

That’s really hard to picture so let me put it like this: a 100-megaton nuclear warhead is roughly 10^17 joules. Lillie is carrying around the energy equivalent of 4,400 of those things. The United States currently has 4,500 nuclear warheads and not all of them are usable and/or exactly 100 megatons. She easily may have as much or more energy chilling in her bag than the United States does in its nuclear arsenal. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Thanks to @hikaruhitachiinsenpai for providing Pokémon knowledge , @the-trash-master for looking up nuclear warhead statistics, and >@animalluvr999 for wanting to get a shout out I guess.

TL;DR: Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon carries around more energy in her bag than (presumably) the United States has in nuclear weapons

Bingo! (Trixya) - Wednesday Angeline

A/N: Soooo everyone has probably seen the Trixya Fanfiction Bingo thing by now on aqconfessions. I make bad life choices so I wrote a little thing that tries to cover all of them very briefly. Do I win anything? :P

Tl;dr: Shitty crackfic with no substance. Maybe one or two weak jokes. Sure to be a crowd-pleaser…just like Tasha Salad.

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Hamlet roulette, 31

This was the last performance! (sniff) (previous posts about Hamlet roulette) (chronologically)

The final configuration of this outrageous fortune experiment:

  • El Beh played Polonius, the priest, and Osric
  • Kevin Clarke played Claudius and Rosencrantz
  • Nick Medina played Gertrude and Guildenstern
  • Cathleen Riddley played the ghost and gravedigger (not randomised)
  • David Sinaiko played Laertes
  • Megan Trout played Ophelia and Horatio
  • Beth Wilmurt played Hamlet

It was an excellent performance and an enthusiastic audience–including a surprisingly large number of people seeing it for their first time.

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I get it, that one tiny scene with Shiro lowering Allura’s hand was more exciting to shallura fans than the whole Keith and Allura bonding, noted. Literally every shallura fan has already told me this. And I agree, that one hand scene has a lot more intimacy and meaning than many of the kallura ones. That doesn’t make shitting on kallura (especially its fans) okay.

TL;DR: If you have to bash someone’s pairing to make yours look better/superior/what-have-you, you’re a shitty person.

GuardDispatcher PSA:

The channel that we had made for The Stormwind Guard, now run by The Stormwind City Guard is not a place where random guard RPers can log in and post that they’re on duty.  This is for players in the community to get into contact with members of The SW City Guard only.  

Those found advertising their Guard on Duty whilst not being within the guild will be removed from the channel.  This is to ensure that we don’t have a veritable clusterfuck when someone calls for aid.

TL;DR: Don’t hijack the channel.  It isn’t yours to hijack.

anonymous asked:

i thought matt was trans but you keep putting him in girl clothes

i’ve spent a few hours contemplating how && if i was going to answer this. 

ah, where to start. let’s start with the ‘girl clothes’ bit, yeah? there’s no such thing as ‘girl clothes’ or ‘boy clothes’. no matter what clothes a person wears, if they say they’re a boy, they’re a boy, && if they say they’re a girl, they’re a girl. if i put on a dress i don’t magically change into a girl.

this doesn’t change when you’re trans. trans boys && trans girls can wear whatever the fuck they want. if a trans boy wants to put on some makeup && wear a pretty outfit he can.

tl;dr; matt is my trans husband && he can wear pretty clothes if he wants fuck off

anonymous asked:

The Women's March was an amazing moment. I should know; I was there! Now it's making me sad to see so many allies starting to turn on each other because of their differences instead of putting them aside for a greater cause. Like, I know that feminism isn't one-size-fits all, but for god's sake, don't lash out at "white feminists" right after such a wonderful, united event! (That's not to say "white feminism" isn't exempt from criticism). tl;dr: Pick your battles against your enemies, not allies


I made Chase put up a baby gate in the kitchen, because the dogs have figured out how to open the cupboard doors and were sneaking into their dog food. I figured a baby gate would solve the problem, except that Tony kept ending up on the other side when we would come home, and I was blaming Chase for leaving it open, since it has one of those swinging doors, but he SWORE he shut it. So I turned one of our security cameras around so that I could show him that he did, in fact, leave it open, and laugh at him. Except he didn’t, because apparently Tony is a magician dog, and was JUMPING OVER THE DAMN GATE to get to the treats, and not only that, but he was also feeding them to his siblings. 

TL;DR My dog is kind of awesome, and my husband does, in fact, know how to shut a baby gate.