i’ve said this before but i really don’t understand why gimmicks that are “happy” are doomed to fail. it’s just unfortunate that goofy and campy gimmicks like adam rose, fandango, bayley, emma, the new day, etc. exist within this present day wrestling generation and not the say, the 1980′s, because ever since the late 90′s and the attitude era happened, there’s been this driving force of “everyone has to be a badass or an asshole, everyone has to be edgy” to succeed

the wwe claims that they want to have something that excites every demographic, and you have the new day, who could be perfect role models to the large part of their audience that is children. they could be giving kids a great source of how to take the bad situations in life, and make them good. instead, they’re met with “new day sucks chants” because they’re “too happy”.

in professional wrestling, there seems to be a weird stigma against children. any gimmick that people find “stupid” is seen as “pg bullshit for the kids”, if you look at any number of old ecw videos (honestly why would you but that’s beside the point), you’ll see a number of people boasting that there’s no children in the crowd. like wrestling’s better for it. even one of the prime reasons why people make fun of john cena is because “the kids like him”. 

i mean honestly at what point do you pull the stick out of your ass and say to yourself “dude i’m watching what is usually at least two sweaty, oily dudes squeeze, roll, and flip each other around“ and relax and enjoy what you have in front of you for what it is. you’ll live longer if you stop stressing out over being some smark who thinks they’re cool lmfao


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