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hello!! r there any new fics that r singer!kyungsoo centric? or he doesnt rlly have to be a professional one i guess ones that would center on his voice is what im rlly looking for ahhhh thanks for opening ur askbox yall r lovely!!!

Hello sweetie! You’re my first req! You can find the previous singing centric req here, the musical tag here and the celebrity tag here ^^

Here are some new singer!kyungsoo centric:

  • Brightest Star ♥: chaptered fic ongoing, bestfriends to lovers, angst, ot10, idol!Kyungsoo and dance teacher!Jongin, (I love satagirl18 /sobs/)
  • Fanboy : 8k, shy fanboy!jongin has the privilege to meet singer!kyungsoo whom he is head over heels for (jongin’s clumsiness is adorable)
  • Love in Darkness: drabble, fluff, jongin falls in love with the voice of angel!kyungsoo who lives in the darkness
  • My Heart Beats for U: 3.7k, Kyungsoo want to become a singer but he needs a heart and Jongin gives him one. Deaf and mute!jongin, sick!kyungsoo, friendship, alternative ending. Tw for suicide/major character death and bullying. 
  • What the Nightingale Spies chaptered fic ongoing, spy au, ok in this one ks may not be a singer but the centric is pretty much on his voice!

Those fics are older but just in case:

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