Yesterday, the happy thing I talked about was…
That yesterday, Uchicchii wished You-chan a happy birthday
As a surprise (T_T) He even gave me flowers (T_T)♡
I was just so surprised, I immediately went up to him to collect the flowers lol. Thanks, Uchicchii 😌💓


From this point on I’m just going to delete all Itachi-focused asks. I ended up with 7 in my inbox in the last 24 hours, and I’d really, really prefer it if people would respect my opinions and not ignore the fact that I dislike this one character, or try to make me see the light. 


anonymous asked:

Could you list your personal reasons why you think Ymir is still alive? Also, from a storytelling point of view? It bothers me that she might be dead. It would feel very anti-climactic, and I feel like her story with Historia shouldn't end until they at least see each other again.

There are a bunch of dated things through these.

Really though, it just comes down to one thing, best illustrated by what will hopefully be shouted to the high heavens in next week’s episode of the anime:

“Why’re you trying to act like a saint?! You really want to look cool as you die that much?! You jerk!!! We both know you’re rotten to the core! Are you such a moron you think you could still get into Heaven?!”

Live for your own sake!! If protecting this tower’s going to kill you… then just smash it to pieces!!!

Ymir dives into a horde of titans knowing that she’ll probably die. She does this because it’s the only way her loved ones will survive. They’re her focus. She can be okay with dying for them.

Enter Kristoria, and despite the words being shouted, Ymir doesn’t switch gears to thinking only about getting herself out alive; she uses the encouragement to come up with a strategy that saves everyone. That story has a happy ending because Ymir is selfish enough to give a damn about her own life even in the midst of sacrificing it.

The only time during Utgard that Ymir comes close to giving up, it’s when protecting herself puts the people she’s fighting for directly in harm’s way.

When she strays down that road, we get the above rant. Minus the literal aspect of the tower, word for word, it applies to the situation with Reiner and Bertolt.

We’ve done this story before, and we have an answer to the problem. It isn’t good enough for just one person to make it out okay.

If the end answer is that it is, Ymir earns the note of being the most tumultuous static character you ever did see. Her first life is nothing but living, and ultimately dying, for others. Based on the current facts, if she’s dead, her second life amounts to the same thing.

We’ve done Ymir dying for the sake of others. Twice. The saving grace of her second life is Kristoria talking her out of it. She wants to live. She wants Historia safe. She wants to protect Reiner and Bertolt.

Handing herself over to Marley destroys the first option, throws the second into jeopardy, and is a very, very temporary fix for that last one.

Above all else, Ymir wants to follow her own interests. She can do better than dying for two doomed warriors and leaving everything she cares about in other people’s hands. There’s no reason to think that she wouldn’t try.

…I guess you could say the possibility of her being dead bothers me, too. :) Thanks for the ask!

Wyatt Logan: Part Two

@idatheactivist sent me a message asking if my opinion of Wyatt has changed since I made this post.  And since this quickly got a little long, I made another post instead of flooding tumblr’s tiny messaging system.

Also, I think it is a good question. Because Wyatt did have some character development in the second half of the season. In 1.12, he was even the one concerned with protecting history when Lucy was distracted. I won’t ignore that. I will start by saying again, just one more time, I don’t dislike Wyatt. He’s just my least favorite, the most boring, and the irritating pinnacle of having his transgressions completely swept under the rug by canon and fandom.

But I’ll put the rest under a cut.

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What the hell is up with those foreign language supplies in castle Utgard? The scouts said they were recent but who brought those? Is it the language of the mainland? but then why can't Reiner read those letters (or was he pretending he couldn't? and when did he learn to read Paradis letters?) But then again the beast titan said "we speak the same language" Are they the same letters as the book Grisha "read"? Why would Ymir know them? Was this explained? help D:

Heh, I’ll do my best, but I’m not sure it’s been explained in full yet.

What we know is that people on Paradis would not be expected to know the language, and Reiner knows enough to recognize that.

Ymir’s taken in by a cult as a child, so to be fair, her education is probably not the sort most people go through. She’s also from a generation no character living has anything to do with. If you were to pick a character you could excuse away knowing a language no one else is familiar with, she’s your girl.

There is the matter of Reiner’s cover to consider, though. Knowing that Ymir is more knowledgeable than the average Paradis dweller has to have been one of the most terrifying moments of his undercover experiences. There’s a whole world outside of Paradis Ymir could have come from to give her the language experience, and from what we know, Marley’s not the most popular place.

Keeping the fact that he knows how significant Ymir’s admission is to himself is the safest thing he could have done. That makes it hard to say if he actually can’t read the cans.

Additionally, there are the cultural differences to consider. Ymir’s upbringing is nearly seventy years before Reiner’s, and critically different besides. Ymir is raised by people who revere Ymir Fritz, while Reiner is reared in a society that reviles her.

Languages can be a loaded weapon, and considering how Marley thinks of Eldia, abolishing as much of it as they could makes sense. With the oppression on both sides, it’s doubtful anyone could avoid speaking the same language, but getting rid of a specific way of writing it down would be considerably more doable, with the added bonus of killing later generations’ access to their written history.

That’s something that would be of interest to the First King as well. Operating under the theory that Eldia has multiple alphabets for their language, it would be in line with his behavior to remove all memory of one, leaving future communication intact, but destroying one more link to the past.

So while I don’t think there currently is an official answer, my current thought is that the language is a largely forgotten form of Eldian that is less forgotten in regions that don’t suffer magical mindwipes. If we stick around Marley long enough to see more things written down (be it in their chosen language or someone else’s) we might end up with a more grounded answer.

(I do know there are people who have examined the background text of this series extensively, but unfortunately I’m not one of them, and I’m terrible at keeping track of who does what.)

Thanks for the ask!

anonymous asked:

do you have any mariyou/kanariko headcanons?

Not really, nothing tangible anyway, even though I’m quite fond of these two closet ships, especially youmari.

Ah YouMari… _(:3」∠)_ there just ain’t enough. It could potentially become one of my top favs alas just ain’t enough content _(:3」∠)_ I first noticed them as brOTP after ep11, but once I started thinking about their potential, damn, I was done for. Shiny Onee-san seems the type who can handle any situation… except against dumb muscly canine-types like Kanan and You. But, different from Kanan, You has that innocent puppy aura that makes her easy to tease. While I see Mari teasing You lots, I also see her being… utterly useless when it comes to the adorkable puppy that is yosoro.

tl;dr YouMari has such potential they need more stuff

As for KanaRiko, I’m still a firm believer that Kanan and Riko have a lot of time bonding - Kanan showing Riko more of the sea by diving together, and them working on the choreography to match the music. They have so much potential, and Kanan is one of the few people (the others being Dia and Mari) who can properly kabedon-raise-chin Riko lmao. They do have the kind of dynamic I adore - the easygoing, charismatic senpai x bashful artistic kouhai.

tl;dr  they also have so much potential and definitely need screentime asafasdf

I think I do have an abandoned headcanon somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it… I’ll just post it as it is if I could find it _(:3」∠)_

In this story instance all the players get turned into little rabbits without our weapons and everything, but this guy in my guild discovered that you can still use the special one-off weapons stored in your inventory bags and tl;dr he was a tiny baby bunny hopping around with a fucking sniper rifle and a bazooka.

A bunnzooka.


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