Review: ChaosJelly Energy Reading (Full)

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a full energy reading from @chaosjelly and I am super impressed with what he was able to read and what I got from him.

Tl;Tr version - I 100% recommend his energy readings, specifically his energy health readings, his protections and spirit readings - Im super satisfied with the service and have gained extremely useful insight and everything was (as far as my knowledge goes) accurate. Jelly was super professional and great to work with and was able to work with my schedule despite the time zone difference and is all round a pretty swell person.

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I’ll admit it, I don’t really understand why people love Vine sooo much and some practically worship Vine “celebrities” like Nash Grier. My friend will show me some, laughing her butt off and I’ll just be with a straight face. I’ll be honest, some of the vines I’ve seen are actually really cool or funny. But those make up probably about 10% of all the Vines I’ve ever seen. The rest are bratty kids trying too hard, jokes that aren’t funny at all, and just conceited-looking people who just care about their mug being on camera. The worst part is that some of these Vines are vulgar and obscene, which I think is awful because from my experience, most Vine users are young teens or even kids. I see my cousins who are 8 years old watching some dude grinding to furniture or cussing and I get disgusted that there isn’t at least a filter on these things. 

TL;TR- I think some Vines are funny and cool, but the majority are people who try too hard. I find Vine to be childish and annoying, and I think they need filters to protect the younger users from seeing inappropriate content.

anonymous asked:

hello how do i fully join the tf2 fandom it seems so great but i dont got the game i just mainly like the characters. ye sorry to bother ya

idk what “FULLY JOIN” would mean…. i mean.. you’re in it if ya say you are and that’s that y’know. 

but on the other hand, to “FULLY ENJOY“ tf2 is a whole different story y’know what i’m sayin.

i would recommend watching the Meet the Team videos and then reading the comics, if you haven’t already. you can go ahead and explore, read the past updates, explore tf2 wiki etc. but you should definitely try the game if you can since a) it’s free b) it’s fun and c) IT’S FREE!!

if you end up liking gameplay, you can watch tf2 youtubers’ gameplay commentaries (popular youtubers being STAR_ or Jerma) or get into watching (or playing!) competitive gameplay. a lot of competitive players stream on teamfortresstv @ twitch and many of their matches are shoutcasted on that channel. PRETTY ENTERTAINING STUFF!!

if you’re not so into gameplay there’s plenty of cool sfm vids and art out there, not to mention there’s also cool tf2 communities, here on tumblr, reddit, etc. etc. blah blah blee bloo. plenty of artwork (and fanfics lol) and plenty of amazing people that you can befriend!! tumblr has a lot of friendly and talented people!!

there’s a lot of other stuff too, but this is just stuff coming from the top of my head. sorry if this was not helpful since it is a dookie poopie post, but i do hope it helped… :Bc


Well the bitter hag in me is making an appearance.

Tumblr has a lot of really amazing witches, Wiccans and pagans that devote a lot of their time to answer questions and provide free information and direction. I see a lot of users ignoring the FAQS, which is at the very least rude.

Second, there is another great resource. It’s called Google. Google is the great deity of shared information. You can find tons of information on where to get materials and correspondences and deities and history and the list just goes on. I love the Tumblr witchcraft community and they can be a great resource, but you know what? They can be even better conversation when you do some research yourself and go into an ask with your own vague opinions, then you can discuss, clarify and have a much more in depth, intellectual, spiritual conversation. I feel like that gets skipped a lot.

Anyway, tl;tr tumblr is great for resources but don’t forget to do personal research. These blogs are run by people with real lives too. If you didn’t have time to do the work, they don’t either.

I never watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and I just reached episode 22 where Simon and Viral team up in the last ep (which was the best part) aND GURREN LAGANN COMBINES WITH ARC-LAGANN!!!!!! AND I ACTUALLY HAD TO PAUSE THE EPISODE CAUSE IT WAS TOO AWESOME FOR ME TO HANDLE, LITERALLY!!!!

tl;tr Gurren Lagann is an awesome anime. It’s just…awesome.