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1017. Draco Malfoy didn't mind his son's friendship with Rose Weasley and Albus Potter because he wanted real, true friends for his son, something he never had. He also saw it as fitting, that his son could do what he had not, and "what might have been" if he himself had not been raised on blood prejudice and elitism.

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they learn to harness their ability to create, it makes them feel closer to the knowing. painted in @tiltbrush | 🎶 @seaneads

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i was tagged by @dicksoutforsandeul for my 6 best selfies of 2016 (ft @yoonseokswife) just know that these aren’t actually my best selfies but my best ones have my hair showing so i can’t post those… but take my word for it i look REALLY good in those
anyway i tag enida @colonizedrice @oddeye @jinspettywife @knj @jinsoulmate n whoever wants to do it say i tagged u!!