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P R I D E I got tired of seeing pride playlists w katy effing perry so I made my own with actual lgbt artists and sans miss katherine

1. Know Your Name  - Mary Lambert  2. Arregaçada (Boss in Drama Remix) - Banda Uó  3. Cut To The Feeling - Carly Rae Jepsen  4. E.V.P - Blood Orange  5. Good Guys (Night Time Mix) - Mika  6. In This Together ft. Delfi - Hanna Mia  7. Living In Another World - Neon Trees  8. LGBT - Lowell  9. Teddy I’m Ready - Ezra Furman  10. Slip Away - Perfume Genius  11. Wild Things - Ladyhawke  12. The Love Within - Bloc Party  13. Hungry Ghost - Hurray for the Riff Raff  14. Ready For Your Love (feat. MNEK) - Gorgon City  15. In For The Kill - Shamir  16. YOU’RE THE ONE (feat. SYD) - KAYTRANADA  17. Call YMCA Maybe - YelpImTheToaster  18. LGBT - Cupcakke  19. Chuva - Jaloo  20. To Be Human (feat. Labrinth) - Sia



special thanks to @femmefareeha for reccing me music

Uta Pri: 6th Stage Report Pt. 2

Continues from Getting Tickets

PRE-SHOW: The Goods Line & Trading @ Sunshine City 5/25

In my research of Japanese concerts and seiyuu events, I learned about goods sales typically happening before the show. I noticed people mentioned that you could line up any time before doors opened, there wasn’t a set time that the merch tent would ~open for business~. Sometimes there was order forms, sometimes not. Either way, you’d be waiting a while to get your stuff before the actual concert. I spent a good few weeks trying to mentally prepare myself to get to Met Life Dome on the first train out, trying to figure out a schedule, make sure I was super rested for a really really longggggg daaaay.

Of course, for 6th Stage, with such anticipation of getting goods, the staff decided to make a separate event over several days leading up and including the live weekend to join the queue at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro for the majority of the available merch. This…..threw a wrench in my planning! Just when I thought I had a whole day to dedicate to 6th Stage, I now realized the first thing I was ever ever ever going to do in Japan…….was going to stand in line. For hours. To try and buy merchandise. Of fictional idol groups.

Me: (to me) why are you l i k e t h i s

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With the unfortunate disbanding of 2NE1, a lot of us have been robbed of our favorite ‘Girl Crush’-style girl group. Who’s going to slay our asses without them? Who is going to provide the level of badass-ed-ness we need to survive? Have no fear– I’m here with a list of badass, fierce, confident ladies, and while no one can ever replace 2NE1 in our hearts, these girls might be able to numb the pain a little bit.

These groups are rookie groups– not just because there were quite a few really good badass groups that debuted this year, but because many of them need your support. Girl Crush concepts are often slept on, and I’d hate for some of these groups to have to disband because they don’t have enough of an income.

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How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Have you ever wondered how people solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes?

My best friend Hannah shows you how in her video, “How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube”. It’s her very first video ever, and her first video for my truebluemeandyou YouTube channel - so please be kind.

Her next video will be how to make Safety Pin Bracelets - that don’t look cheap. Check out the gorgeous Safety Pin Bracelets she sells in her Etsy Store now. EDIT: Hannah’s DIY Safety Pin Bracelet Tutorial is here.

Steps for Solving a Rubik’s Cube

Step 1: The X - 1:05

Solve for the X on the top face. Make sure each piece lines up with the correct color on the front and side faces.

Step 2: The Corners - 2:26

Solve the corners on the top face. Make sure the front and side faces form a T shape.

Step 3: Top 2 Rows - 5:22
From this step forward you simply repeat patterns. I am going to write these patterns in abbreviated form.
T = turn the top face to the right
T" = turn the top face to the left
F = turn the front face clockwise
F" = turn the front face counterclockwise
R = turn the right face up
R" = turn the right face down
L = turn the left face up
L" = turn the left face down
B = turn the bottom row to the right
B" = turn the bottom row to the left

Solving a piece to the right:

Solving a piece to the left:

Step 4: The Bottom X - 7:29

Reminder: If you have an L shape, it should be in the top left corner. If you have a straight line, it should be horizontal.
Pattern (repeat until you have an X): RT"R"F"TFRTR"

Step 5: Align the X - 9:50

Reminder: Line up just one color before performing the pattern.
Pattern (repeat until all the colors line up): RT"T"R"TRTR"

Step 6: Align the Corners - 10:49

Reminder: The aligned corner should be in the bottom left corner.
Pattern (repeat until all the corners are aligned): RTLT"R"TL"T"

Step 7: Finish the Cube

Reminder: You want two corners correctly oriented, both on the left side.
Pattern (repeat until the cube is solved): RT"T"R"TRTR"LT"T"L"T"LT"L"

This is probably going to sound really dumb but how in the heck do you say coatl??
Coh-ah-tel?? Coat-el?? Cot-el?? K-oh-tel?? K-o-w-r-tl?? Coal?? Cow-tell?? Cot-L??
Seriously somebody please put me out of my misery

nuest-beast  asked:

For the nu'est ask thing! 13-20! 👉🏼👉🏼💖

Hi! <3

My favourite Nu’est Japanese songs, are “Ame Nochi ein” and “NA NA NA” both songs have amazingly powerful high notes, beautiful lyrics, are seriously catchy and stunning vocal harmonisation of the Nu’est members.

ahh Nu’est really make the BEST power ballads.

R.L.T.L or Look? I love both songs a lot, but R.L.TL is my favourite song from “CANVAS” album so it wins here lol. The whole electro chorus and sounds of the rainforest mixed in is really amazing right? I LOVE the raindrop sounds breakdown (how to explain that?? lol)

I’m forever impressed by Baekho’s compositions skills! 

armourkinney  asked:

jason todd: taking his daddy + mommy issues to a whole new level


listen, pretty much all the bat children have major daddy and mommy issues, but jason takes it to a whole new level. he basically

  • hates his biodad for abandoning him (willis)
  • dropped out of 5th grade to care for his beloved stepmom (catherine)
  • who later dies of an OD under his baby care and probably scars him for life
  • and/or has circus parents who are horribly murdered (joseph and trina)
  • gets a new dad (bruce)
  • and a new mom (nocturna)
  • is obsessed with both of them and jealous when anyone else gets close to them (selina)
  • and only gets over his intense jealousy after getting his own girlfriend (rena) (??? wth)
  • FLIPS THE FUCK OUT when he finds out his biodad is dead (willis)
  • finds out the person he thought was his biomom was actually his step-mom (catherine)
  • then obsessively searches for his biomom (sheila)
  • gets manipulated by his biomom into a death trap
  • then goes out of his way to PROTECT his biomom
  • DIES alongside his biomom
  • is taken in and healed by his adoptive dad’s momish ex-girlfriend (talia)
  • becomes depressed and believes his adoptive dad didn’t love him (bruce)
  • sleeps with his mentor/mom (talia)
  • collaborates with a dadish guy (hush) who happens to be his dad’s best friend, AGAINST his dad (bruce)
  • enacts a gigantic revenge plot based on feeling unloved by his dad (utrh)
  • has a mental breakdown when said adoptive dad dies, complete with murdering a shit ton of innocent people (bftc)
  • hits on his dad when he visits him in prison (b&r)
  • ???
  • profit

tl;dr: what the FUCK jason


jreiss1923  asked:

Why did you put Bart as black? I feel that Bart is more about chaos rather than trickery, and on occasion helps others rather than himself. Homer, on the other hand, focuses on his own needs and gluttony, so he is black TL;DR : Bart = R, Homer = B

Bart plots and plans for advancing his own agenda enjoying the suffering of those around him.

Homer, in contrast, is impulsive, making short-term decisions never thinking about the impact of his decisions often leaving chaos in his wake.

I stand by my color associations.