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Sanat yönetmeni Orhan Okay’ın Türk Lirası için geliştirdiği banknotlar, minimalist yapısı ve estetik tasarım hatlarıyla beğeni topluyor. Boyut konusunda altın oranı dikkate alan Okay, paraların el değiştirirken dikey hareket ettiğini ve bu yüzden bir yüzeyi dikey, diğer yüzeyi yatay tasarladığını belirtiyor. Banknotların arka yüzlerindeki karakter ise Seyit Ali Onbaşı, Atilla İlhan, Köy Enstitüleri, Asos Antik Kenti, Nasîrüddin Tûsî ve Bahriye Üçok.

petsite rant

ok so i see people complaining about FR’s website and i’m like uh?? have you seen other petsites???

like, look at cs. list of the most spammy threads at the left, news page that takes up an obnoxious amount of space, and some shitty 90s flower border around the whole thing. the header’s kinda cute though, i’ll give it that.

neopets? the whole thing just screams “buy our shit”. look at these cool items!! this thing is on sale!! don’t you wish you could afford that edgelord™ pet? also, everything’s misaligned.

and i’m not even going into sites which have hyper-realistic headers that don’t match the rest of the site’s style and take up half the page, or sites where the home page is the most aesthetic, vague shit you can imagine with no easy navigation.

now, take a look at fr again.

columns are stacked up neatly, header bar shows you three dragons in a similar art style to what’s on the rest of the site, navigation is all in one place, news reads like an actual news article and isn’t super crowded, site status shows announcements and important stuff, it’s all pretty uniform and nice to look at. it also doesn’t try to stretch content out; the map fills up any excess space in width and seamlessly fades to black as you scroll down instead of trying to do tiling and failing. fr’s website design is literally why it’s the only pet site that’s held my interest.

tl;dr: @whoever designed fr’s website i love you

About Lotor's design:

I’ve read some posts saying they hated Prince Lotor’s design because it was way to simple compared to some other people’s design but
I’m liking it? Yea it’s simple but it’s a nice change from Zarkon who have a really impressive and imposing design.
Lotor’s simple design is great because when you hear about Zarkon’s son, the Galra Prince, new ruler of the Empire yoh expect someone like his father, someone really buff and intimidating. Not a dainty, sly character like him. That’s one of his strength; his appearance is deceptive and he use it well. It makes people underestimate him, makes them too cocky and overconfident. Which is signing their death sentence. Also by the gifs rolling around, you know he is strong, cunning and can fuck you up.

Tl;dr: his simple design is beautiful and he can kick my ass whenever he want.

Today on Rose’s UNCANNY POP CULTURE GRIMOIRE: Let’s make a witches’ familiar out of a toy!

Do you want a familiar but you live in an apartment that is ridiculously small in an insanely polluted city? Do you find the idea of haunted dolls to be cute and endearing? Well, then that’s oddly specific and that means you are probably me… Anyway, this method is experimental and I am not gonna do it until Sunday (I’ll keep you guys updated with pictures) but i’m gonna share the basic idea anyway.

step 1: acquire furby (or a tamagotchi if your apartment is even smaller than mine!). You could arguably do this with any toy, but one that provides a certain degree of interactivity (read: furby) is preferred. But seriously, this is UNCANNY POP CULTURE GRIMOIRE not “logically sound decisions grimoire”, so you can fucking make your with a waifu body pillow for all i care. 
step 2: draw the circle. I use latin words in cursive in lieu of complicated sigils, because writing cursive is complicate enough, but you can substitute. Phrases in comic sans are instructions, not sigils. That’s why I used comic sans.
step 3: put furby in circle and candles in their designed places (tl;dr: do the comic sans thing)
step 4: call the quarters and light the candles in your preferred way and order. I like the Satanic invocation for those, but that’s hard as hell to pronounce, and the traditional Wiccan ones are in English, which sounds like nails on a blackboard to me. So write your own if you wanna. BONUS ONUS: If you have associated deities to every element, you can write their signs/sigils eh whatever in the wax of the candles with a tiny lil stick.
step 5: do the actual spell. Declaration of intent and stuff or what not. Since this is gonna change from person to person, I am not going to give you a template. Tell that you want the thing to come alive, use names to bind bla bla. 
step 6: let the candles burn fully. Finally, don’t let your familiar out of the circle until the next morning so the energy has time to stabilize while you are sleeping. You’re trying to give the thing A SOUL. Souls are complicated things that shouldn’t be disturbed until they have integrated with their body.

You now have a MAGICAL CONNECTION with a cool toy you love! How cool is that?


So, unless your intent is like… real strong, you may have an additional sigil in the middle pentagon: 

Blah blah long alchemical explanation but basically, last step of the transmutation process, in which a volatile substance (and we’re talking a soul here) is given a form. 

This is optional, but may help.

the story behind hawk moth’s first transformation, his purple suit, and why the villains have fabulous outfits …

theprodigalrobot  asked:

Can you talk a little bit about your experience at design school? and working as a designer? I know this is kind of vague, but like. What was your program like? How did you get your current job? What do you do day-to-day? I'm currently in college and I'm trying to decide whether to stay a biology major or switch to an art or design program. I know I'd be good at the art thing, and I might like it better than biology, but. I've been scared away from pursuing art for a long time. thanks :)


I’m gonna break this answer into design school and working full time as a designer, since they’re kind of very different things, especially given my specific design job.


It’s cool because it doesn’t feel like school
This experience may vary from program to program, but in my design program they didn’t treat us like students. It was like the teachers were the art directors at a design firm and we were their designers. Homework didn’t feel like homework. It felt like a job. I haven’t felt like a student since I graduated high school, and that’s really good preparation for the professional world.

You really need to fend for yourself
Another thing that may vary between programs. In my design school, we’d have VERY open-ended assignments. For example, I’d get the assignment “design an interactive iPad magazine” and they’d basically give us a 30 minute tutorial on Digital Publishing Suite and be like “OKAY NOW GO MAKE IT.” The thing about working with design software is that they’re really complicated and powerful so it’s hard to actually sit down and teach an entire class how to use them, so we had to teach ourselves a lot of this stuff. I’m almost entirely self-taught when it comes to Adobe programs, as are a lot of people from my program. That’s a really good thing, in my opinion. Again, it’s very good preparation for the professional world.

You will not sleep
Design school was VERY HARD PHYSICALLY for me, but the intensity of a person’s experience in design school depends entirely on the program they enroll in. I went to a design school that’s infamous for the difficulty of the program. Junior and senior year I would be pulling all-nighters EVERY WEEK OF THE SEMESTER, FROM THE FIRST WEEK OF THE SEMESTER. This is no exaggeration. For two straight years, I needed to think of my days as 48-hour periods, rather than 24-hour periods, because the volume of work was just that intense. I lost 30 lbs in undergrad and was always sick and anxious and was in therapy twice a week because it’s very intense, but also I am OBSESSED with graphic design and loved every minute even though I also thought I was dying the entire time!!

Again, may vary depending on the program. But in my program we had to produce hand-made comps of all of our print work. Paper and printing is expensive as fuck, especially for ambitious one-off student stuff. A lot of us opted to buy our own large-format printers and keep them in our apartments to avoid paying out the nose for school printing. And if you don’t want to depend on school lab hours, you need a laptop (preferably a Mac), Adobe programs (I sprung for Creative Cloud), and, in my program, an iPad was an absolute requirement. It’s SO. EXPENSIVE. 

The difference between majoring in graphic design vs fine art
I originally went to art school for fine art before I discovered graphic design. I studied fine art in Rome. I love fine art. I just love graphic design A LOT MORE and that’s because the real purpose of graphic design is COMMUNICATION. Fine art is subjective, whereas graphic design is problem solving. It’s way more intellectually stimulating, in my opinion. Yes, there are always tons of different ways to solve a design problem, but there are also wrong answers to design problems. You don’t have the crutch of subjectivity to lean on with design. I LOVE THAT. 


How I got my job
I actually got really lucky. There were two major factors in me getting my job: timing and the kind of designer my current company was looking for.

  • TIMING: I graduated undergrad in the “off semester,” meaning my last semester was the fall semester. (I needed to take an extra semester because I was really sick my junior year and needed to drop a core course.) This served me really well, because the job market wasn’t saturated with a bunch of other recent design grads. Way less competition.
  • THE KIND OF DESIGNER MY COMPANY WAS LOOKING FOR: I work for a marketing firm that had never employed an in-house designer before they hired me. They’d always contracted out. Hiring me was the start of a new business structure for them after 30 years of only employing writers. Because this was a new situation for everyone, they were comfortable hiring a young and inexperienced (and therefore cheap) designer. They were comfortable with the idea of the company and the designer growing together. That’s a seriously rare set-up. I really lucked out that they happened to be looking for that kind of setup.
  • Also, of course, I was persistent about getting my resume out there. From the September of my final semester (I graduated in December) on, I was sending out my resume to every single job opening I could find – so at least 5 a day. I’ve been an AIGA member for years, and I used the hell out of their job boards, and that’s how I found the listing for my current job.

What I do day-to-day
I’m the in-house designer at a marketing firm. This means that I do all of our in-house branding, I do some client work, and I also project manage/act as company liaison to outside design firms that we partner with for big projects. (I love that part of my job because I’ve gotten to see the workflows and processes of so many other incredible designers all while working this one job!)

It’s pretty cool because I’m the only designer there – I’m the entire design department. As a result, I kind of need to figure out how to do a little bit of everything, often on the fly! It keeps me on my toes and I love that!

I’m just gonna list off a bunch of things I’ve done, since there isn’t a day-to-day schedule:

  • Designing in-house marketing materials for the firm. (A lot of what we do is sending proposals/reports to clients, because a lot of what we do is communications strategy. So it’s TONS of pages of text. I need to make all of that shit look interesting/readable so that clients actually take us seriously.) We also sponsor marketing industry conferences and stuff like that to promote ourselves, so I sometimes get to do large-scale signage for our firm, which is kind of an interesting departure.
  • Print publications for clients (I’ve done viewbooks, briefing papers, brochures, stuff like that)
  • Ads for clients (I just recently did an ad campaign for a client that involved digital ads on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and large-scale transit ads, and a Snapchat geofilter for an event the client was doing. That was SUPER FUN.)
  • Branding (I’ve done logos for capital campaigns for clients and even got to rebrand a client earlier this year, which is SUPER FUN and where a lot of the true creative/conceptual work comes in!)
  • Interactive iPad donor invitations for big name donors to raise funds for a certain new museum in DC that has been making noise at lately. (Obama spoke at the opening!!)
  • I often need to pinch-hit for our outside design firm partners, meaning sometimes they won’t have the time to do a part of a campaign of materials themselves, so I kind of parachute in and do the work. I LOVE doing this stuff because it means I need to mimic the styles of designers that I really admire.
    • For example, we’re doing a huge campaign for a private boarding school that involves both advertisements and admissions materials. The principal firm (art directed by a former professor of mine and one of my favorite designers!) doesn’t have time to handle the ads, so I do those using a design system that they came up with. Same for some of the minor admissions materials, like a student handbook. The principal firm came up with the color scheme and the type system and the general grid, and I did the book. It’s super fun to do, actually.
    • THE COOLEST PINCH HITTER JOB I EVER HAD TO DO: We recently partnered with another of my favorite design firms to do a viewbook for a certain well-known college that used to be women-only. We wanted the final spread to include a hand-drawn chalk mural. The partner design firm didn’t have the capabilities in-house to do the mural, and my firm didn’t want to pay an outside chalk artist to do it. So they had me design and execute the chalk mural. I’d never done that kind of project, but figured it out and now my chalk mural has a full spread in this beautiful viewbook designed by one of my favorite designers!!
  • One of my coworkers and I are working on a small promotional piece as a gift to a client to promote our motion graphics capabilities. Basically we’re gonna make a simple animated holiday card for them to send out to big name donors. (It’s just gonna be a gif embedded in an email but it’ll be beautiful!) 
  • I actually have a lot of down time at my job. Sometimes we just have slow weeks, because that’s how the work schedules are falling. (Sometimes all of my drafts will be in the clients’ hands waiting for comments so I’ll have nothing to do.) During that down time, I’m always teaching myself new skills using courses on I’m currently working on becoming a WordPress developer, and I’m also working on figuring out a strategy to do dynamic iPad design now that Adobe phased out DPS as part of the CC suite, since that’s currently the only way I know how to do iPad design!

TL;DR: Graphic design is a great industry that is growing rapidly right now. You can definitely make money in design. You can definitely find a job in design. That being said, IF YOU WANT TO GET INTO GRAPHIC DESIGN, IT REALLY HELPS TO BE OBSESSED. You just really need to be willing to not sleep for a few years during school, and you need to be a self-starter as a designer because you will never learn all of the necessary skills in school. I’m teaching myself new skills every day at work, and that just comes with the territory of the profession.

Hello! Today I will be talking about the Nutcracker Witch, Homulily and her symbolic design!

I’ve seen a few people complaining about Homulily’s design, saying “She’s basically a giant Homura” and, well.. She is. However, her design is perfect.

Let’s start with the skeleton. In Rebellion Story, Homura’s realization that she is a witch strips her shell away. She is broken, she’s been fighting all this time, only to become a witch. She is also giving herself over to save Madoka.

Next, the record player back. Homura has repeated, over and over, the same month… HUNDREDS of times. She keeps on spinning in circles… Just like a record.

The red spider lilies have been pointed out before, but I’ll say it again here. Spider lilies basically mean “I want to see you again.” and the colour red represents love, passion, and anger. This basically translates to I love you and want to see you again. Homura wants to see Madoka again.

And finally, the bow on the back of her dress that is also hands. The large hands are clawing at the ground behind Homulily, desperate to go back. She truly does not want her fate, but she has no choice. She has already accepted it.

I could probably go on and on and on about about Homulily and symbolism in Rebellion Story so I’ll stop while I’m ahead. Tl;dr: Homulily’s design is amazing I love it

Roughs for a Zombie AU I was thinking for Hoozuki no Reitetsu!

Just messing ard with some designs… > A<

tl;dr text post about the story


Discovery of a new fossilised dinosaur brought along an ancient strain of virus- TJ024 which quickly spread through the world. 
TJ024, now thought of as the virus that took out an entire species,reanimates dead creatures and instills in the living dead a hunger for human flesh...
What troubles the human realm ails the heavens and underworld. Millions of spirits found themselves stuck in the underworld, a piece of their souls still stuck in their reanimated corpses, roaming the earth forever.
The great wheel of reincarnation forced to a stop, Hell is literally exploding with spirits with nowhere to go.
With a decree from the heavens, Hell guards and heavenly soldiers found themselves tasked with a holy mission to destroy the living dead and aid the humans in their search for a cure.

"And of all people! Why am I always always always! STUCK WITH YOU!?"

"Your attention is slipping, hakubuta."

"ARGHHHHHH!!!!! I fucking hate you!!!"

anonymous asked:

You did not present the science against evolution at all though. The intelligent design theory is BACKED BY SCIENCE, not just certain religions. The complexities of the cell could not have arisen over time. Darwin himself said that a discovery (such as machines in the cell) would disprove him. I am not bashing your faith in proteins to spontaneously become life. I am simply presenting beliefs that were incorrectly presented. "The Bible said so" is NOT the reason I believe in intelligent design.

It happened. Finally. I knew it would. Thank you, anon, for your question.

The answer to this ask is extremely long so I have hidden it below the cut once more, to avoid the cluttering of your dashes. I apologise profusely to those of you who are mobile bloggers, and therefore do not have the luxury of the Read More button.

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Hi! I was wondering about that "japanese video games vs casual racism" post. Why is that a racist thing? Not that I don't doubt that it is (Japan's portrayal of other races is famously racist), but I don't know the actual context. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

Not a stupid question whatsoever! I think it’s always best to ask on matters of this nature, especially if it doesn’t directly pertain to your ethnic background/etc. (gonna’ post the image again for relevance)

… *big enhale*

Initially, at the surface level, birds in an afro are a commentary on afros being like a bird’s nest, which is wholly untrue (obviously). It’s a joke, it’s hyperbolic, exaggerating the chaotic, potentially tangled curly hair and comparing it to a jumble of sticks, weeds, twigs etc. Well, at that level, that’s insulting; my hair is not a bird’s nest, even if it does get tangled. While other races, not just black people, can have afros, the skin color can reasonably be accepted to be relevant, and in that case, makes this portrayal racist towards black people (specifically males in this case). For instance, if everyone in the world had birds in their hair, then it wouldn’t be a problem because it’d be a… admittedly bizarre world feature.

On another level, I found three examples to indicate that this is not an isolated joke: all three of those games come from different developers (and most likely years of origination) and target different audiences. While this isn’t the most common joke, granted there aren’t many examples of actual black characters in Japanese video games to begin with, it’s perceived enough for three different people/teams to have thought it up (or pulled it from life/commentary in Japan, I don’t know), approved, and shipped it. They shipped this racist joke, because they did not consider that it would be bothersome to enough people not to ship it.

These designs are based on a wholeheartedly casual and non-malicious racist joke, and that is relevant. None of these characters, granted Muscle March… I mean it’s not a very deep game character-wise, are particularly bad characters. They’re not racist depictions (so far as I’ve seen, aside from perhaps Sazh vs. single black Dad but I give SE the benefit of the doubt on that one), they weren’t created to offend. In fact, Coro literally has a bird’s nest on his hair rather than the bird being in his hair, and is depicted as a very nature-loving person. While that’s all well and good, he doesn’t have to have a bird’s nest on his hair to be that way, and it’s quite likely this design exists because of this racist joke in the first place. 

Regardless of potential intention, there was no (or not enough) consideration on the part of the creators that this might be harmful, or in other ways off putting for people who see that hair and think, “Oh, they’re making fun of me for something I shouldn’t have to worry or be conscious about.” Not enough not to do it.

Race comes with identifying attributes and when those things are made fun of, regardless of whether or not an individual of that race identifies them as relevant racial attributes, it’s at the expense of that entire race. This is especially true when the joke doesn’t originate from that race’s own relevant, endorsed and accepted culture(s).

Is it the end of the world? No. I think we should be able to laugh about race things. You can find the bird in the hair funny! Just know that it’s at the expense of the black people’s image, and if they’re upset about it, they have the right to be. And as an onlooker, be okay with that, and just consider to yourself why it’s funny to you, or to anyone else.

TL;DR they’re designs based on poking fun at distinct racial identifiers that ignore the potential for upsetting members of the audience without providing any/much creative value.

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unpopular opinion maybe but I was expecting something bigger for their TL moment or more epic tbh

I mean they passed a TL test designed by the Gods that lead to a field that was once full of life giving ambrosia and were compared to one of the most famous stories in Greek Mythology?

I get that there was no rainbow pulse or like some big visual effect but I honestly really loved it, it was perfect. AND THE BEST PART IS ITS NOT OVER!!!!!

That scene was great Nonnie I’m sorry you didn’t feel the same way but it was so real and honest and just right for them.

I feel like Captain Swan has fought and proven their True Love more than any other couple, including Snowing, and that they continue to pass every test they’re given and they EARN their confirmation. It’s not just handed to them after a couple of days, a kiss and a curse.

They had a wonderful conversation that showed that being True Love wasn’t a concern for them, they knew they loved each other. They shared some very genuine emotions and addressed some very real issues.

And Killian WASN’T cursed. He’s dead. So he’s not going to get the rainbow pulse and magic that accompanies a magical curse breaking, because one wasn’t broken.

I loved how no nonsense and practical it was. And it continues the theme that real True Love is a about choice and sacrifice.

I’m not over it yet and like I said it’s not OVER yet.

I’m quite confident that Killian is going to have something pretty major to do to get back to her and that’s fucking amazing. Like, that’s exactly what I wanted from the word “Underworld”. One of my very first speculative posts about this arc was him showing up at her doorstep ala NYCS.

Emma fights for him. He fights for her. And they do it in the RIGHT way where they get to make the choice to do so.

One of the reasons we love this couple and why Killian is so perfect for her is he always comes back to her and THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN.

And he’s coming back to a town that DOES have a curse on it. A curse he cast and Emma embellished. A curse it would make sense for them to break in order to let Rumple/Henry/Violet/Emma/Regina out to New York without getting treeofied.

I’m not saying we definitely will get a TLK with rainbow swoosh when he comes back (hopefully surprising her in the graveyard crying over his grave by delivering some Han Solo -esque line, please pleaese please) and she kisses the fuck out of him, but I’m sayin it’s possible.

I’m just happy it’s done. It’s confirmed. They know it. Killian Jones and Emma Swan are secure in the knowledge that their love is true.

And it’s fucking beautiful.

Interview with Greg Kerr: Founder of 'Miles to Go' Literary-Inspired Apparel

We recently interviewed Greg Kerr, owner of Miles To Go, a literary inspired clothing company that he started eight years ago.

ThatLitSite: Hi Greg, so for those who are unfamiliar with you and your work, how about you tell us a bit about yourself?

Greg Kerr- I have been running Miles to go, a literary inspired clothing company for the past 8 years.  I’m 34, live in Phoenix, Arizona and have been running my own businesses since I was 20, starting with a belt company where I made merchandise for bands and other clothing brands.

TLS: Could you tell us about your clothing brand, Miles To Go and what made you decide to start a clothing brand that was strictly based on literary works?

Greg: In the beginning, I wasn’t even planning on starting a clothing line.  I worked at a print shop part time and wanted to make a few designs for myself.  The first few months had some book inspired, some jazz designs and random things I dug.  When I commissioned my first piece of art, it was for something inspired by Paradise Lost and that changed everything for me.  I started making more and more designs based off of literature because it was something I was passionate about and at some point, about 6 years ago, I transitioned into all designs being based off of books.  I’ve always been a heavy reader, so it keeps my interest.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Liza - you are my go-to person for real talk & realistic expectations, so I was a little surprised to see how confident you are about a CS engagement. I tend to be VERY cautious about any expectations (remember A&E are the same ones who thought Emma saying ILY in both the S4 & S5 finales was major progress & payoff!). Just wondering if you could explain your confidence, so maybe I could get a little more excited for the season. P.S. Your anti-lana tag is my fav place when I need a laugh :)!

Thanks.  However, I’m going to completely and vehemently disagree with your characterization of S4 and S5. In S4, yes, the milestone was ‘I Love You.’  In S5 the milestone and payoff was confirmation of CS being TRUE LOVE and Killian being brought back from the dead by Zeus because his place was at his TL’s side. Just because you didn’t like the actual finale, doesn’t mean the payoff for CS wasn’t there in eps 20 and 21. 

What happened for Captain Swan in S5 was a pretty damn big deal and it annoys me when people diminish it in order to take shots at the writing. 


I mean what compares to that? 

Do you really think that after the epic quests of single-minded love and devotion they both set forth on, their journeys to Camelot and the Underworld to save one another, the gut-wrenching sacrifices they had to make, their names being etched into the actual Holy Grail, and passing a TL test designed by the gods, that Killian and Emma were in the exact same place at the end of S5 as they were in S4? 

I feel sad for you if that’s the way you view them.  

In season 5 they were tested in every possible way and they passed.  With flying colors.  The S5 finale ILY was setting up their next step: making a life together without walls. That’s why it got talked about, because it was forward looking. The writers used it as a jumping off point to talk about their next steps. That’s it. A&E know the milestone in S5 was the True Love confirmation. 

So, on to season 6, yes, I do feel like there will be an engagement this season and Eddy’s answer today has nothing to do with it. I’ve long thought the end of S6 would be the right timing for an engagement (provided there is a S7.) 

Why? Because logically we are at that point in their relationship. They are doing exactly what they set up, making a life together without walls. 

There will be some sort of milestone at the end of this season. And so far we have moving in together in episode 3 and Henry accepting Killian as a father figure in episode 6… so where do you think they’re going to be by episode 22? This show moves slowly (thank god or we’d be like the poor Olicity shippers right now. A relationship where they rushed everything by going from step A to engagement over a hiatus and now Stephen Amell is giving interviews bragging about how he told the writers to make Oliver a playboy again. Yikes.) but it does move. They do move forward and we are the lucky ones who get to watch every step.   

And now we’re at the point where an engagement by the end of S6 is absolutely the natural and organic next step. 

That is where all this is leading.  

And frankly, I don’t see this show going past season 7. So, real talk, if this is the last season, then I believe there will be an engagement and wedding this season.  If season 7 is the last season then my gut says we’ll get an engagement this season and wedding next season. 

Look,  I’m not here to convince you.  Maybe I’m wrong and they have something else in store for us.  I’m along for the ride and I am usually quite content to enjoy what the show gives me.  My prediction is engagement by the end of the season, but if there is an alternate plan then I’m equally interested to see what that will be.