Hey, It’s your girl, formerly only handled a chainsaw once, now in love with the adrenaline, the weight and handling of this lil beastie. Dreams will now feature me building a cabin, scoffing at myself, but a girl can dream.

Side note: Dear future significant other, I’d rather have one of these than trinkets. 

We cut down two trees today, white ash & a birch tree, I have some really great ideas with these pieces (after some TLC, and some having chalkboard paint) to be sold at the Holiday Pop-Up I’m having in The Publishing House. December 5th! The physical shop is one day, a week later an online shop takes it place where you all can check it out.

(Hat: @unitedbyblue, Boots: Danner, Jeans: @gap, SweatShirt: @archcloth.) 

Shout out to my dad who was super proud of these clean cuts, & snapped a photo.