I’ve been feeling rather uninspired lately to capture things in my life. Today after dog sitting, I decided to make lemonade and iced tea from scratch each with a bit of homemade simple syrup and damn didn’t they look good enough to capture📸.

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Hey, It’s your girl, formerly only handled a chainsaw once, now in love with the adrenaline, the weight and handling of this lil beastie. Dreams will now feature me building a cabin, scoffing at myself, but a girl can dream.

Side note: Dear future significant other, I’d rather have one of these than trinkets. 

We cut down two trees today, white ash & a birch tree, I have some really great ideas with these pieces (after some TLC, and some having chalkboard paint) to be sold at the Holiday Pop-Up I’m having in The Publishing House. December 5th! The physical shop is one day, a week later an online shop takes it place where you all can check it out.

(Hat: @unitedbyblue, Boots: Danner, Jeans: @gap, SweatShirt: @archcloth.) 

Shout out to my dad who was super proud of these clean cuts, & snapped a photo.


So, yeah. Hi everyone. 

A while back I got tagged in one of those “post some photos that you look at and feel beautiful” but for me, I think these photos really just look like the person I see in the mirror and in my mind’s eye, a true reflection of me on the days I wake up after a restful night. Full disclosure, they are also the photos that I have on the two dating profiles I’m half-heartedly keeping up with, which my friend saw and confirmed the other night “all these photos look like you”. 

Anyway, post some selfies friends, that way ages from now you can look back and say, yeah that was me. 


I’ve been working on this space, called The Publishing House. It’s in a small town, the town I live in, and it’s still growing. But, the majority of the manual labor on this particular room is nearly done. So, Sunday night, I threw a private event to welcome my friends, family, and two bands into the space to celebrate. 

I’ll be posting progress photos soon, and a more detailed post about what The Publishing House is to me, my family, and what it will be looking forward for the community. 

For more photos check me out on Instagram: @tkowkat and the hashtag #thepublishinghouse 

So, this month is the bookend to my 26th year, the year of flaming piles of garbage, and a general underlying strength. So, impulse buy for these glasses from @eyebuydirect, and I’m loving them. I now have 5 pairs of glasses to chose from on any given day. For all of my personalities and outfits. 


The little things:

  • Only a couple more hours to take advantage of 20% off United By Blue gear, including my Charcoal beanie. Use CAMPLADIES at check out. Many thanks for this capture of me on the trail by kellyelainesmith
  • Danner boots, I admittedly haven’t taken them off except to sleep. 
  • Gifts in the mail for my wall of inspiration. I just love these two cards.
  • In my kitchen, I have this shelving unit I pulled from the bowls of The Publishing House, so many of the things on them are and continue to be “me” and my world. Bulleit Bourbon and Rye, and all my plant kids, cutting boards, crystals, rocks, figurine, and books. 
  • The prayer rug I purchased in Seattle, settled on my desk to house my cozy work space. 

I’m over on Instagram, if you ever wonder how I see and capture the world around me. @tkowkat 


Life lately.

I’m officially a freelance Visual Merchandiser, this past week, and this week I’ve been plotting and executing some great retail spaces in unitedbyblue’s flagship store on North 2nd Street in Old City Philadelphia. 

I’ve also been spending more time at the farm, as my parent’s help me source, clean, build and create some of the props and furniture. They are essentially, my creative partners with all things in The Publishing House Company. In the barn, cutting wild and domestic grasses, exploring the architecture for possible events in the future. 

Percy, my Main Coon has been with me a couple weeks now, and he’s a hoot. Something out of a Dr. Suess book, he flips, flops dips, dives and jumps. He also sleeps, terrorizes Pippa, and loves to talk. 

My kitchen, at one time was my entire studio apartment, has now become half a planting/floral studio workspace, and half an office.

Anyway, keep up with my life via my twitter & instagram @tkowkat.


Hey everyone, I mentioned it before but I’ll be on the west coast Monday until the 22rd so nearly 2 whole weeks. 

This is the definite cities and dates I will be in those cities:

Seattle the 11th (Monday) Hey brandonscottherrell let’s play pool or something!
Portland the 13th (Wednesday)  I’m looking at you lindenfernunmodernman 
San Jose the 18th (Following Monday) I’m looking towards the desert Joshua Tree in particular, my sister wants to see Yosemite. Maybe see tarafirma, thecountryfucker, mallorylucille who knows. I hope so tho!
Pasadena the 21st (following Thursday) 
San Diego the 22nd (Friday)

LEAVE the 23rd (Saturday) in the very early morning.

If you want to get coffee, or a beer, or just hug and laugh and you are in these cities on these dates… please let me know via twitter, email or instagram: @tkowkat or

I’m so very excited! :)