So, I sit here. Realizing that I cannot be accountable for anyone but myself. I can’t. Not until I make a very conscious choice to merge my life with someone who also has realized that it takes a whole lot of self growth before you can grow as a pair.
—  Katharine Keegan

Quick update on me and my life. I applied, got accepted, and registered for my first semester towards an associates degree in Kitchen & Bath Design. 

I’ve been feeling elation about this new and exciting direction. Ever since I was little I have watched my mom, dad, and my mentors take older worn down neglected houses and turn them into beautiful homes. T.L.C. homes. 

My goal is to buy a house (probably with a partner) in the next 5 years and flip it. I’ve done a lot of work on The Publishing House, and other properties in my life. However, to have to proper education about all aspects of Kitchen and Bath Design and to actually build out a kitchen and bathroom in my final semester of this course, will be unbelievable and amazing. 

I am not afraid to be the one doing a majority of the labor in this career path, especially while I am still young. I am, in fact, excited by the hands on nature of this next step. I’m so motivated that those who love and care for me also support this decision and see that it fits my already keen understanding of interior flow and comfort. 

For those wondering, it’s taught at a local community college, which is a blessing because I’m not interested in spending tons of money, or moving away, when I could be saving towards buying a property. I am  delighted and blessed. I’m to take TKoW into this next level of my life, and career. I’m exhilarated to take you readers along with me. 

Here’s to going back to obtain more knowledge & understanding! 


Films are cathartic for me, have been since I was a small tiny chid that became entranced when I was in front of the television. Into my teen years where I thought I could become a screenwriter, a director, a producer. Something. Even into college where at every opportunity I could, I would wrap in film theory, film adaptations of literature and criticism. 

So, now I watch movies. Late into the night, early on Sunday mornings. I go to theaters alone, with a purse full of my own snacks. I sometimes go with friends, who laugh, but rarely cry when I do. Anyway, here are some films I’m looking forward to, mostly because they seem approachable or enchanting. 

Jason Sudiekis? Please, mother of god, thank you.

Drew Barrymore reminds me of a perfect mixture of all the close female friends I’ve had with all their best qualities rolled into one charming package. This I can see watching with my friend Amy, and hopefully gaining back a little of the magical friendship she and I shared in college. 

Not in the least fuzzy and warm feeling. Daniel Craig as Bond has scarred me and my lustful imaginations since the moment I saw him emerge in those tiny blue swim shorts in Casino Royale, then in the last one, Skyfall? Blew apart. Oh, M. 

Break my heart, guaranteed, that this right here will make me cry much more that it will make me laugh. 

This will also be a torment upon my soul, which is only appropriate. I remember the first time I read Lady MacBeth’s words aloud, it hit my heart as a teenage girl. This will be dizzying tragedy to watch. 


I’ve been working on this space, called The Publishing House. It’s in a small town, the town I live in, and it’s still growing. But, the majority of the manual labor on this particular room is nearly done. So, Sunday night, I threw a private event to welcome my friends, family, and two bands into the space to celebrate. 

I’ll be posting progress photos soon, and a more detailed post about what The Publishing House is to me, my family, and what it will be looking forward for the community. 

For more photos check me out on Instagram: @tkowkat and the hashtag #thepublishinghouse