I spent this last week making 40 gifs of pretty much the entire performance of The Killers on The OC, less some crowd/character scenes and far away shots. I hope you enjoy these! They’re made from the DVDs that I own. 

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At the end of this very recent interview, The King of Counterfeit's director talks about him and Bill Murray getting very close to getting started on filming it. I don't know if josh will still be involved as Future Man now has been picked up by Hulu. It'll depend on TKoC's shooting schedule now. dailydead(.)com/interview-director-john-mcnaughton-reflects-on-filming-henry-portrait-of-a-serial-killer/

Thank you for the info, anon. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Glad to hear it hasn’t been scrapped! I hope Josh can still be involved.