I wasn’t gonna post anything for TKO since @brandonwuart designed him, but I still wanted to share the final designs for baby KO and yoga mom Carol! I loved @cartoonfuntime‘s concept drawings for them so much, and I followed them really closely! Her proportions for baby KO are my favorite. You can see her initial designs here! I also very much enjoyed doing the final design for @ryannshannon‘s edgy rad from TKO part 2. Congratulations to @miraongchua, @cartoonfuntime,@parkersimmonsyall and @ryannshannon who​ all did an amazing job boarding our first half hour special!  Colors are by @kalidraws and art direction by John Pham!


Here are some of my early ideas for Young Mom Carol and Baby KO!! I couldn’t find the high-quality copy of the semifinal drawing of Carol, so my hand-writing is basically legible. 

I was originally gonna give her a sort of a bob, but after Face Your Fears, I was inspired to have her keep her side-danglies from @scrotumnose‘s drawings of Silver Spark. I also thought I was clever to decide that Carol would have paw-feet, but I realized later that @ryannshannon had already decided that wayyyy back in the Carol short! Paw feet are the best!!!!!!!


A selection of some of my board panels I liked best from “TKO”. This was such a fun, and exciting episode to get to work on and it was such an honor to collaborate on a 2 parter not only with my board partner @parkersimmonsyall, but also with my beloved friends @cartoonfuntime and @miraongchua ! We had a great time writing a story with a more dramatic and campy arc compared to other episodes, while still keeping with the comedy of the show. TKO is such a treat to write for, and all the angsty character tropes I went ham with, were all done with the utmost sincerity! I genuinely love Shadow the Hedgehog types haha. And honestly just love any opportunity I get where I can draw a character throwing a tantrum.