“You two could at least say hello,” Wymack said, somewhat aggrieved. 

“There’s no point,” Kevin said. “All they are is a distraction." 

"It’s called a support network. Look it up." 

"Thea is watching from South tonight,” Kevin said, looking to the elevated VIP box. It was too far away and too high up for Neil to make out any faces, but there was a small crowd gathered at the windowed walls already. Knowing the Court was here to watch them play sent a chill through Neil’s veins. Kevin dragged his stare back to Wymack’s face and said, “and my father comes to all of my games. That is enough." 

On Wymack’s other side, Abby’s gaze softened. Wymack’s jaw worked for a moment before he could say in an even tone, "Your mother would be proud of you." 

"Not just of me,” Kevin said in a rare bout of humanity.

-The King’s Men (All for the Game Book 3) by Nora Sakavic

my scene for the @giveyourbacktome-zine​! I had so much fun working on this and I was lucky to snag a #dadscene :D

something i made a while ago/  made this as a print but got lazy when looking for places to print so eh

“He’s too damn tough…

The rest is in your hands, academy boy.

I’m gonna paint the walls with him.”

ー Takizawa Seidou | Tokyo Ghoul:re 114

☀︎ Mutsuki, congratulations. Now you’re list as a number psychopath in this series.

☀︎ Way to express love: stab ur man until he can’t move.

☀︎ Look like Takizawa doesn’t want to lose Amon in the battle of which kakuja is more fab.


“And all of them… for your sake… They’re all holding on because they have you to rely on.

Even my sister… is waiting for you.

And you’re ready to throw it away all for your emotions?!

If that’s true, then you’re really half-assed bastard.

Letting go is an one of your duties!

And yeah, other things might be important, but you’ve gotta choose!”

ー Ayato Kirishima | Tokyo Ghoul:re 113

Even though there’s no action going on in this chapter but I really enjoy every pictures of our one-eyed king.

The Killing Game

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AU: Two assassins hired to kill the other. Who will come out on top? Or will something else get in the way?

Characters: Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier x Reader

Note: I may write more parts to this, if you like it, let me know! This is just like a little prologue :)

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