Eto Framing Kaneki as the OEK

Eto may be framing Kaneki as the One Eyed King, and by association the leader of Aogiri.

I doubt Eto said “NOT ME” and then walked off stage: she may have revealed off panel that the OEK, and leader of Aogiri, was Kaneki. Even if she didn’t, keep in mind that there was more said that the readers weren’t exposed to.

Although the below page is directly after the above one in chapter 61, an unknown amount of time (over 24 hours I assume) has passed since the rally.  If any other information was revealed, V would have acquired it by now.

V must have known about Ken Kaneki for years, and if Arima is part of V, he has probably been monitoring Kaneki all this time. What makes the organization want to take action now?
Because Arima is informing Furuta and not the other way around, it can’t be due to any actions that Kaneki has recently taken himself.

Regardless if Eto frames Kaneki as the leader of Aogiri or not, my hypothesis is that everything she Eto has done leading up to this: Kanae, Takizawa during the Auction, Kaneki eating Eto’s kakuhou, Kaneki regaining his memories, the rally & Owl reveal, Noro & his attack on the Q’s, even perhaps the original abduction of Kaneki during the Aogiri arc (who knows??), was to enact this plot:

She’s conditioning a King.

What makes me nervous is what she wants to do with him.

Not to mention?

  • us:we want kaneki back!
  • ishida:*brings him back*
  • us:not like THIS!
  • least let him be happy and smile.
  • ishida:*gives us kaneki smiling*
  • us:pleASE NO
  • us:how about a beach chapter with all the characters? not like that's ever-
  • ishida:*introduces rue island*
  • us:no.