i am standing outside the door to CN headquarters. she hasnt been seen in over two weeks. she hasnt tweeted in almost a week. so i yell

i yell at the door. banging pots and pans together. screaming at CN headquarters. “WHERE IS PERIDOT!!!!!”, i cry. “WHERE IS SHE!!!!!!!”

but alas. my attempts to retrieve my daughter are in vain. inside the building, the CEO of CN headquarters. he is rubbing his hands together

he laughs maniacally. “you will never get your precious peridot,” he sneers. “never” he laughs even louder, thunder lightinggn behind. haha

deep down inside the basement of the CN headquartert. she is there. peridot. she is chained up like a wild animal, clawing at the door

let her out. she is begging for freedom. and a star on her outfit. she just wants to be free. you will ley jasper have it but not her. please

gove me back my daughter,, CN,, you evil bastard. i miss my sweet trangle daughter. please release her. but CN won’t listen to my pleas

they keepig her locked up lik a monster. you monsters. you let her have metal powers but then u thre her away. give her back to us. assholes

please CN ia m so tired. please let us have her. i am beggig sreaming for help. but they dont listen n. they never listen to me. plea se CN

let peridot have her freedom she just wants love and aceptance,,, ahappy family…you monsters keepign her locked up in your basmen.t…

let her taste freemdom you monsters. i will kick all of your asses. let perdidot roam free. let me see my daughter again i am beggig u. pls

i miss my green daughter let her come back to us,, please CN i will cry… do u want me to cry. i keep bangig pots and pans togetherscreamig

why CN why. why have u tken my daughter form me. why i beg of u. why. please answer my call. her crys for help. she is restraind. let her go

please give peridot back to me. please