I’m in a Stranger Things art show!!!!! by TomKellyART

Hey everyone I just wanted to drop some info on you all!
I will be part of a group art show on September 16th at Toy De Jour: a vintage toys and art store. The art show is from 6-9pm with refreshments and tons of cool cool art, so if you get a chance head on over and say hi to me!

Toy De Jour is Located at 2064 N Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647 two blocks north of the western Blue Line stop.

here are some of the artists in this show are:

ourtney Kuebler
Antonio Orellana
Elijah Edmunds
Infected Resin
Jillian Marsala
Kevin Budnik
Chris Schons
Shawn Smith
Mike Norton
Mike Turner
Chris Nania
Shea Cahill
Enzo Garza
Sean Dove
Tom Kelly
JB Roe
Ali 6

 SO don’t let the monster get you,grab your D20 dice, jump on your bmx bikes and head on over to the show!

Moonknight Cartouche by artist Tom Kelly by TomKellyART

This was for the Challengers Assemble Sketch blog, this week the theme was “Moon Knight” and this theme refers to the marvel comics character of that name. Moon Knight is a very unique character he is very much the Marvel U batman only he has split personalities so he is often adopting different variations of his persona to fight crime. Moon knight also as part of his origin story was resurrected by the Egyptian moon god to act as an the god’s avenger on earth. This version is one of the more modern updated versions of moon knight no cape, a different style mask but still all of the crazy cool!

Hey when you get a chance POP on over to the Challengers Assemble blog.
here is the link. Go to that site it’s really cool and I totally encourage everyone to participate in the sketch blog and it’s themes they are tons and tons of fun as well as a great creative challenge.

I created this illustration with the program Adobe IllustratorCS6 the pen tool and many many layers plus my wacom tablet.

Wonder Woman RedSun by artist Tom kelly by TomKellyART

This is a fun illustration I did  a few years back it’s the Dc comic’s russian Red sun Soviet Style  wonder woman concept. I hope you enjoy it.

I created this illustration using pen and ink the I did the coloring and rendering in PhotoshopCS6

Magica De Spell by artist Tom Kelly by TomKellyART

Here is another cool illustration for the Inktober event that’s going on this month. This event refers to the challenge  for this month to produce a pen and ink sketch a day for the month of October so here is mine for today Magica De Spell from the Ducktales cartoons !

I created this using pen and Ink  just a few microns, my Kuretake brush pen and some manga tone film for the grey effect.