I randomly came across these punk girls performing in the middle of the street in Harajuku during a huge fashion event and I was blown away! Almost as if it was fate, I bumped into them a second time a few days later and managed to get these shots!

When I first saw them, I was Instantly hooked on their vibe. Since then, all I’ve wanted to do is tell the world about them. I won’t go into too much detail, as you can read their Wikipedia entry here, but I will say that they released their first demo in 1999! 16 years ago! Frankly, that made me love them even more!

If you want to see what they looked like when I first saw them, check out this video here!

If you want to find out more about their albums or tours, check out the links below!

Official Website




TKB Media website

TKB media features photogaphy from England and Japan. It also features short films together with explanations and pre-production material. Check it out!

Above: Every short film has a detailed synopsis, technical information, stills, location pictures and storyboards.

Above: storyboards illustrate stage directions, notes, and also other ideas which did not feature in the final short.

Above: Production stills show an inside view of what the locations actually look like in real life rather than through the lens.

Above: In the photography section there is photography from England and Japan, as well as graphic design and cover designs.

There is far more material on the website, so please take a look if you have time!



Vogue Fashion Japan ‘Street Style: Fashion’s Night Out

“Thanks to everyone featured in the video. Also, let me give a big shout out to Tsushimamire! Their band is amazing!”

Harajuku / Omotesando, Tokyo

Shot on JVC Videomovie GR-AX460E VHSC