Things that I might not talk about enough but never seem to come up but I’m not sure if people know but if they do I don’t really need to mention it again:

Godling’s body isn’t japanese its ethnically kemetic because it’s based off what he originally looked like (which is based off TKB). He’s all pale because he has albinism. (and would need glasses if he wasn’t a God, but he doesn’t know that)

Godling is constantly dealing with pain because he can feel every shadow and every shadow is burnt by light at its borders, if he were in his divine body he wouldn’t be so sensitive to this it’s only because of his proximity and sensitivity. He feels it less when he’s distracted by other things.

Godling knows what everyone’s genitals look like because people keep wearing pants around him. U can’t hide anything from him ok.

Godling has difficulty thinking of most people as actually people in the way they deserve, without repeated reminders or y’know actual cognitive behavioural therapy to change it. You can see it in the way he treats ryous he likes, like they are fun toys. It’s partially left over from his training from Zorc, and partially the effect of being a God with shadows whispering in his ears all the time.

Godling’s personality and behaviour is affected by his human body, just like any other. But because human beings are so intellectually-driven and much more liable to poor mental health his personality in his cat, owl or snake bodies is actually much closer to what he’s truly like when not inhabiting a mortal form. (this doesn’t mean human-him isn’t the real him, since he is half human and it’s his natural mortal form, it just means he thinks differently than he might otherwise.)

Godling still low-key doesn’t like the name ‘Godling’ but now its stuck so wygd

Okay so I decided to not follow my SU/YGO casting, and just draw what I think fits in the picture XD

Ryou is having second thoughts about bringing Kura and Marik over Thanksgiving dinner with his Father. Oh, and he created Pan for them I guess. And the thieves laugh about their own Pharaoh/Revenge awkward jokes at the table too.

Pan almost got replaced for a Kuriboh

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Top 5 yu-gi-oh ships?

or any marik/bakura variant,,